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A Taste of Mexico with La Villa Bonita Culinary Vacations

A Taste of Mexico with La Villa Bonita Culinary Vacations

A Taste of Mexico with La Villa Bonita Culinary Vacations

This looks DELICIOUS!

Lillie recently posted\u2026Ephesus: Astounding Ancient Greek and Roman Ruins

Lillie, you don’t even know. The food here was amazing!

La Villa Bonita is one of my favorite places. I’ve been three times I think. I plan to go again. Ive made many of Ana’s dishes at home. Luckily in my area you can find all the ingredients. The best cooking classes I have taken anywhere! Your photos and write up were inspiring.

Susan, I’m thrilled you enjoyed my post! Ana’ has really created something special here and it shows a side of Mexico many don’t get to see.

How do you get there from DF? Or to Sayulita?

Tammy, La Villa Bonita will arrange transportation for you from DF to Tepoztlan and for Sayulita you will fly into Puert Vallarta and they again will arrange transportation.

Lovely! How I wish they had something in Tulum too -we’re headed there next and something like this would have been delightful!

I loved Mexican cuisine -it’s probably the most important reason why one day I’ll go back to Mexico

I love the idea of immersing yourself in the culture by learning how to cook how the locals do. Like you mentioned the cooking was amazing and it sounded like the hacienda was too! I have never thought about taking a culinary vacation but now I want too!

Bryanna recently posted\u2026Things To Do In Many Glacier With Kids -Glacier National Park

First, the villa looks gorgeous! And second, I am totally drooling over all the food in this post. As an expat, Mexican food is one of the things I really miss from North America. It’s impossible to find anything decent and it’s some modified version of Tex-Mex. It looks like you had an absolutely delicious time!

Sounds like a wonderful experience. If I could slow my schedule down, it would be wonderful to spend days working with a regional chef on mastering local dishes. I am so fond of Mexico and love exploreing its regional cuisines.

Elaine J Masters recently posted\u2026Revealing West Texas -Your Road Trip Planner, Part 1

You have lovely photos here. And that white bedroom! I can live there forever! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

Carla Abanes recently posted\u2026Widget 1

Love that you were greeted with a hug and a margarita. That’s Mexico to me. Love it. Unfortunately, we missed Tepotzlan while we were in Mexico but you’ve made me want to put it on the schedule for next time. Really well written and love the photos. Takes me back to Mexico.

Such a lovely looking hacienda/school! Love the simple but gorgeous decor. The food look so fresh and delicious, great share!I will definitely look to escape to a place like this!

Mar Pages recently posted\u2026Tonga’s capital, Nuku’Alofa, photo tour

Simpily awesome. I love the mural of the lady with the bird. I also love the colours of the fresh produce. I should really take up some cooking classes in cities abroad. I love cooking, so much fun. the place looks beautiful.

Thanks for sharing, never heard of Tepotzlan before. It looks beautiful and aptly called the “Pueblos Magicos”or magic villages. Would love to someday visit this Sedona of Mexico,

It’s no secret that I travel to eat, I find that food is one of the best ways to experience a destination. For my first trip to Mexico I wanted to immerse myself in it’s cuisine, from vibrant salsas to smokey moles and everything in between, I wanted to experience Mexico’s diverse food culture on a deeper level. This is what led me to La Villa Bonita, a hands-on cooking school and boutique hacienda in Central Mexico’s highlands.

Tepotzlan, just over hour drive from Mexico City, is one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Magicos”or magic villages. Known as the Sedona of Mexico, Tepotzlan offers up the chance to explore a side of Mexico that many visitors to the country don’t know about. This small colonial mountain town, is anchored by an historic convent made more beautiful with the patina of time while the Tepozteco mountains rise up from the green valley capped with the ruins of an ancient Aztec pyramid. Vibrant murals line the cobblestone streets where abuelas can be spotted making tortilla and tlacoyo by hand. Well off the usual tourist path, Tepotzlan offers up an authentic Mexican experience.

As soon as I arrived at La Villa Bonita I felt instantly welcomed, warmly greeted by Chef Ana Garcia with a hug and a margarita. It was then I started to take in my surroundings, the bright open air kitchen was highlighted with the tools of Chef Ana’s trade; local handmade ceramics hanging from the wall, bowls of peaches and limes from the onsite orchard and views of the limestone Tepozteco mountains all around. The kitchen truly is a culinary sanctuary and where I’d be spending the majority of the next few days getting a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine.

While the kitchen and the opportunity to learn about Central Mexican cooking are what brought me to La Villa Bonita the rest of the hacienda was just as inviting. Each of La Villa Bonita’s six white adobe rooms open up onto a central courtyard, with hummingbirds zipping around the gardens and the Garcia’s friendly lab Mojo greeting us every time we came out. I could have spent my entire trip at the pool, with stunning views of the Tepozteco mountains, and had an amazing trip. But alas, there was cooking and eating to do.

Our day started with a leisurely breakfast of sopes, a savory pancake made from masa, topped with black beans and diced cactus finished with a drizzle of crema. This was followed by a homemade sweetbread, fragrant with oranges picked the day before from Chef Ana’s own garden. A quick walk through the cobblestone streets of Tepotzlan brought us to the open air market to get the ingredients we would need for dinner later. Being a Saturday morning the market was bustling;vendors offered everything from vibrant produce and local meats to fresh juices and indigenous dishes. Young girls learned how to make fresh tortilla from their abuelas while a salsa band provided the soundtrack for our market morning.

Back at La Villa Bonita, it was time to get to work. No matter your level of culinary knowledge, Chef Ana will have you whipping up Mexican specialties in no time. The open air kitchen was a buzz of peeling, chopping, roasting and laughing while preparing Chiles en Nogada, a traditional dish of Central Mexico. Roasted poblano peppers are stuffed with a spiced meat and fruit filling that is then topped with a creamy walnut sauce and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. The green of the poblanos, the white of the walnut sauce and the red from the pomegranate are representative of the Mexican flag and the dish is typically served to celebrated Mexican Independence Day (which is September 16, not May 5 by the way). We had our hands on every step of the dish, from grinding the fragrant spices by hand in a traditional molcajete to charring poblanos over an open flame to peeling the skins from each individual walnut (a painstaking but necessary step to ensure the walnut sauce isn’t bitter), there are no short cuts taken though the strawberry mezcal margaritas certainly made the time go by. Come dinnertime our afternoon’s work was well rewarded, a beautiful dish with flavor combinations I’ve never had, the warm spices and fruit balance out the smokiness of the poblano while the brightness of the pomegranate pops against the richness of the walnut sauce. This is Mexican food like I’ve never had before.

La Villa Bonita offers packages ranging from two days to one week and everything in between, trips can also be tailored to your wishes as well. Chef Ana’s love and connection to the local community is evident with visits to local markets, artisan, farmers and purveyors a hallmark of the La Villa Bonita experience. While Tepotzlan is a gorgeous setting to learn about Central Mexican cuisine Chef Ana and her team also offer special weeks throughout Mexico highlighting different regional foods and cultural events. Head to Sayulita for a taste of the Pacific Coast (days here include deep sea fishing and whale watching) or get caught up in the celebrations of Puebla’s La Feria del Huipil.

While I certainly enjoyed the beautiful setting and delicious food, my favorite part of La Villa Bonita was the people. I left Tepoztlan with a full belly, a new appreciation of Mexican food and lifelong friends. I’ll definitely be back.

Chef Ana and the team at La Villa Bonita would like to extend a special offer to my readers here at The Casual Travelist!

For bookings made by Sunday November 6,2016 use the code “Casual Travelist”when making your reservation for a 15% discount off of any package at La Villa Bonita. This includes Sayulita and holiday bookings!

I was graciously hosted by La Villa Bonita but all opinions remain my own.

Original article and pictures take http://casualtravelist.com/blog/mexico-la-villa-bonita-culinary-vacations site

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