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Archives for October 2013

Archives for October 2013

Archives for October 2013

In India Yogurt is known as Curd. This has always confused me whenever I wanted to buy yogurt since the curd was way more liquid then what I was used to in Europe. Fresh Yogurt is a necessity in Europe. We don't use it to cook up savory dishes, no we …[Read more...]

Ladies and gentleman, a quick and easy chicken curry with fresh ingredients for your recipe repository. Take it, make it and thank me later. It has been a while since I had posted a Indian curry recipe here and it was about time, don't you think? …[Read more...]

Saturday's used to be house cleaning days in my younger years. This would be the most annoying day and the best day at the same time in the week. My mum would make sure that I and my siblings would be up early mornings to attack the day. Yet, her …[Read more...]

It seems the weather is all upside down, you could call it the Indian April joke... Usually, around this time you would have stable weather conditions in Goa. In a few words, the retrieving rains from the north are absent, the wind is still blowing …[Read more...]

When I am tired after working on physically draining activities, I quickly cook up this creamy ham capsicum pasta sauce with cheese. To replenish my energy level, I will need: A. a heavier dish and B. something really quick or I will just eat a spicy …[Read more...]

Something that I thought I would never eat back in 2007, ended up being one of my most favorite Goan dishes. Dried Fish curing in a fiery red marination is definitely unusual for an European but when I was introduced to the fried Goan Para fish …[Read more...]

The Goan Dal recipe was actually one of my first posts here in 2011, but since it was one of the first, it was missing some good looking pictures to show you how addictive this traditional orange lentils pot is. This flavorful Indian dal is a staple …[Read more...]

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