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5 Easy Sugar Detox Ideas

5 Easy Sugar Detox Ideas

5 Easy Sugar Detox Ideas

Most of us have sugar issues. I’m no exception. These sugar detox ideas are not meant to last forever, they are merely in place to help you detox your body from that delicious, poisonous stuff.

Sugar Detox Ideas #1: Just go cold turkey

That darn sugar. Get rid of it! There’s no way to have a “slow death”when it comes to detoxing from the stuff. Just give it the boot! If you let yourself sneak a bit here and there, you’ll never break that habit. While you’re at it, just avoid processed foods all together. That stuff almost always has hidden sugar in it.

Sugar Detox Ideas #2: Eat some protein

Protein will help curb your sugar cravings by keeping you satiated. Not only that, it helps balance your blood sugar and keep you from having those ups and downs. Nosh on some meat, or eat a handful of nuts.

Need some food ideas?

Almonds, cashews, eggs, fish, chicken, tuna, a protein shake\u2026or, here are a few recipes:

Sugar Detox Ideas #3: Don’t avoid fat!

Eating high-fat foods will also help stave off those sugar demons. Fat actually makes you full, and keeps you there longer than if you’re eating a low-fat diet.

Need some ideas?

Avocados, olive or coconut oil, nut butter, omega 3 fats from fish.

Sugar Detox Ideas #4: Keep healthy snacks on hand.

Don’t leave the house without some high-protein, high-fat, good-quality snacks in your purse or car. When you’re hungry, you make decisions you’ll regret. Don’t grab a candy bar while you’re in the checkout at the store; just reach in your purse and give yourself a pat on the back!

Sugar Detox Ideas #5: Recruit Some Friends

Snag a couple friends to detox with you! Having some accountability will help you to stay on track. Plus, you can share your struggles with each other and talk one another through those overwhelming cravings, especially at the beginning.

Want to jump all in? Check out the 21 Day Sugar Detox!

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