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(Click on photo to go to oldnavy.com)

(Click on photo to go to oldnavy.com)

I had this meal I'm about to share for the first time last week.

I must say, since the day I tried it, I knew I would be writing about it today.

It's not something incredibly amazing, but it is soooooo delicious!!

Alright, here it is.

Poblano Quesadillas!

I'm sure this is something common, but I had never thought to put poblano peppers in my quesadillas.

4 corn tortillas = 200 calories. Of course, you don't have to eat 4, but this is a good \"dinner size\" for me.

28 grams of reduced fat mozzarella cheese = 70 calories. I tried the fat free version which is only 45 calories for the same serving size, but it basically had no taste. I rather use a few more calories and actually enjoy my cheese!! haha

1 poblano pepper = 13 (or so) calories!

First take the pepper and cut off the \"end\" so you can take out all the seeds. Then slice it into 4 long strips (thats really just to make it cook faster). Place the skin side down on a pan or griddle (no oil) on medium/high heat until the skin crackles and browns. Peel the skin and cut into thin strips. As for the quesadillas, just make those as normal. One portion of cheese (28 grams) won't make super cheesy quesadillas, but it's enough to give flavor and texture. Once the cheese is melted add a few strips of the poblano pepper and fold the quesadilla to close it.

Calorie total = 283!!! and it is sooooooo so good!

I typically have this with a serving of or popcorners sea salt chips which is 130 calories, and each serving is a lot of chips! And a bit of pace salsa, only 10 calories per serving.

So 4 quesadillas, chips and salsa for

423 calories!!

Yes, please!!!

This is such an easy and delicious dinner. And yes, I'm aware that there is probably very little \"nutrition\" in this meal, but if you want something fast and tasty when you're craving quesadillas, these are amazing!

(Click on photo to go to oldnavy.com) (Quote by Henry David Thoreau. I'm not sure where the artwork came from, unfortunately, I found it on pinterest with a non working link.)

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