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Check with your physician before starting a detox. Adjust the recipes if necessary.

Check with your physician before starting a detox. Adjust the recipes if necessary.

Check with your physician before starting a detox. Adjust the recipes if necessary.

Check with your physician before starting a detox. Adjust the recipes if necessary.

I’ve shared my favorite teatox recipes (besides my own super blend!), jump ahead if you can't wait to try them out:

First: What does Detox mean?

Detox is short for detoxification, also known as a cleanse. During a detox the liver, kidneys, intestines and the stomach are cleaned by means of certain foods and drinks.

Our bodies are exposed each day to environmental pollutants, preservatives, heavy metals, pesticides and cancer-causing chemicals. We breathe them in, we get them through our diet or we come in contact with these toxins in other ways.

The toxins are stored in tissues and cells in our body. The result of a buildup of toxins is that your organs do not function properly any more and you get sick. In addition, toxins also can cause you to lose weight very slowly, to feel sluggish and even depressed.

Sounds pretty bleak right? But there's hope!

A detox cleanse can help your body to prevent toxic overload, by supporting your liver and kidneys so that fewer harmful substances enter and toxins are removed.

There are many ways to detox. You might be familiar with the liver cleanse with olive oil and lemon or the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling. Another popular way to detox is to follow an extreme juice fast.

Questions I get asked frequently about detoxing with tea

Are detox teas safe?

Detox teas have gained huge popularity, especially since many brands claim you can lose a lot of weight fast with just drinking tea. However, you should be wary of those promises. Whether detox teas are bad or not depends on the ingredients that are used, how you treat your body during a detox and what state your organs are in when you began.

Many detox teas contain laxatives, like senna leaves. They can have a strong effect that might have negative impact on your organs. The weight that you lose by the laxative effect, will usually come back fast if you eat unhealthy. Apart from the question if the tea does what it says, it’s far better to lose weight that will stay away.

When you combine a healthy diet and focused exercise with a gentle detox tea, the effect can be much longer, and you won’t risk sagging skin and damage to your internal organs.

Does detox tea give you diarrhea?

When a detox tea has ingredients that have a laxative effect, you can experience diarrhea. The most often used laxative ingredients in a lot of teatox programs is Senna leaf. As stated by the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, taking Senna for too long can cause vomiting, diarrhea, electrolyte imbalance, and dehydration. Any pounds you lose won't have anything to do with fat loss, and the amount of weight you lose, will return just as quickly. So make sure you read the complete ingredient list of any \"weightloss tea\" you buy.

Does detox tea affect birth control?

When you read the possible side effects on the packaging of some popular teatox brands, it mentions they can have an effect. Here are some real examples of women who became pregnant after drinking Bootea. It mostly has to do with the laxative functioning of the ingredients, that interfere with the workings of birth control pills. If you’re using contraception, make sure not to use a teatox with any laxatives, for instance senna leaves.

Which detox tea is best?

Detox tea contains plant substances that have a detoxifying effect. There are several types of detox tea available with various ingredients such as nettle, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, mint, ginger, lime blossom, parsley, turmeric and licorice.

You can buy detox tea tand you can make it yourself.

Homemade detox tea has the advantage of using fresh ingredients and can be quick and easy. Just like I did, you can mix and try different ingredients to discover which detox tea works best. Buying a premium quality tea that is best suited to your body goals can be a huge time-saver though; you don’t need to find your own ingredients, the tea keeps for a long time and, as is the case with my tea, has been tried and tested for maximum detoxing effect and safety.

Which tea is best for you, depends on the quality of the ingredients, and how the ingredienst affect YOU. Everyone is different, as I have noticed when I tried teas that my friends used, and vice versa. The effect for me was often different\u200b. Just make sure you steer clear of ingredienst that have harsh effects, and try different things out. Mix and match until you find the best blend for you!

Happy Tea Time

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