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Christian Running Music Playlist

Christian Running Music Playlist

Christian Running Music Playlist

“Fear”by Lecrae

“Cops”by Social Club

“Never Land”by Andy Mineo

“Go Off”by Canon

“Ready, Set, Go”by Derek Minor

“Until The End of Time”by Derek Minor

“Hallelujah”by Bizzle

Thanks! I’ll have to check these out! :)

Thanks for the great list! It’s hard to find good Christian running music lists. I’ll have to add your suggestions to my playlist!

Here are some of my favorites.

Tonight -Toby Mac & John Cooper (this is my “get started”song)

#LITO -Press Play

Day One -Matthew West

Wake -Hillsong Young And Free

Fix My Eyes -For King and Country

Love Take Me Over -Steven Curtis Chapman

Fishers Of Men -Newsboys

The Father’s Heart -Bellarive

Praise Like Fireworks -Rend Collective

Ain’t No Grave -David Crowder (cool down)

Thanks for this post! I’m always looking for good running songs and if they are Christian songs, even better! :)

Thanks Jessica! Hope you enjoy some new (encouraging) tunes\u2026I’ll admit, even good music isn’t making me motivated to run in this heat lately!!! :)

C’mon, don’t forget Relient K! Though my Pandora station of them has a lot more mainstream songs (that aren’t always clean), I love “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been\u201d, among many others, for strong beats and a relateable feel.

I found your playlist on Pintrest :) How’s the training going? :)

Hi Patsy! The training is actually going surprisingly well, minus an IT band injury. :) I even signed up for the half-marathon next month and ran 9 miles last night! I am majorly surprisingly myself\u2026but I still will consider it a miracle if I actually finish the 13 miles. Thanks for asking. :)

Rise up- Matt Mayer <3 The most perfect song to listen to when needing to get energy! My top song.

“Eye on It”by Toby Mac.

Good luck on your training and on your events!

Sounds like your training went well and you will have some great runs!

Thanks! I actually did it! Just finished my half-marathon on Sunday!!! I was slow (finished in 2 hours 32 minutes), but I ran the whole time. :) I’ll have to add this song to my list for the next one.

Anything by Hillsong young and free

Eye on it, ignition, momentum, extreme days, and feelin so fly by Toby mac -monster by skillet -impossible, fire in the kitchen, avalanche, heart attack, and super natural by manafest -cray button and love addict by family force 5, -fire it up, down, falls apart, broken wing, and wicked by thousand foot krutch -saints go marching in by Andy mine -wake by hillsong

Heartbeat by Beckah Shae. It really gets me moving. No matter how tired I am, when that song comes on, it’s sooooooo hard to not run!

You can’t stop me-Andy Mineo

It’s SO NICE to finally see a Christian Running Songs List!!

Here is my “Regular”Running List!! (I will not put all of them as it goes on for a long time, as I made it longer the one year when myself and some friends did our Half!) I hope you enjoy some of them!

-You Got to Move -The Blind Boys of Alabama (A group my husband always loved and it’s a great running song!!!)

-Ever Be -Aaron Shust

-Good Morning -

-Grace Wins -Matthew West

-The River -Jordan Feliz

-One Thing -Hillsong Worship

-Joy -Jonny Diaz

-Burn for You -TobyMac

-Good Good Father = Chris Tomlin

-Who I Am -Blanca

Unstoppable -TobyMac

Catchafire -TobyMac

Soul On Fire -Third Day

Avalanche -Manafest

Love Take Me Over -Steven Curtis Chapman

Better Cause of You -Manafest

There!! I will stop there!! Thank You for sharing your list!!!

I also have quite a few other TobyMac, and Manafest songs as well as MercyMe!! :0)

This is great! I have been skipping over so many songs from my playlist that i just can’t stand to listen to anymore. I will be replacing them with these. My current favorite running song is a Christian song -Alone by Hollyn. SO GOOD! Thanks again!

I run to Third Day and Casting Crowns. They keep a steady beat going in most of their songs. I like \u2018Run To You’ by Third Day and \u2018Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee’ by Casting Crowns.

I am not a runner. I am not a runner. I AM NOT A RUNNER. But yet, I talked myself into training for a half-marathon (pretty much because I figured it was easier to do this than to give up my daily Sonic Dr. Pepper addiction). Given the fact that I have issues sticking with things (like every other diet and exercise regimen I have ever attempted), it will be a miracle if I actually end up completing said half-marathon in October. But I’m armed with a 20-week training schedule and the weather is beautiful, so things are looking good for the time being. Hopefully it will hold out for the next EIGHTEEN weeks of training (just reading that last sentence makes me want to go sit and watch a movie while drinking my third Dr. Pepper for the day). :)

And if you’re wondering if that is me in the picture above ^, I assure you it is not. I purchased a stock photo for this post. :) I look more like this when I run...

Update: I finished my first half marathon on October 11, 2015 with a time of 2 hours, 32 minutes. I am super slow\u2026but I ran the whole time and I finished, thanks in part to this inspiring playlist!

In honor of my newfound hobby, I figured it was time to load my phone with some new tunes to make the miles more momentous bearable. As tempting as it is to listen to music with a good beat but poor lyrics, I decided I wanted to focus on things that would encourage me in my faith while I spend this time running. And because I spent WAY too much find searching for SUPER upbeat Christian running music, I thought I might as well go ahead and share it with you too!

Make a promise that when you click on the links and you listen to the previews of some of these songs, you won’t judge me (No, I assure you\u2026I do not have loud speakers and hydraulics on my 2005 Honda Odyssey). :) This music is FUN, but it is not necessarily what I typically listen to. But let’s be honest, when I’m trying to go from wanting to cry after running 300 feet to attempting to run 13.1 miles IN A ROW, Chris Tomlin just isn’t gonna cut it (don’t be offended\u2026I love Chris Tomlin\u2026just not when it comes to running). This music has a BEAT that makes running a little bit easier (for me, anyway).

So here ya go! I’ve included my affiliate links for your convenience. The first link is the iTunes version and the Android links through Amazon Music can be found in parentheses.


“Love Song for a Savior“ by Jars of Clay (Closer- EP album version) \u2014 (Android link)


“Destroy”by Worth Dying For (starts off slow but builds) \u2014 (Android link)

“Jesus Freak”by DC Talk \u2014 (Android link)

“Move”by Flame \u2014 (Android link)

“Lose My Soul”by tobyMac \u2014 (Android link)

“Don’t Give Up”by Sanctus Real \u2014 (Android link)

“Made to Love”Remix by TobyMac \u2014 (Android link)

“It’s On”by Superchick \u2014 (Android link)

“Flood”by Jars of Clay \u2014 (Android link)

“Show Out”by Flame and Lecrae \u2014 (Android link)

“God’s Not Dead”by Newsboys \u2014 (Android link)

“Greater”by Mercy Me \u2014 (Android link)


“King of Glory”by Third Day \u2014 (Android link)

What song(s) do you enjoy running to? Share your favorites in the comments!

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