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16 Things Girls Think About When Working Out

16 Things Girls Think About When Working Out

16 Things Girls Think About When Working Out

Ever wonder what that fit chick is thinking about while she drops it low on the squat rack? Wonder no more, because you're about to find out.

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If you’re on the market and you lift, then we welcome you to the mind of the gym-going female. Check out 16 Things Girls Think About When Working Out and get ready to change your habits accordingly:

1. Holy hell, that guy’s biceps are bigger than my head. He could kill me if he wanted.

2. Why is it necessary to drop that dumbbell with all your might?

I swear it felt like the entire gym floor was going to collapse into a giant sinkhole that everyone will fall into ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.

3. Thanks for leaving (5) 45lb plates on the leg press, I love cleaning up after you!

4. THAT shredded and tatted-up guy can jump in between my sets anytime he wants\u2026


Cool that this dude just sweat all over the machine I’m about to use. GETCHO NASTY A** BACK HERE AND WIPE THAT ISH UP.

6. Um, did he really just use the entire weight stack for this leg extension?

You know it's not that serious, right?

7. Out of all the empty treadmills in this entire place, he HAD to pick the one next to me…but then if I move, I’m an asshole.


Please don’t ASK me how many sets I have left…I JUST got on this machine

9. That guy is wearing a Muscle Pharm hat…I bet it was free. Does he even know it’s a supplement brand?

10. Should I call 911? Because that guy is grunting so hard it sounds like he’s having a heart attack. Not. Necessary.

11. If I lean over to do this exercise, my cleavage will show and that guy WILL stare. Hmm... Do I even bother?


OMG, please don’t make eye contact with me when I’m on the abductor/adductor. I feel like this sends the wrong signal...

13. I should go talk to him…No, no, no, I look like a sweaty forest creature and I smell like I'm homeless.

14. Well, hey handsome…aaaand there’s his girlfriend. Oh well, she's got no ass.

15. THIS GUY smells as though he hasn’t showered in AT LEAST a half a century.


See how my headphones are in my ears? That means I don’t have any interest in speaking with you. Let me lift in peace.

And if you haven't experienced any of the above, you are either 1) LUCKY or 2) not in the gym often enough. Fellas, take notes

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