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Apricot Granola Bars (Gluten Free)

Apricot Granola Bars (Gluten Free)

Apricot Granola Bars (Gluten Free)

This week, I seem to be incapable of cooking a simple meal for myself; I had cereal for dinner 2 nights thus far, and was lucky with every other meal in having leftovers to heat up. Tomorrow, I already have cooking and grocery shopping planned, so I’ll finally get a decent meal in me. Thanks to these bars that I made over the weekend, my breakfasts have not suffered.

I first saw these on The Pastry Affair and was immediately excited about soaking the dried apricots in tea to plump them up. Anything with tea sounds fantastic to me, and I just so happened to have a great big bag of dried apricots from another little project I’m working on. I, of course, adapted them slightly to suit my tastes and what I had in my pantry; I love bars in that you can always switch up ingredients as necessary. [Read more\u2026]

This week marks the first week of the semester that I really need to hunker down and start studying like crazy.. 3 exams next week! Of course, I welcomed the week in with a killer migraine, so I missed classes today. Tesla, the perfect kitty nurse, never left my side all day long. It was a good day, notwithstanding the headache. If only I had more of this cake left -it would’ve been perfect for today.

This cake is perfect for fall, which has officially begun, now! Tart apples and lots of cinnamon make this cake really shine. Buckwheat flour is featured here again, a way to keep things gluten free and healthy without having to worry much about how the flour will act! It’s a dense cake, as I think all apple cakes should be. [Read more\u2026]

Sometimes, I want pizza, but I don’t want any of the classic flavor combinations for pizza. So I take my pizza dough, and I top it with something fantastic, like a spread rivaling spinach artichoke dip. Then I throw on some cherry tomatoes and onions for good measure. Delicious, my friends. So good.

This is definitely a healthier take on spinach artichoke dip. I use greek yogurt and Italian cheeses for the base -no cream cheese here! A nice whole wheat crust. It’s packed with fresh spinach, garlic, and artichokes, all of which are pretty good for you. The tomatoes and onion are totally optional, but I definitely recommend them!

Since the fall semester has started, we’ve been having homemade pizza pretty much weekly. After a long 3 days of classes, I just can’t wait to sink my hands into some sticky dough, kneading and rolling, banishing all thoughts pertaining to school. The cheesy, carby goodness that comes out of it later definitely doesn’t hurt, either.

It’s taken me a long time to find the perfect pizza dough to suit my tastes, containing mostly whole wheat flour, a good crust, and lots of flavor. Finally, finally, I’ve found that dough. [Read more\u2026]

This weekend, I picked up some beets from our local farm stand. The farmer mentioned that she usually doesn’t bring beets from the farm, as they don’t sell well, so she was glad to see someone uses them. When I told them I was planning on making smoothies with them, they seemed mildly disgusted. But I was really excited to try out this smoothie from Caroline at Chocolate & Carrots, and I tried my best at convincing them it would be fantastic.

I really love beets, but I never really thought to put them in a smoothie. They always remind me of Quail Man (do you remember the show, Doug?) trying to get everybody to eat beets. Beets are something that I can totally get into throwing into my smoothie, as they make such a vibrant, pretty smoothie, which is rather unlike how most green smoothies look if you add any colored fruit (blueberries, strawberries, etc.). [Read more\u2026]

While I was at home for the weekend, we stopped at one of my favorite places from my childhood, the penny candy store, Baldinger’s. Big shocker, I actually did not purchase any candy during this visit (my childhood self is probably screaming; I was super sugar crazy, which is probably why I’m done with it now -I overdosed!), but I did purchase some locally made buckwheat flour! I’ve just recently realized that buckwheat is gluten free; the name is pretty misleading, having wheat in it. So of course, I was really excited to get experimenting with it!

I’ve only ever had buckwheat pancakes, and that was when I was probably about 6 or 7 years old. I remember that I really enjoyed them, and everybody was surprised, since they’re generally considered healthier for you. I’m looking forward to making some buckwheat pancakes soon, but I figured I’d start my buckwheat adventures with a classic: chocolate chip cookies.

I had a great weekend at home spending time with my parents, and on my return, I’ve discovered there are lots of new kitties in the area. Tesla and Nymeria are not quite sure what to make of their newfound kitty friends that come to visit at the window, but we sure are having fun with it! Tonight, I opened the door a crack to pet one very friendly free-range kitty (as we’re calling them, since our kitties don’t go outside), and she tried her very hardest to get past my arms and into the apartment to play with our kitties. It took all of my willpower to drag myself away from the window so the kitty would finally go back to its actual home!

Enough about kitties, though. I have a pretty tasty recipe to share with you today! Last weekend, I spent all day in the kitchen, and I listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on audiobook while I baked these hand pies. It felt so fitting, as they often talk about pasties at feasts, which is just what these are! Of a sweeter variety than often mentioned in the books, of course.

Alex’s birthday was on Friday. We headed to the casino for the night to celebrate, since that’s one of his favorite things to do; he’s not really a gambler, but he loves the process of playing the games (all the algorithms involved, etc.. he’s a nerd). Since we were going to be away for the night, I had a dessert ready for him when he got home from work in the afternoon. It turned out by no means perfect, but it is extremely tasty and perfectly decadent for a birthday.

As I’ve mentioned many, many times before, Alex is a huge fan of all things coffee. He’s a big fan of meringues, too, so I wanted to make him a cake version of meringues -pavlova! I chose coffee and chocolate for the flavors, using a whipped chocolate ganache instead of the standard whipped cream in a pavlova. I used whole milk instead of cream in the ganache so that I could use the lactose-free version so nobody would have hurt tummies that evening (we’re both lactose intolerant).

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