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Fat Chick

Fat Chick

Fat Chick

I am a 6 foot 3 inch female. 19% bf.....so in the athletic range. If I keep with the +3 for every inch I'm still OVER the high end by about 10lbs. I'm not where near fat fuck face.

How come male professional boxers weigh less then?

I want out of the US. It's gone way down hill.

I was in tears laughing when I read the comments auf the author. Good job!

Going off height to weight ratios is such old science; if you can call it that. It is all about the measurements in my opinion and most trainers would agree. Who gives a shit how much you weigh if you look great naked and feel great ? Going by a chart most athletes would be overweight, even though they have smaller waists than most north american fat asses.

So for all you men and women out there concerned about weight, forget it. Take out the tape measure and track your progress or regression that way.

One other thought about the female body while we are on the subject. There is nothing worse in my opinion than a skinny girl with no muscle or curves. I don't like that feeling of touching a woman's leg or ass and the skin collapses right to the bone. Likewise i'm sure they don't want that when they are feeling us men up as well. So for everyone's sake instead of prancing around the city or hitting the elliptical after work, pump some iron. It is far better for people as they age then jogging

I have to agree, as a 6'4 male weighing in at 215lbs (190 when I was back in school swimming) this chart is truely shocking. As many of my female friends know I have very strict guidllines for what I take interest to romantically, and they way some girls react to my attitude you would think I was going out and putting chunky girls in internment camps for not giving them the time of day. Otherwise they'll give me some tirade about how im being a shallow dick, no its just that the girls I like, share my interest in activities like, surfing, hiking, camping, sailing and well they just happen to be in better shape. But the way these girls attack healthy thin girls is horrible, if not worse then the way they may get treated.





Fat Chick

I recently came across the article “Why is obese more acceptable than anorexic?”and shortly thereafter stumbled upon an “info graphic”that’s right up the same alley. Besides the fact that the author of TheUltimateFemale.com and creator of the chart clearly lacks basic math skills and conceptual skills (how else can the allowable upper weight limit be one pound lower for a 5’3\u2033 female than a 5’2\u2033 female?) she seems to be one hell of a fat apologist! I mean honestly -look at those numbers! I’m a 5’9\u2033, relatively athletic and muscular male and back when I was in peak athletic condition I tipped the scales at no more than 160 lbs. How can a “healthy”female possibly weigh 10 lbs more?!?

TheUltimateFemale.com “Healthy”Female Weight Chart

As absurd as the chart itself is, even more absurd, and often more entertaining, are the comments this chart is generating on Pintererest. Sure, I have to give props to the few and far between commenters that are pointing out that the upper end of this chart is well into the fat, if not obese range, however, there are even more comments complaining that this chart isn’t generous enough! Can you imagine that!?!

This short article would not be complete without posting a few of my favorite comments, from both sides of the aisle, but mostly from the fat apologists as they are by far the most amusing:

Jamie writes: “Im 6’1, this scale would make me look like a skeleton -really.\u201d

A 180 lb plus skeleton? That would be something!

Lindsey says: “I was gonna say, this is assuming you are an average build. Im 5’8 and built like a viking, so 167 isnt an option.\u201d

A Viking? Are you sure you don’t mean a hot air balloon? Below you will find a picture of Andre Ward fighting Edison Miranda -they’re both “super middleweight”boxers where the upper weight limit is 168 lbs…they sure don’t look like skeletons to me…and they’re fucking men! And by the way…Andre is 6’0\u2033 and Edison is 5’10\u201d!!!!!

Andre Ward vs Edison Miranda

Sandy adds: “compare the figures to the other 2 charts i posted. FRAME size does make a difference.\u201d

Note to the politically correct: “frame size”and “larger frame”are some of the latest euphemisms for fat!

Emilie: “I don’t really believe in this. I’m 5’7 and only 110, but I’m very healthy and athletic.\u201d

Thanks for trying to put them back in touch with reality Emilie but I think it’s a lost cause!

Jennifer fumes: “i saw another post like this about a week ago and although this one doesnt mention “frame size\u201d, its the same idea, and it makes my blood boil\u2026\u2026..im 6’1, so going off this, i should be 142lbs\u2026\u2026BULLSH*T!!!!!!!!! im working on getting HEALTHY, not ANOREXIC\u2026the high ends are NOT too high, according to BMI, a HEALTHY weight for someone 6’1 is between 182-185\u2026..i absolutely hate hate hate this\u201d

Calm down there Jennifer…did you forget to select female on that BMI calculator? Ask Andre the middleweight male boxing champion who weighs 20 lbs less than that!

Amanda opines: “I’m 5’3 and was 148 lbs while 9 months pregnant! This chart is a little off.\u201d

Another lonely dose of reality here\u2026

Sammy says: “im 5’3 1/2 and weight 170 but im an athlete and have a lot of leg muscle\u201d

Jesus Sammy! 5’3\u2033 and 170!?! How much leg muscle? Six legs worth!?!

Stephanie surmises: “Yea, this might be inaccurate. I’m 5 9 and at 200 lbs\u2026I have a thick skeletal frame. Also Gabriella Reese is a bit taller than me and weighs around the same\u2026I guess it depends on musculoskeletal frame.\u201d

For the record, Gabriella Reece is 6’3\u2033 and weighs 170 lbs…but what’s 30 lbs and a half foot among friends?

Tiphani chimes in: “I am 5’7 and I weigh 115.. doctor tells me I am healthy. I eat all he time. even if I tried to gain weight I wouldn’t.. lol. I love my body.\u201d

Ah yes Tiphani…so do we.

Hannah pontificates: “This is stupid. Weight is a relative measurement from where you are to the center of the earth. I don’t know why people use that as a standard since it’s all relative. How about this, ladies. Watch your MASS not your weight. Mass is unchanging wherever you go (unless you lose mass by losing fat, of course). Step off the scale, b/c where’s the sense in measuring how “healthy”or “unhealthy”you are based on an ever-changing number?\u201d

Hey fatty, unless you weigh yourself on Monday on Earth, Tuesday on Mars and Wednesday on the Moon, weight is a fine measure. While you may be technically correct that there are minor variances Earth’s gravity in different locations, they amount to 0.5% or less and unless you’re weighing yourself on the North Pole those variances are working in your favor. Nice try though, back on the treadmill Miss Piggy!

Honestly, when “healthy weight charts”have women weighing more than muscular, athletic men (not to mention with a couple extra inches on them) there is a serious problem. The fat acceptance movement has gone too far. Get on the fucking treadmill and face up to the facts that being overweight can be just as unhealthy as being underweight!

Original article and pictures take http://www.singledudetravel.com/2012/04/guest-post-fat-acceptance-how-far-can-it-go site

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