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5 Tips to Make Weight Loss Your New Hobby & Drop Pounds Like a Boss

5 Tips to Make Weight Loss Your New Hobby & Drop Pounds Like a Boss

5 Tips to Make Weight Loss Your New Hobby & Drop Pounds Like a Boss

Popped in from SITS! Those are great tips!

Making the time is sooo key! Thanks!

This is a great way to look at it. Let me try to get excited

Great way to think about it. I’ve made exercise my hobby & I love exploring all the different methods out there. Need to get to food though. I really struggle to stay consistent

So glad I found you! Such good encouragement and fabulous ideas! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes

That’s what I did sort of. I started a blog on wordpress to chronicle my journey. I created a persona on twitter and started following everyone I could find who was talking about health, diet and fitness. I guess that’s how I found you. I got a bit distracted during my son’s high school football season -and abandoned my blog to create another for the HS booster club -but I love reading what everyone else has to say. There are thousands of people doing it online -but virtually no one else within my immediate friends or in local support at Weight Watchers.

This is a great perspective ! Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely brilliant way to think! I am a yo-yo dieter and exerciser. I’ve lost and gained weight too many times. I start and stop exercising in the same way. Making it a hobby brings a passion into the mix. I never thought of it this way. I love it! Thank you!

This is exactly how I look at it now! But mine happened in reverse: I started exercising and healthy eating in November last year, and I think it was really the first time I really \u2018clicked’ as to why I wanted and needed to do this. When that switch flicked that I shouldn’t be trying to constantly lose weight but to live a healthy life, I became so interested in finding out and learning as much as I could about exercise techniques, healthy nutrition information about mental well-being. I realised a couple of weeks ago that this has surpassed my other interests, and this was now my hobby, because I WANT to learn more and I WANT to put it into practice. For the first time ever, I have been able to maintain healthy eating and exercise for more than two weeks. In fact, it’s been 2 months, and even with Christmas and New Year in the middle, not once have I lost motivation. Sure, i’ve had lapses with some food choices, but it’s never been a matter of quitting, all because I’m passionate about doing it again the next day =)

great ideals

These are great tips. I am so glad I found your website and blog. You make it fun and I am looking forward to exploring more of what you have to say! Thanks! Be Blessed!

Thank you for the article. It gives me hope it can work at last.

I have tried so many times to lose weight and failed so many times as well. I have also tried to just accept things as they are and stop thinking about it which worked fine for a while.

But now I am sort of in despair, I understand that extra weight had made irreversible changes to my looks and I am afraid that even after loosing weight I will not regain my appearance.

Should I give it a try? Can it work well?

I really want to have this mindset. I had it for a very short time, but lost it somehow.. It was an amazing feeling and I wish I could get it back. I think most of it was that I was spending so I have not given up hope though I’m grateful you have this blog and share your tips and tricks because it renews my hope!

excellent article and definitely a new perspective on a diet!

Great tips, my question is how do you get the excitement back if you lose it? I had excitement when first started then lost it after getting frustrated, etc

This is my exact outlook on being healthy and lean! Instead of obsessing over diets and fitness trends, I decided that committing to being good to me by eating nourishing food and moving with purpose would be who I AM.

I made a commitment to make it a part of my DNA, so now it’s a lifestyle for me.

The sedentary over-eater who dealt with the stresses of life with food is who I WAS, but I’ve long left that person behind.

Thanks for this, Tammy!

[\u2026] Turn weight loss into your new hobby! [\u2026]

According to Wikipedia, a hobby is “an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one’s leisure time.”I know, I laughed when I saw the phrase “leisure time”too but stay with me here. Take a moment and think about a hobby you have. For instance, let’s imagine people who like to scrapbook. I would bet they have the tools, materials and supplies that are necessary for that craft and put them to use every free moment possible. I would go even further and say they have books, follow numerous blogs and subscribe to all kinds of magazines in an effort to find the latest tricks of the trade and become the best at what they do. Regardless of the hobby, the point is that people enjoy their hobbies and make it a priority to find the time and energy to fit it in their schedules on a regular basis. Now just imagine what could be accomplished if your hobby was putting that same effort into losing weight and getting healthy.

That is what I did. Once the fog lifted and I couldn’t deny the unhealthy habits I had come to know, I was ready for a new hobby. Weight loss and healthy eating became a priority and, ultimately, that became my new hobby.

Listed below are 5 ways I turned losing weight into my new hobby.

I became excited. The instant I accepted that diets don’t work and losing weight was something I controlled, it was like I was reborn. The excitement I experienced from that moment inspired a commitment to my health that I never had in the past. My entire mindset changed. Instead of viewing weight loss as another chore or burden in the long daily list of things I was obligated to do everyday, I welcomed the challenge. I finally wrapped my brain around what I really needed to do to make changes and fit healthier habits into my life and I got excited about that!

Here are some other helpful posts.

I started researching food, nutrition, and cooking. There is a lot of information available that is not found in the mainstream media. Meaning, you won’t find it by just turning on the television. Every now and then you might get a small snippet of information from the evening news but, to get more in depth information about food and nutrition, you will have to search that out for yourself. Again, it was about taking control of my life by first controlling my knowledge. Up until that point, everything I thought I knew about food was wrong. I started reading books, following blogs, and watching documentaries that gave me the knowledge needed to start formulating a plan and to make real changes in my life that would offer permanent results.

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I made the time. Once something becomes a priority, it is very easy to make the time for it. I work full-time, divorced, and have 2 kids so my time is stretched thin. Once I changed my mindset and made creating a healthier life a priority, I found the time. Time management strategies can be a life changer for busy parents when they are actually put to use.

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I enlisted others in my efforts. It’s easier for your friends, family, and colleagues to support you if they know what is going on. If there is one thing I learned about losing weight it’s that everyone is concerned about it in some way, shape, or form. People love talking about it and welcome the conversations to learn from one another.

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I started a blog. Now I know starting a food or weight loss blog isn’t something everyone wants to do. However, I will say it’s been life changing for me and I truly feel that if I didn’t have this blog to hold me accountable I would’ve easily slipped back into old habits time and time again. Writing this blog keeps me focused and has provided a supportive community that I never knew I needed. If a blog isn’t something you want to do then I recommend journaling or maybe joining a supportive Facebook Group like the Organize Yourself Skinny FB Group. There you can share your story and lean on others for accountability and support. If you are interested in starting a blog then check out my quick “how to start a blog”page.

Don’t get complacent. Once losing weight becomes your hobby that doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging at times. I’m sure there are times when a scrap-booker or model builder gets frustrated when the pages don’t turn out right or they use too much glue. The main idea is that you learn from your mistakes, welcome the challenge, and enjoy learning about and fitting your hobby into your life!

If you’re ready to finally start your weight loss journey then check out my ebook, Organize Yourself Skinny. I share all my strategies, tips, and secrets to losing weight and keeping it off. I even provide a 4-week bonus make-ahead meal plan to get you started. Purchase my ebook here.

Original article and pictures take http://www.organizeyourselfskinny.com/2011/05/05/turn-weight-loss-into-your-new-hobby site

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