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7 Day Ab Challenge

7 Day Ab Challenge

7 Day Ab Challenge


Vhuezo6, GREAT!

This Is Superb Awesome even i want to get my belly fit, im 21 & my wet is 59 its to much i just want to keep under 50 and im surely gonna follow this video thnx for sharing

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share that I did the 7 day Abs, 7 day Arms and & day butt challenges all together at the same time. I honestly lost 4lbs in the week that I did these workouts and, truth be told, they were FUN! I did them all in my basement and simply used some ankle weights of my husbands. Not much extra. My daughter has a kid-sized trampoline in the basement that I used to step up on for the leg workouts. Also, I used the interval timer found on the SkinnyMs main page for the leg circuit exercises. I loved doing this challenge and I'm going to start round #2! Good luck, everyone!

Jennifer, WOW\u2026.YOU ROCK!!! Now that's a challenge\u2026doing all at the same time. Keep us posted after round 2 is done.

Wow! i just found this website. I'm doing the 7 day abs and 7 day arms right now. I don't know if I can add butt to it too. I might have to do 7 day butt and 7 day arms together next week.

I have been doing this workout for about 2 1/2 weeks. I love it! I don't have much free time, but its easy to dedicate about ten minutes every day when you are actually seeing results. I'm glad I found it.

Aly, We're glad too!! Love hearing these type of testimonials. Please keep us posted on your continued progress.

If we miss a couple of days should we start over? Reply

Bruns, It depends. If you missed more than 3 days, I would start over. Otherwise, pick up where you left off.

love this! just finished my first week and have lost 8 pounds and 2% of my body fat!

Britt, WOW\u2026now that's impressive! Good job.

just did the first challenge! I'll let yall know the difference at the end

Please do!

I just found this and completed the first day of exercises on top of insanity and some other core exercises. I could really feel the burn in each exercise and enjoyed them all. I'm really happy I found this website.

Andrea, GREAT! I love the burn too. Be sure to check back later today for the Weekend Push-up Challenge.

I completed the entire challenge. The first 7 day challenge I saw all the way through. I'll have to keep up the streak and start another tomorrow!

Suzette, That's great!! Congratulations.

Since I started strength training to define and tone my muscles, I gained some weight (I drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet) why is that?

Anne, You're building muscle and this should be expected. As long as you're eating clean, eating appropriate portions and doing cardio at least 3 x's a week\u2026the weight gain is simply your muscles growing. 1 pound of fat = 1 pound of muscle. However, if fill up a gallon container with muscle and another with fat, the muscle container will weight considerably more. You're losing fat and that's a good thing my friend!

Hi! Do you have any back workouts? (not only upper, but also lower and the middle area)

Hi! Do you have any back workouts? (not only upper, but also middle and lower)

Thanks! Reply

Anne, Not so much lower but some of the routines hit the entire back. http://skinnyms.com/awesome-back-and-chest-workou…http://skinnyms.com/beautiful-back-home-workout/ http://skinnyms.com/want-an-awesome-back-proceed/

I found this website the other day and love it! I'm on day three and can tell my stomach is getting flatter! I told some friends about it to and they love it! Were all gonna make a workout group and follow these Thanks for such an awesome site!

do you have any workouts that would help get rid of your love handle fat?

Sara, We have lots of ab routines on the site that will help. Type in our google search bar, Ab workouts. Clean eating will help more than anything.

I have been doing this workout for about 2 1/2 weeks.

I take it you’re getting results?

I love this work out! On my third day! It's great!

We are so glad you are enjoying it and we hope you love the results after 7 days!

Do you happen to know how many calories you are burning per session?

Michelle, No we don’t track the calories for workouts. However, we are currently looking into adding a calorie counter where you would be able to keep track of calories burned based on the workout. Check soon!

Thanks so much for this website! I love it! I have been a spin teacher and a runner for 12 years and this has radically changed the way I work out and given new life to my routines. I have been doing the chalenges for 2.5 weeks and can already see results!!

Leslie, WOW\u2026you put a BIG smile on my face. We love hearing this kind of feedback. It’s so nice to know that we are making a positive impact of lives. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you for sharing this info!

I go to the gym regularly, but now, when I've started taking Navy Seal Formula, I have lots of energy for additional exercises at home. Will definitely include these exercises to my trainings.

this sounds wicked. I’m going to start this Monday along with my Leg workouts. YEAH! NO PAIN NO GAIN!

I actually did my 100 crunches for the first time last night, and I was soo proud of myself! I have been working up to it, but to finally do it and some other excersizes and Eliptical bofre that for 20 minutes WAS a fantastic boost for me! thanks for all the help! you have inspired me!

Erika you should be proud of yourself! That’s awesome!!! So glad we could help you out:)

Erika that’s fabulous!!! You should be proud of yourself! What an awesome accomplishment, keep up the hard work:) Thanks for the kind words!

What happens if after the 7 day ab challenge you just start over? Or, what other ab exercises should I do after the 7 days?

Hi Cecilia! Congratulations on making the committment! You can start over or better yet, try one of the many other Ab Challenges we have on http://www.skinnyms.com. One of my favorites it the 30 day Ab Challenge http://skinnyms.com/fabulous-abs-in-30-days-chall\u2026. Check it out and let us know what you think! Good luck!

You can do it, Dacia. Give it a shot this week.

How did it go, Andrea? We’re starting up again this week. Join us.

Going to start this tonight. We will se how it goes!

I'm half way through with this challange and I haven't seen any difference. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I watch the videos at least twice before doing the exercises, do each exercises twice a day, do 30 -60 minutes of cardio 5 times a week, and eat clean. With all of these habits, I look as if I am GAINING weight. I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!

Kelcy, Hummmmm\u2026not sure without being there. Here’s what I recommend: complete the challenge, then begin working your abs 3 x’s weekly. Our youtube channel has 3 awesome ab routines to choose from, so mix them. up. By summer you should have some beautiful abs. Remember, everyone is different and the results will depend a lot on how much body fat is cover your abdominal muscles. The key is consistency!

Just finished day one! And i feel The burn and feel great! I cant wait to finish and try another challenge!

Jen, WOW!!! Keep us posted.

Jen, After the challenge keep going. Do an ab routine 3 x’s weekly and eat clean. Remember, a clean eating plan is about 85% of what will get you that six pack. After this challenge, I recommend http://skinnyms.com/fabulous-abs-in-30-days-challenge/

Alll, I highly recommend eating clean, eating portions about the size of your hand and doing high intensity interval training 3 x’s weekly. You can find fitness workouts on our site. Keep us posted! http://skinnyms.com/category/fitness/fat-blasters\u2026

Just finished this challange!! It was awesome!! I would like to keep going do I just follow these workouts 3 times a week??

Laura, Good for you!! Yes or mix them up with these workouts: http://skinnyms.com/awesome-abs-challenge/ http://skinnyms.com/fabulous-abs-in-30-days-chall\u2026

hello.im 10.is it ok if a kid does this? and will results shoe faster?

Dillian, I wouldn’t recommend this workout for children. This is a pretty hardcore workout designed for adults, 18 and over.

Hey! I was going to start this challenge tomorrow. I was just wondering if you have a meal plan with this also?

We have lots of meal plans but not one specific to the challenges. You’ll find lots of plans here: http://skinnyms.com/category/menu-planning/

This looks promising, going to give it a try today. But i have a question, would it mess up or be considered overtraining, if i would do these workouts twice a day? Once in the morning and later in the evening, thank you.

Dave, Yes, definitely overtraining. Stick to once a day.

I can't do double crunches to save my life! :p but I love how quick and easy these mini-workouts are!!

Are these ab workouts for guys to?

John, YES\u2026definitely!

Absolutely! Men take on this challenge too!

Yes, definitely!

Just wrapped up the 7 day challenge and feel great

We’ve received tons of responses that say they did see results in 7 Days. I do recommend moving to this routine after the 7 day challenge. http://skinnyms.com/fabulous-abs-in-30-days-chall…Keep us posted! Reply

hi I'm 15 and I'm a competitive cheerleader and I'm used to hardcore workouts. I was just wondering if results would be the same for me since 1. I'm younger and 2. I'm in the cheer gym 3-4 times a week using my muscles, examples: shoulders, abs, biceps, thighs, etc. thanks!:)

Layla, For you, instead of the 7 day challenge, I would recommend doing an ab routine no more than 3 x’s weekly. Here’s a 30 day workout that would be more age appropriate and gets results too:

hi Skinny Ms. !

even if 13 year old's did this, would their be any risks or just that this is hardcore?

Priya, For anyone under 18, I would recommend asking the family doctor’s opinion.

Can a 14 year old do this work out routine? Or is this too much?

Angel, Probably too much for now. I would discuss any exercise program with your parents before beginning.

fat girl. lots of belly and butt fat. can i got PERFECT ABS in just this 7 days?

Sophie, This 7 day program is a great way to begin getting toned & defined abs. No one can get perfect abs in 7 days. I highly recommend after completing this challenge, that you do our Fabulous Abs in 30 Days Challenge. After that, continue doing ab workouts 2-3 x’s weekly. Also, be sure to eat a clean diet.

starting today i will kepp you posted.

Trying to get rid of the extra flab on my belly after two babies. But, I am lucky enough that I don't really need to lose any weight (especially in the chest area). My total pounds are fine as is, but the flab has been bothering me for a long time. Do you have any suggestions for maintaining weight while doing this workout (or any modifications?)

Yes, eat clean and use portion control. Here’s some ideas on how to make it happen: http://skinnyms.com/eating-clean-is-easier-than-y…http://skinnyms.com/skinny-plate-challenge/

I started the seven day ab challenge three days ago. It is a challenge but I will stay the course. Will let you know my results. I love this one its a good find.

Vernetta, Great! Keep us posted.

Hi Skinnyms, I was wondering if I would (or if you could) post this work out on Lift.do. I was looking for a daily ab routine and you have put it all there and made it really easy to follow so thank you! I haven't started yet but wanted to add this to my other Lift.do goals to make it easier for me (I like easy things ha ha ha however your workout plan does not look easy but it is encouraging). Anyways, just wanted to ask. In the meantime I will do what every one else does and just make sure that I do the routines everyday\u2026it's just easier when you have a visual to track your progress\u2026I like easy thanks again for your great site! Looking forward to feeling the burn <3

Sure, just make sure you mention you got it from our site and put a link to our site:).

Challenge accepted!! thanks for sharing, really great post.

7 day and 4 kilograms less, I loved this challenge!!! Greetings from Chile!!!

I wish people would just say their results, not exactly how they feel but if their stomach actually became flat!

Is it equally as effective if I space the workouts a day or two apart to allow my muscle to heal? I heard waiting between workouts is often more beneficial.

PiratePanda, It is better to do the 7 days in a row. It is beneficial when doing a set workout routine. Fitness challenges follow a different method and are a way to develop and build muscle in a set period of time. They work on physical and mental willpower which help you pass fitness plateaus.

Is it okay to do this for more than 7 days?

Yes, you can repeat the challenge.

Good workout

Would you recommend this to a complete beginner? I’ve never worked out before. The most I’ve done is occasional stretching.

Aswathi, I would recommend starting with a workout specifically for beginners. Here’s one you might consider http://skinnyms.com/beginners-flat-abs-workout-plus-core-strengthening/.

I really am enjoying this! Believe it or not I’m on the 5th day and I’m already seeing fabulous results!

Lucy, Now that’s good news. Before and after photos? Reply

Hi, SkinnyMs

i’m 20 i have gained 80kg weight on 167cm height. Long time i haven’t work out. But i know from earlier that i can lose weight super fast up to 10 kg for short time without working out.

So my question :

I’m starting today with 7 days apple diet (i supose to lose 10 kg with this diet but i’m looking forward on at least 5) i want to combine this work out plan with the diet. Today i tried to do streching than day one but its hard for me to do all that from 1 to 4 at ones. Can i do it with some rest between but day one to be done by the end of the day ???

Or there some other plan that gonna work for me better. Please recomend me somthing.

Based on all this that i’ve mentioned above would I manage to achive at least 5-6kg less by the end of the week. It so important to me in Sunday to weight lass than 80.8 kg.

Thank you in advance for your answer . (And sorry for my probably bad English i hope you understand me) Reply

We don’t reccomend diets, but rather healthy healthy whole foods as a life style. Take as many days in between workouts as you need.

Remember, listen to your body and don’t over do it.

Do you have to do this challenge many times to get abs, or after you do this challenge once you can get abs.

This challenge is a great way to jump-start an ab routine. It can be repeated for a longer challenge, or you can check out some of our other ab workouts. You will feel stronger and may lose inches in just 7 days, but unfortunately it isn’t possible to see defined abs in such a short period of time. In order to do so, you will need to combine a diet of clean foods and regular exercise.

Looks easy but it’s really difficult at first go \u2026still day 1 today and I have completed all 100 crunches ! Already feeling that heat and burning sensation in stomach Let’s c what comes next tmrw

So glad I found this workout. Within the week I could tell my abs were starting to come back, as well as a firmer booty and legs. Even my arms started to look a little more defined. All without doing any of those specific exercises. I just finished my second week and plan on continuing while adding arms, legs and butt workouts. Thanks SkinnyMS!

We’re so happy to hear that, Maddie! Please keep us updated on your progress.

Before I did this challenge my weight was 145, I’ve never been \u2018overweight’ exactly, but I knew I wasn’t in tip top shape. So I changed my eating habits, cut out refined sugars and did the daily workouts. After the first week I could see my abs coming back and my weight dropped to 140. This has been awesome! I will definitely be continuing to do this and more!

Gringa, Oh WOW, that’s wonderful to hear. I’m so happy for you. Please keep us posted on your progress.

I loved this workout, just finished it yesterday. I went from 145 lb to 141 lb.

Should I continue doing this workout weekly or star the 30 day challenge?

Carmen, Congrtulations! I would recommend starting another program at this point. The 30-day challenge would be ideal.

I am almost done with this challenge, and I must say, it works. I have lost 6 pounds already! It´s great to see results that fast. Now my abs are more toned, and i feel a lot better

Julie, YAH!!! Thank you so much for the feedback. Congratulations.

Beautifully defined abs are possible for anyone and at any age. For the next 7 days, you will be doing workouts designed to challenge you and your midsection. There’s more to creating toned and defined abs than crunches\u2026a lot more, read on. After completion of this 7-day challenge, continue doing an ab routine 3 times weekly on non-consecutive days.

For additional tips on uncovering those muscles and getting some gorgeous abs, follow these 7 recommendations:

1. Drink water throughout the day and always have some on hand when doing this challenge.

2. Eat smaller portions.

3. Eliminate refined sugar and white flour. Instead eat whole grains and foods that don’t have added sugar.

4. Avoid sodas\u2026diet included.

5. Speed your metabolism by eating more often, 5-6 times each day. Remember, meals should not be the standard restaurant portions but rather mini meals. Eating on salad plates instead of dinner size plates is a good start.

6. Eat breakfast and you’re more likely to stick to a smaller portions throughout the day. Try the SkinnyMs. smoothie recipes.

7. After this challenge has ended be sure to continue doing ab workouts three times weekly. You will find lots of routines right here at Skinny Ms.

Let’s get started! You will need water, a yoga mat, determination, and an agreement with yourself to see this through for the entire 7 days. Some of the workouts will require either a workout partner to track your time or an Interval Timer. Our favorite is the GymBoss. You will find video demos for each workout, and be sure to watch each one to ensure that you’re using correct form.

Remember, you can split your workout up if necessary, just be sure to complete the entire workout by the end of the day.


Day 1

Complete the following exercises one after the other with little to no rest in between moves.

1. Bob Harper’s Ab Challenge -Complete entire routine- 3 minute video below

2. Bob Harper’s Set ups -Complete 25 reps (Follow video for correct form)

3. Leg Lifts -25 reps

4. Push Through -25 reps


Day 2

8 Minute ABS, Level One

1. Foot to Foot Crunch -30 reps

2. Alternating Curls -30 reps

Recovery -30 seconds

3. Push Through -30 reps

4. 4 Time Abs -30 reps

Recovery -30 seconds

5. Arm Reaching Crunch -30 reps

6. Leg Up Touch Crunch -30 reps

Recovery -30 seconds

7. Cross On Crunch -30 reps

Double Crunch -30 reps


Day 3

Today we’ll be doing 2 interval circuits. This type of workout is hardcore but effective. You will need less than 10 minutes for today’s workout. Here’s how it works:

Complete routine #1 and repeat one additional time. Rest 1 minute then begin routine #2 and repeat one time. This type of workout continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours.

Here’s the breakdown for the circuits:

20 seconds for each exercise + 10 seconds rest = 30 seconds

30 x 8 = 240 seconds / 60 seconds = 4 minutes

Routine #1

1. Mountain Climbers -20 seconds

Rest -10 seconds

2. Sissors -20 seconds

Rest -10 seconds

3. Knees In and Out -20 seconds

Rest -10 seconds

4. V-Ups -20 seconds

Rest -1 minute

Routine #2

1. Toe Touch -20 seconds

Rest -10 seconds

2. Air Bike -20 seconds

Rest -10 seconds

3. 4 Time Abs -20 seconds

Rest -10 seconds

4. Prone Plank -20 secondsRest -10 seconds


Day 4

Rest/Recovery Day


Day 5

Complete 3 circuits -move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest.

1. Flutter Kicks -30 reps (15 each side)

2. Side V-ups -20 reps (10 each side)

3. Push Through -30 reps


Day 6

8 Minute ABS, Level One

1. Foot to Foot Crunch -30 reps

2. Alternating Curls -30 reps

Recovery -30 seconds

3. Push Through -30 reps

4. 4 Time Abs -30 reps

Recovery -30 seconds

5. Arm Reaching Crunch -30 reps

6. Leg Up Touch Crunch -30 reps

Recovery -30 seconds

7. Cross On Crunch -30 reps

8. Double Crunch -30 reps


Day 7

1. Side Plank -20 (10 each side)

Rest -10 seconds

2. Side Burpees -10 reps (5 each side)

Rest -30 seconds

3. Plank -Hold 1 minute

No rest

4. Mason Twist -50 reps (25 each side)


Day 1 -Bob Harper’s Ab Challenge

Day 1 -Bob Harper’s Set ups

Day 1 -Leg Lifts

Day 1 -Push Through

Day 2 & Day 6 -8 minute ABS, level 1

Day 3 -Routine #1

Mountain Climbers

Day 3


Day 3

Knee In & Outs

Day 3


Day 3 -Routine #2

Toe Touch

Day 3

Air Bike

Day 3

4 Time Abs

Day 3

Prone Plank

Day 5

Flutter Kicks

Day 5

Side V-Ups

Day 5


Day 7

Side Planks

Day 7

Side Burpees

Day 7


Day 7

Mason Twist

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Exercise and health are matters that vary from person to person. Participants of the daily workout should speak with their doctors about their individual needs before starting any exercise program. This Web site is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice and supervision of your personal physician. Any application of the recommendations set forth in the following pages is at the viewer’s discretion and sole risk. See your physician before beginning any exercise program. This is especially important if your family has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cigarette smoking, or other health conditions.

Original article and pictures take http://skinnyms.com/7-day-ab-challenge site

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