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Chocolate Heaven Cake

Chocolate Heaven Cake

Chocolate Heaven Cake

Thanks so much for the great recipe! So just thinking out loud here, have you ever considered using unsweetened Bakers Chocolate instead of the 75% dark chocolate? It has a very high fat content with fewer carbohydrates. I know it depends on what brand of chocolate you buy, and that’s not shown here so I’m just going to go with what I found on the internet, but from my research, the carbohydrate load in (75 -85%) Dark Chocolate is between 138g Carbohydrate / 33g Fiber, making it a total of 105g Net Carbs in this recipe (give or take because I don’t know what brand was used) so that would actually bring the total net carbs per serving to roughly 10g again depending on the brand (you say 10.8 so I’m assuming you use a brand that has a bit more sugar). Bakers Chocolate by comparison contains 95g Carbohydrate / 55 g Fiber, making it a total of 40 Net Carbs if used for this recipe. That would break down to 2.7g of Net Carbs per serving. Something else to consider is the fact that (75 -85%) Dark Chocolate contains roughly 72g of sugar where Unsweetened Bakers Chocolate contains 0 sugar. This might be significant for those folks who are trying to keep their sugar intake as low as possible.

I don’t know if this is even a reasonable alternative. I looked at the nutrient levels of Unsweetened Bakers Chocolate and it surpasses Dark Chocolate in almost every comparable nutrient, but again, this depends on the brand used. Just thought I’d start a conversation and see if anyone else has thoughts on this.


I would love to try this, unfortunately I am so restricted to ingredients down here in New Zealand. There is one bakers sugar free chocolate, and it is mega expensive. I also use Lindt 90%, but again it is expensive and comes in a very small bar. Hence me choosing the 70% for birthday parties. I find that seems to please all but one of the children (there is always one that won’t like any cake at any party) but your idea is great. One day I’ll get my hands on some sugar free chocolate and give it a whirl.

I’ve only ever used unsweetened baking chocolate bar (brand is Bakers) in this recipe. I didn’t have any 70-85% cocoa bars so used what I had at home. I used 3 different sweeteners and it was delicious!! I used Swerve, Stevia powder (the super sweet white powder) & liquid stevia. I just did it to taste as I went. This cake has turned out delicious every time! Thanks for the recipe!

is the carb count the net carbs? If not, what is the fiber count so that i can calculate it?

It is total carbs, I’m pretty sure this has negligible fibre so the figure would also be net carbs too. It’s higher than most recipes here but it is reserved for birthdays and sugar loving kids.

Just made this recipe and it’s delicious. I’m always on the look out for low carb healthy snacks for my Type 1 diabetic son and this cake is perfect. I made this into a layered slices of cake by cutting each piece in half and adding low carb homemade jam & whipped double cream to the middle -went down a treat Thanks Libby.

I can’t see a size given for the cake tin. Have I missed it? If not, please would you let me know which size to use. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the great recipe, just baked it now, but result seems a little oily\u2026and soggy. Not like your pic. The batter tasted divine before baking it. I halved the recipe and baked it for 30mins. Does it “set”with time? Thanks again. Regards Diana

It should bake to be a solid rich cake, almost a torte. It should be baked throughout before removing from the oven as it doesn’t \u2018set’, the eggs have to be baked. I have made this time and time again and never had this problem, I’m wondering if it wasn’t baked for long enough or an ingredients was omitted?

Hi Libby. Thanks for your reply. I tried it again today, used a rich chocolate, but not sure of the % cocoa in it and the cake sank after baking. I baked it a full 40mins and made sure of all the ingredients. I’m feeling kinda silly now, cos I’m not winning and everyone else who tried this was successful. No complaints about taste though. Thanks again for your input.

Hi thank you so much for this recipie it was actually my first time ever making a cake and all my guests love it, I want to do it again but a smaller one should I just reduce the quantity? Thank you !

I am also in New Zealand. What double cream do you use? I am always unsure what to buy. Thanks

I buy good old Pam’s or Anchor. For some reason every single time I have bought cream from Countdown (their own brand) it has tasted \u2018off’.

Hi. I live in the U.S. Don’t know what double cream is. Is that what we call heavy cream?(33-40%)

Yes, I’ll amend that, thanks.

Hi I’ve just made this and it’s in the oven so fingers crossed. But I used cavalier 85% dark chocolate that largely has stevia in it. I added a couple of teaspoons of xylitol just in case but am worried now that it might be too sweet! Has anyone else tried this and if not does the 95% chocolate not contain any sweeteners at all? I’ll let you know how it turns out!

I only have a 10\u2033 Springform pan -would this work? How would you adjust timing? If not, what other pan type would work? Does it have to be springform?

The cake would just turn out wider and thinner so you would have to reduce the cooking time by maybe 5-10 minutes. Bake until the centre is just cooked, and a knife inserted will come out clean. I just like a springform tin lined with baking parchment as it comes out perfectly every time. I would hate for it to break up as you turn it upside down.

Hi Libby -this looks fab! I’m going to make it tomorrow for my son’s birthday. He has requested a chocolate banana cake -if I mash a banana into the mixture, will it affect the cake do you think? Thanks!

I think the moisture in the banana may make the chocolate cake split. You may have better success frosting/icing it with a banana frosting. Alternatively you could use my flourless berry sponge and add a mashed banana and some cocoa.

LOVE your blog!!! So many great recipes on here!! Definitely makes life easier as a low carber! Dont need to feel like I miss out on ANYTHING with recipes like these

Thank you so much Sophie for such a kind and wonderful comment to leave for me today. Libby x

Libby, I read through all the comments and the recipe and didn’t find my answer\u2026. What size springform pan did you use to make this delicious lookIng cake?

I just went and measured mine and it is 20cm/8inch in diameter similar to this one.

Thank you so much for this! Made it yesterday with 85%, put it in the fridge overnight and we just had some with sugar free strawberry jelly, berries and cream, it was bliss. I’ll definitely be making this again, I may try using coconut oil instead of butter next time.

Made this yesterday and it is fantastic! And it came out right which is saying something since not all of my baking efforts turn out right I did let the chocolate mixture cool about 10 minutes and then I added the egg mixture about 1/4 cup at a time and made sure it was fully mixed before adding anymore. Patience paid off! I tried some while it was still warm but it’s really amazing after it’s cooled in the fridge for a few hours, soooo rich and thick. I can handle giving up carbs if I can have some chocolate so now I’m all set. Plus I can make this for other folks and they’ll love it. So far I’ve had really good luck with your recipes \u2014 not all blogs have reliable recipes so I really appreciate yours. Thanks again!

Aw thank you Rhonda. This is my absolute go-to cake for celebrations. It’s pretty darn rich isn’t it? I’m thinking the next time I make it I might even drizzle some brandy over the top (adult only cake of course ). You only need a small square.

If you addressed this earlier, my apologies, but I could not read every single comment. My confusion is with Stevia. In fact, I’m always confused about Stevia in recipes. I have Stevia Extract, Stevia Powder, but am unclear about the “granulated”Stevia. Can you give me an example of granulated Stevia? Would Truvia be an example? I have that too. I find I constantly bypass recipes that don’t give me brand names to clearly identify which type of Stevia to use. The strength of sweetness varies enormously with Stevia. Thanks so much.

Hi Patricia, take a look at this page which shows you what I keep in my pantry. I don’t give a brand because everyone has their favourite and the brands in the US are different to those here in NZ. I say granulated because that measures spoon for spoon instead of sugar, but always add according to YOUR taste and always taste before baking. I don’t like liquid as it is too easy to over or under dose because it is so concentrated. The granulated stevia generally has erythritol which gives a lovely sweet flavour.

I don’t know if this will help or not, but when I use Truvia I simply half the amount of whatever Libby’s recipe calls for, as Truvia does not measure cup for cup. This has been successful for me so far!

Libby, I’ve been so excited to make this, I’ve been planning it all week! I’m currently in week 4 of LCHF, am down 10lbs so decided a treat was in order. It is delicious and so easy to make. I used 200g of 75% and 100g of 85% and added no extra sweetener, it is very rich and a touch bitter but with a dollop of double cream is perfect. Next time (because there will definitely be a next time, even though we still have 3/4 left) I will probably use the 300g of 75% as recommended in the first place haha!

Just to say a big thank you for all of your hard work on this site. I loved cooking before I changed my eating plan but was keeping it simple on LCHF to get the hang of it. Your ideas and down-to-earth personality have been a life-saver and inspired me to get in the kitchen again.

Wow Sarah, you’re a star for writing such a lovely comment for me to read this morning. I like to keep it simple and easy otherwise I will be one of those sites that people look at but don’t actually make the recipes. I want families to cook simple real meals and using easy to find ingredients. I am so glad you love this cake. I make it for my children’s birthday parties and always goes down a treat. I’m thinking of making it for my husbands birthday but \u2018enhancing’ it after baking with a little brandy. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words, Libby x

Hi, Fab recipe! Tried it just now and ate a dollop of it before baking. Thank You

Read through all the comments, could not find baking time though. Its sitting in the oven right now. Shall do a trial and error this time but would appreciate a reply.

Thanks A load again!

The cooking times are all at the beginning of the recipe, showing this is 40 minutes. I hope yours turned out well.

It was stunning Libby ! Love your Blog and am going to follow it regularly. Thanks for the effort you put in to simplify Our Lives .

Yay and yay xxx It is exactly comments like yours that makes me love what I now do. Thank you

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I’m wondering if I could use cacao powder and lower the chocolate amount. Could do with dropping the carb count a wee bit lower. And i’m thinking about making this for my breakfasts. Not even joking. *thumbs up*

I guess what your describing is almost my recipe for keto brownie. Take a look.

Would it be possible to use unsweetened bakers chocolate and more sweetener?

There is now some controversy over Stevia -true Stevia from the leaves I think is best (I have trouble remembering exactly) or not sure what to use anymore.

This is not low carb. Very disappointing.

How is this not low carb? Eggs, butter and cream are the main ingredients and are all free of carbs. Dark chocolate and zero carb sweetener make it about as low carb as it gets.

Yes, it is. You need to do some math. Go research how many carbs are in an egg, are in butter (zero) and heavy cream. Don’t post a stupid comment until you actually DO the research. And I made this recipe; it’s fabulous.

Hi, we have tried this twice now\u2026.. each time when adding the eggs / cream mixture to the chocolate it splits the whole mix. Please help

Ensure you take it off the heat for a minute or two and make sure it never got to boiling point. Add the egg mixture spoon but spoon at the beginning whisking by hand constantly. Then ad d a little more each time and it does almost appear to split but as you add more egg mixture it magically thickens. I use this type of whisk, nothing fancy and it works.

This may be a really dumb question, but I’m still very new to all this. LOL when you say a percentage of chocolate, does that mean that the other percentage is sugar? For example, at the store I saw a 62% chocolate but I noticed there was sugar in it. Is that normal? I ended up buying the unsweetened 100% bar, but after reading the comments I’m guessing that was completely wrong. Thanks for all your help! This site has been amazing in helping me in my journey.

Hi Jennifer, I tend to buy 90% Lindt which is my favourite. For my children’s parties I tend to use the 70% Cadbury Old Gold in this recipe as most children who are not sugar free won’t like the bitterness of a stronger bar. The % cacao refers to the % of cocoa solids in a product. Cocoa solids are all of the products from a cocoa bean, which are cocoa powder, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor and the cacao nib. The ratio of all these products vary with each brand which is why they may have the same % but in differing proportions of fat/solids/powder etc. So one bar may be smoother and more delicate than another. The higher the % the less room there is left for sugar and other nasties to be added to the bar.

This cake is delicious. I didn’t have the 75% chocolate so I used a combination of bittersweet and unsweetened. I used the full 4 tsp of Stevia and followed all other directions. Refrigerating the cake after baking (and cooling) improves the taste. The texture is light and chocolaty. Being a diabetic as well as a chocoholic I am always looking for something “safe”to satisfy my sweet tooth. This fits the bill. I will make this again soon!

I look forward to trying many of your amazing recipes. I also need to tell you that you are so gracious with all your answers and that you answer everyone. That is amazing!

I was wondering if you had a non dairy substitute for the butter and the double cream? Of course I am trying to stay on the low carb way.

Thank you!

Thank you Rivka, I try to be as courteous and polite as I can. I also try to be as uncontroversial as possible as differences in opinion tends to shift the focus away from us all just getting on with eating real food. What a lovely comment to write, I truly appreciate it.

As to your dairy dilemma, I guess you could try coconut oil instead of the butter, and you could try full fat coconut cream in place of the double cream. This will make it taste different however and possibly lose a little flavour. You may need to add a pinch of salt and some extra cocoa and vanilla to make up for the loss in flavour. Libby

How long do you bake your chocolate heaven cake? Can’t see a time in the recipe & I really want to try it!

The recipe states 40 minutes. It can sometimes be easily overlooked as it is at the top of the recipe box.

Silly me, sorry!

No problem at all, many readers miss it hidden up there. All my new recipes I am actually writing it in the instructions

I used the richest coconut milk I could find instead of cream and it was wonderful

“Pour into a prepared tin.”I think I missed the step for how to prepare the tin and what to use. Thanks!


Hi! Can we use a brownie tin rather and just spray it or butter it before baking?

Sure thing.

Want to try this, but was wondering if you could use honey instead artificial sweetener

Sure. I always say the sweetener you use is always a personal choice and totally up to you (just be aware that honey is still sugar) Enjoy

Thank you I will have to let you know how it turns out. I just hate using chemicals.

The honey worked fine. I didn’t have a spring pan so I used a 9\u2033 disposable aluminum pan with a piece of parchment paper in the bottom. Because of the wrinkles on the sides it held the butter heavier so there was no sticking at all.

Honey has high carb count in it so bit pointless making a low carb cake if ur adding more carbs?

FYI, Stevia is an all natural sweetner, it is not man made, and is much better for diabetics than any thing else out there. It’s extracted from the leaves I believe of the stevia plant.

Stevia is not an artificial sweetener.

Very good recipe I left it in the fridge a whole day beforr I brought it to a birthday party and it’s the first time I had people coming up to me and telling me “it’s awesome and a bit bitter, exactly as I like it\u201d.

Great recipe, very easy to make and the texture is perfect if you want to slice it or cut it in small squares. Thanks a lot

Thank you for such a lovely comment, I’m so glad you liked it. I also love that high cacao taste (I may add more stevia if it is for the sugar lovers), it is now our go-to celebration cake. Sliced or in squares with a berry on top -yummo!

If u use the cocoa powder will that make it a lower carb? I know that the carbs are coming from the chocolate bar.

You can use higher cacao % chocolate of you like but not just cocoa in it’s place. The chocolate also gives the fullness and flavour that only chocolate can. If you only use cocoa it may just turn into a chocolate cheesecake


Sounds delicious! Can I substitute egg whites? I want to drop the fat even lower (might be asking too much!)


No you really need those egg yolks to set the cake and bake firm, sorry

Wow! I am a baker but only 3 weeks into LCHF I thought I would never bake again but much to my delight I made this cake for my husbands birthday yesterday for dinner guests. I used 70% chocolate, made it exactly to the recipe and it was amazing. It looked exactly like the picture and we all enjoyed it with berries and cream. I felt like the queen of baking but it was so easy! Thanks for all your recipes, we’re enjoying LCHF so much whilst losing inches and feeling great.

Wow Julie, what a testimonial for my recipes. You are a star! I am overjoyed that you loved the cake and it turned out so well. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely and kind comment.

hi! i have whipping cream left over from another recipe. can i use it instead of the double cream?

As long as it is the high fat cream, you should be fine. Depending on which country you are in, cream comes by many names and all have different properties. As long as it doesn’t have any additives to allow it to whip (some do) then it should work.

I made this with 85% chocolate. So bitter, had to throw it out. Don’t make that mistake!!

That’s why I say to use the lower % chocolate when sharing with others who may not have gone sugar free. Our taste buds are so different depending on how long we have been sugar free, and how many sweet things we continue to eat. I always say “sweetener to taste\u201d, so you may find the 85% too bitter ( I personally love 90% Lindt) or you may want to use the 85% to cut down on the carbs in the cake, but may have found by adding more stevia to the cake mixture would have made it palatable for you. Don’t be put off, sweetening recipes is the no.1 aspect we all need to learn according to the individual.

over time you will find that your tastebuds do adapt to lower sugar, higher cocoa content. I started out hating dark chocolate and not embrace the flavour of 85%

Has anyone made this with high fat coconut milk instead of cream?

Whooops. Used tablespoons instead of teaspoons for the sweetener, using Natvia which is a stevia/erythritol blend. Hopefully its still ok

Won’t know till tomorrow as its birthday cake

Just a quick question, Is it ok to make this a day in advance or will I need to refrigerate.

Kind regards


I always make this a day in advance. I keep it in an airtight container on the kitchen bench. Even if it is mid summer here (35C) it is still absolutely fine. If you iced it with a chocolate ganache however, I would only do this on the day and it would need refrigerating so the cream and chocolate don’t melt in summer.

Hi Libby

What would the sugar content be if you only used the chocolate without adding a sugar substitute?



It would be the same as the sugar substitute contains no sugar. Stevia is sugar free

This looks so awesome!.

I am about to make this (tomorrow) for my husband’s birthday which is on Sunday. Can you pls reply on the following : (1) what size cake tin, is 8\u2033 ok ? (2) how long in the oven ? (3) I would like to make this recipe without adding sugar or sugar substitutes (we like our chocolate dark and strong). To be sure this does not affect the texture / consistency of the batter, shld I vary the other ingredients at all ? Very best, Anne from Belgium.

Hi Anne, (1) I just measured and I use a 8 inch / 20cm loose bottom cake tin, (2) recipe states 40 minutes or until cooked in the centre, (3) If you use the 75% as in the recipe, you could do without the stevia altogether depending on your taste. Always taste the mixture before you cook it and adjust accordingly. If you are going to use a higher % cacao chocolate you may need to add less chocolate, otherwise it may be too bitter as you say you prefer not to add sweeteners. Good luck x

I Have made this cake twice and really love the taste of it, the kids found it too rich as they do not like dark chocolate, will defo make it again

I’m thinking of using a regular 8\u2033 cake tin and lining the bottom with parchment paper -do you think that has a chance of flipping out onto a plate neatly?

Sure, as long as it is greased and lined well. If all else fails, cover with a chocolate ganache (solves many of lifes problems ).

Can this be made with Skinnygirl liquid Stevia? It’s all I have at the moment. If so, would I use the same measurement? I don’t really care for it and don’t want the cake to taste like chemicals!

I’m sure it could be. I don’t get on with liquid stevia as I find it too easy to under or overdose the sweetness. If that’s what you’re used to then go for it

I have Baker’s 100% cacao unsweetend baking chocolate-will that work, and should I add extra sweetener to make it sweet enough? Thanks!

Yes that should work and yes you may need to add more sweetener so taste before baking to make sure it is sweet enough.

Thank you for this recipe Just wondering how many slices you would cut the cake into -my guess is 10 or 12. Also, if the carb count of 12.1 is for the whole cake or per serving?

(Sorry if this is a silly question but if it is per slice it will be too much for me :()

The recipe states it makes 15 slices so the nutrition is per slice. If the carbs are too high, you can cut them into squares as a taster or you can use a higher % cacao chocolate to reduce the sugar. I use the 70% as it will pass as a \u2018regular’ cake at my children birthday parties, and in comparison the carbs are low, but I realise it might be too high for some.

Thank you so much, sorry I had not seen the servings amount at the top -should open my eyes more

No problem, I think everyone misses that bit

Is there a way to use just plain cocoa? (I don’t have any chocolate bars, and would like a bit lower sugar count). It looks so yummy!

You could try but then it would be a completely different recipe. You would have to experiment replacing the 300g with something else of the same volume. You can use 85% or 90% cacao chocolate which will reduce the sugar, depending on your tastes. I tend to use 75% as that will pas most children’s birthday parties without a fuss.

I’m making brownies very similar to this, just less of the ingredients and all butter without cream. If people want the very low carb count; talking pretty much none, there is a sugar free chocolate in milk white or dark with little to no carbs at all! I find them in grape tree or Holland and Barrett but they will be in american health shops two. The brand is \u2018the lite’. Or there is another brand perledge that does other great flavours. Hope this helps!

Thanks Daisy, great tips. I wish we could get that sugar free chocolate here. Keep letting us know what you find and in which country. This is fabulous.

is this made with cream cheese? it looks like a cheescake when done. what is double cream then if it’s not cream cheese? thanks!

i thought at first double cream was what we call heavy or whipping cream, but it rly looks like a cheesecake when baked yet no cream cheese anywhere in the ingredients\u2026

No cream cheese used here, I use double cream which I guess is the same as your heavy cream or whipping cream.

According to google, whipping or heavy cream is the same as double. Or any cream with at least 48% fat in it

wow amazing chocolate cake. Looks cute

How long do you bake it for?

40 minutes, or until the centre is cooked.

What is 300g dark chocolate and 175 of butter? It is so much easier to understand if it is in American measurements not metric. Thank you

Most Americans tell me they use electric scales to weigh their ingredients. I asked on Facebook a few times and the outstanding majority (including Americans) want to keep it as metric of accuracy. I used to use cups but there are US and Uk cups so very inaccurate. Take a look at my cooking conversion charts. Hope that helps.

I agree, it’s a much better way to measure for baking. I hate everything in cups\u2026.

Agree. I’ve trailed a couple of recipes in metric/imperial so hopefully that will cover most countries

Where as I am the opposite, I would much rather metric as I am from New Zealand lol! But google is my best friend Any recipes in American measurements I just put into google and it converts it all for me easily.

Thanks Rachel, that is exactly what the outstanding response was. I am in NZ too

Hi,thanks for the recipe, I’ve just made this cake and it’s quite nice, but I was wondering if you could freeze it in slices? Would make a lovely easy treat if you can xxxxx

So glad you enjoyed it. yes I’m sure you could freeze it, what a great idea. You could freeze it in slices or small squares.

Hiya, what size tin do you use for this cake?

20 cm/8 inch

Just making it now for the first time. How long do you bake it for?!

Cook time states 40 minutes. Hope you liked it

What is the size of the pan? Making it for valentines day!

20cm/8 inch.

How do I convert the 300g dark chocolate and 175g butter? Would I bake at 350 Fahrenheit? Thanks in advance! I’m assuming the tsp and tbs are regular US measurements?

I’m guessing you measure in imperial ounces. Most people use electric scales and switch to metric or take a look at my cooking conversion chart.

It’s just out of the oven and smells amazing\u2026

I used liquid vanilla flavoured stevia in place of the vanilla extract and the granulated stevia.

Can’t wait for the family to come home and cut into it\u2026

I would like to make it dairy free, do you know if coconut oil (Or olive oil) could be used in place of butter, and coconut cream instead of cream? Thanks

No I don’t think it would work, that would change the entire recipe. If you do try though, let me know how you get on

I’m not a cook so how did you turn it out to look so nice? Mine was a mess! And thank you, btw, for this recipe. I can’t do fake sugars and am sugar free and low carb\u2026this was awesome! I couldn’t find “double cream”and used heavy cream and it still tasted amazing!

Did you line the tin with baking paper and use a loose bottom tin? Double cream and heavy cream are pretty much the same. I’m so glad it tasted nice. If it can’t be removed from the baking dish easily, slice it into squares and remove each piece and serve as individual pieces.

Wow ! Thanks Libby for this recipe.

I am not a pudding person however having been asked to a girls lunch today I looked for an impressive one to take. I have been sugar free and low carb for a few months now and had to resist the urge to fall face first in to the mixture -my kitchen smelled heavenly !

I have just cut it open to transfer it into Tupperware and naturally had to test a sliver\u2026..inspite of just having eaten breakfast. As recommended , I made myself a little Espresso.

It is fabulous , a dense indulgent chocolate hit . Will serve in very fine slices with berries \u2026. Very rich , very yummy mmmmm

Thanks !

What a numpty I am ! Made this to serve to guests tonight and had no recollection of having made it before ! Smells so good again ! My lucky guests have a choice of this or your no bake lemon cheesecake ( if it sets !!! Didn’t read how long it took ) they are low carbers too so I’m showing off

Ha ha, you show em’. There is no way low carb is either boring or restrictive. You can be the trojan horse that gets them to try, before they understand what they have had the pleasure to eat.

Amazing! Have to try this!

Thanks Linda. I hope you enjoy it.

Hi can I only use unsalted butter?

No salted is fine, in fact it might bring out the chocolate flavour.

This has to be the best low carb chocolate cake out there. It’s so easy to make and so rich, with the texture being more like a rich chocolate truffle or torte. This is now my go-to cake.

If you are looking for a nut free, gluten free, grain free, wheat free cake that will please children and adults alike, this is it. There are even variations so you can make it as low carb as you like, read why below.

Because my \u2018best low carb chocolate cake’ is wheat free, gluten free, grain free, no added sugar and nut free, I make it every time for my children’s birthday parties. And because it is so rich, the adults eat it too (with a good coffee).

I love this Chocolate Heaven Cake, you can even drizzle it with brandy whilst it is warm for an \u2018adult only’ cake. It can be made as a cake then sliced, served with berries and whipped cream.

Or bake in a square dish then cut into tasting squares and top each piece off with a fresh berry. This is a easy idea to take as finger food to share with friends.

To make it even lower in carbs, use a higher % cacao chocolate, but others who are not sugar free may find it bitter so thats why I stick to the 75% which seems to please everyone.

Nutrition using other % chocolate

70% = 246 cal 12g carbs 7.7g sugar 21g fat 3.7g protein

75% = 250 cal 10.8g carbs 5.2g sugar 21.8g fat 4g protein

85% = 235 cal 5.7g carbs 2.9g sugar 22.3g fat 4.5g protein

ALWAYS calculate using the brand and variety of chocolate you have used in the recipe.

Want to know how to host a sugar free (or sugar less) birthday party? Take a look at my article full of tips, tricks and recipes.

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If you are new here you may wish to look at this page to help you get started and this page to see what I keep in my low carb pantry.

Original article and pictures take http://www.ditchthecarbs.com/2014/02/07/chocolate-heaven-cake-low-carb-wheat-free-sugar-less-nut-free-gluten-free site

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