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Entertaining Made Easy with 8 Complete Dinner Party Menus

Entertaining Made Easy with 8 Complete Dinner Party Menus

Entertaining Made Easy with 8 Complete Dinner Party Menus

Entertaining Made Easy

Entertaining at home is a great way to catch up with friends and family and share some fantastic food. You don’t have interruptions from waiter service, you can control the menu and the serving time, and you don’t need to rush! And you can be as loud as you want, walk around, change seats and catch up with everyone. All advantages of entertaining at home! Here is home entertaining made easy with 8 complete dinner party menus from around the world. All recipes are included.

Culture and Cuisines from Around the World

One of our goals at Compass & Fork is to make you curious about the culture and cuisines of other countries. Our format of featuring a destination a month is designed to do just that. We try to explain the culture and history around the food, and feature some of the typical recipes that would be eaten at home.

For those of you following along at home, you can try the featured cuisine by cooking at home or if visiting a local restaurant in your area. If you are traveling then we hope to help you understand some of the local culture of the food and find great foods to try. To put you in the mood, we highlight books, cookbooks and movies about each country. If there are specialty shopping items required for cooking, the monthly newsletter includes a printable shopping list with the ingredients you will need to follow along during the month. Each recipe also links to the item in the Compass & Fork shop to make online ordering easier.

Inspiration for Foodies Night or Starting a Supper Club

If you are looking for a way to socialize with friends on a regular basis to explore new foods at home, try new recipes or cookbooks, or experiment with wine pairings, starting a supper club or organizing a regular foodies night can be a great option.

So this post is to give you a push. If you aren’t already a regular reader and a newsletter subscriber, sign-up now to learn about a new culture and cuisine delivered straight to your inbox each month!

To provide a little inspiration, we have gathered all 8 of our dinner party menus from the last twelve months into this post. Organize a dinner party with some friends or family and help us celebrate Compass & Fork’s one year anniversary.

Turkish Dinner Party Menu

Italian Dinner Party Menu

And we have lots of great cultures and cuisines still to come! So look for more ideas to make entertaining easy at home with each our monthly dinner party menus. We hope you will join us for a new one each month!

Please let us know what you think of our monthly format and Entertaining Made Easy with 8 Complete Dinner Party Menus by leaving a comment below

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