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Chocolate Pizzelles

Chocolate Pizzelles

Chocolate Pizzelles

I’m so excited for your whole family Tricia \u2014 I’m biased, but little girls are THE BEST! I can’t wait to see the whole thing unfold in the coming months\u2026

Your pizzelles are so perfect I thought you bought them and decorated them for this post \u2014 I THINK, but I’m not sure, that I might have a pizzelle iron, I found it at a thrift store but I’ve never known what to do with it, I’m going to try it out with this recipe!

Thank you so much Sue It is exciting and fun and I do look forward to all things pink!

Your cookies look wonderful -no surprise, all your recipes do!

And congratulations on your granddaughter-to-be. Such exciting times!

Thank you Beth! Very exciting times indeed

Those pizzelles are incredibly beautiful Tricia but that pink smoke steals the show! What a fun, unique and totally memorable way to discover the gender. Congratulations, you will LOVE having a little girl!!!

Thank you Chris! You have the most beautiful granddaughters and I’ve always loved how you do baking projects with them. Pass it on!

Beautiful way to dress up a cookie,

Thanks Amy

Oh Tricia -you make me wish I had a pizzelle maker! These chocolate versions steal my heart! We have been dipping cookies in chocolate and having fun but we don’t have cookies as beautiful as these. They look perfect for Christmas.

And woah, you packed some huge happy news there! : ) So very excited for you and your family! A granddaughter to look forward to is incredible news. Yay!!! That party looked amazing, btw.

I don’t use it often enough Monica -the one I have makes three at a time and it really goes super fast. Thanks so much!

Congratulations on your growing family, Tricia. So exciting! Love these pizzelles. I don’t have an iron. Must put that on my Christmas list

I bet you have a few family members that would be good at blogger gifts -like old spoons and pizzelle irons! Have a lovely day!

Your pizzelles are STUNNING, Tricia! I would love to try this. Now in addition to my new addiction to cookie stamps and molds, I will be on the lookout for a pizzelle iron! And then you stunned me twice in one post. What a fun, personalized, and totally unique gender reveal!! Yes, times have changed. This is one of the good ways. How exciting to now plan for a granddaughter. Congratulations. (Isaac looks so happy!)

I love the cookie stamps and molds too Wendy -it’s just that the ones I want are crazy expensive! Let me know if you come across some great deals. It was a very fun event and very unique indeed! I think people would have a hard time one-upping this reveal Thanks so much for the link-love too!


I bought pink sprinkles today and we all know they aren’t for my Littles:)..Look at him all decked out in Mardi Gras:)

This is a great idea to dip the pizzelles..funnily enough a pizzelle maker was on my list for Fl..and I had no clue which one to buy..so many mixed reviews..

One of my dsil’s is a Harley guy:)

Beautiful family♥

Do you use an electric pizzelle maker?

If so may I ask which brand?As yours seems to do a great job.

Great pics,and your blog is so lovely.Even the comment section.

Hi Monique! Pink sprinkles are perfect for the way things are going around here! I meant to put a link to my pizzelle maker -I am very happy with it. It makes three small (3-inch) pizzelles at a time. It has a wonderful non-stick surface and seems to cook evenly. Here’s a link to the Chef’s Choice 835 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake . I bought it a few years ago and have really enjoyed it. I don’t use it all the time but the few times I have made pizzelles, I was very pleased. I also have a post for Anise flavored Pizzelles if you would like that recipe too Thanks so much for stopping by!


HOW FUN!!!! SO, the parents don’t know either? LOL That would be FUN!!! What a UNIQUE way to find out the gender of your child, MEMORABLE!!!! LOOOVE the pink smoke!!! Your Pizzelles look WONDERUL!!! They are SO PRETTY!!! I have been wanting a Pizzelle Iron for a LONG TIME! Just MAYBE, I should get one, now that you’ve given us a CHOCOLATE recipe!!!

Hi Becky! My son and daughter-in-law found out when we all did -it was so fun. They are excited beyond words. It is such a blessing to see two people so much in love. They’ve been married 3 years now and are ready -or at least they think they are Have a great week!

I have always loved the look of pizzelles but have resisted the urge to buy another kitchen \u2018toy’ They are beautiful, Tricia and I would love the chocolate flavor. Oh dear!

Congratulations to you and your growing family! A girl will be so much fun for you! Looks like boys all the way for us

We really thought it would be a boy Susan -so happy to add a girl to our family. Our daughter is expecting in June but we don’t know what she’s having yet. Her son is Issac our little bruiser Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for stopping by!

Congratulations Tricia, what would I give for a granddaughter . Your pizzelles look gorgeous .

Thanks Gerlinde! We’re looking forward to adding a cutie to our little family. Have a great week.

Congratulations Tricia!!!!! I am so excited for you and your family. These pizzalles are truly a stunner!

Thank you Angie -it is such a wonderful time in a family

Absolutely adore your cookies and things certainly have changed over the decades. Never even heard of a gender reveal party -what a fun idea and congratulations on the news of a granddaughter.

Have a beautiful day.

Mandy xo

Thanks Mandy!

Pizzelles are wonderful, aren’t they? Yours look perfect! Never made them \u2014 really should get with it, don’t you think. Never been to a gender reveal party, but I can’t imagine any topping that one! Sounds like tons of fun \u2014 loved the pictures. Thanks.

Thanks John -I love them too -so many childhood memories around cookies and pies. Great times in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother. It was an exciting gender reveal party -who knew!!!

What a fun way to do a gender reveal! I love it! And your pizzelle cookies look absolutely amazing \u2014 I love pizzelles, and have always wanted to try making them at home, but have never gotten around to getting a pizzelle maker. Now I have no excuses! I’ve never had pizzelles dipped in chocolate and other tasties, either, so I will definitely have to try that!

Also, I wanted to let you know that right now I’m doing a 12 days of cookies thing on social media, where each day I share a different cookie. I’d love to include these, if you’d be interested! I sent you a message over on Facebook, so feel free to message me there.

Thank you so much Willow! These are so easy and delicious and I do love the extras too. The dark chocolate and coconut was my favorite -not that I tried them ALL -well maybe Heading over the Facebook -thanks for the invite!

These pizzelles look amazing. I always loved helping my mom make them as a kid and couldn’t wait to eat them as she wasn’t looking!

What a fun gender reveal, so happy for you and your family!

Thanks Diane -I always loved baking with my mom -thank you so much!

Pizzelles are a light, crisp, slightly sweet cookie that taste terrific plain or dressed up with your favorite toppings. These Chocolate Pizzelles were made with regular natural cocoa and special dark chocolate cocoa for a special holiday treat. The thin 3-inch cookies are a blank canvas waiting to be adorned or dipped and are wonderful eaten along with a small bowl of ice cream. In fact they make a pretty wonderful ice cream sandwich too!

These are dipped in white chocolate then sprinkled with coconut, crushed peppermint, mini-chocolate chips, chopped pistachios or walnuts. Christmas or holiday sprinkles would work beautifully too!

Pizzelles remind me of my mom and grandmother. I remember enjoying anise flavored pizzelles at my grandmother’s house and always loved the chocolate version too. My version was adapted from her recipe and I think she would have approved of the dark chocolate cookie too.

The dark cookie reminds me of an oreo without the middle. My husband preferred the lighter version, but I loved them both!

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate would be fun in place of the white chocolate -but these seem like to Christmas to me!

PIN to your favorite holiday cookie board!

Have you ever been to a “gender reveal party?”All the young folks do this now. They find out from their doctor whether they’re having a boy or girl. The secret is put into an envelope and given to the parents but they don’t peek! Then they pass the envelope to a friend who helps organize a co-ed party where everybody will find out at the same time if they’re having a boy or a girl.

We went to a gender reveal party yesterday (for our son and daughter-in-law) and found out we’re having a granddaughter in April! This is pretty exciting and I was thrilled to be part of the fun. They had pink and blue themed decorations and beads and stickers you could choose if you were guessing the gender. We’re having a co-ed baby shower in February -which will also be a first for me. I love that the guys are getting into these events -it’s not like the old days. In fact my son wore a shirt to the gender reveal party that read “The Man Behind the Bump.”I think it’s pretty cool!

Issac must have been rooting for a boy cousin but I don’t think he really cares!

Callie and Patrick are thrilled and had all their friends over to share the news. They did hand prints in pink paint to commemorate the event. Dang I wish I had looked like that at 24 weeks -Callie is such a little cutie and a wonderful daughter-in-law!

Patrick and Callie love to ride motorcycles on the weekends with their friends …they are “Harley”people all the way. They also have a good friend (Eric) that is a professional motorcycle stunt rider and his team often uses special tires that smoke in different colors. Good old Red, white and blue is very popular at patriotic events. Patrick arranged for his friend to buy a stunt tire (in the appropriate color) and borrowed a sport-bike do a “burn-out”as their “gender reveal.”Callie stood next to Patrick and he started the motorcycle, and then he burned it up! This is the moment they found out about their little girl. I cried, what can I say …it was unique, (loud), exciting, and fun!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful week.


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