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Fitness Tracker Printable

Fitness Tracker Printable

Fitness Tracker Printable

This is a great idea

this is awesome. I appreciate you sharing this -thank you very much


Caffeine is a serious drug! I’ve tried to go off it before, and it’s tough. Six days of a migraine can’t be healthy. Take care of you.

Oh boy do I need to start working out, this is a nice way to track it!

This is awesome!

I’m so glad you shared these! I started working out more regularly this year, and sometimes it’s helpful to look at charts like these to help me stay motivated.

These are great printables! Thanks for sharing!!

This is great! I actually saw this on your pinterest before seeing it here I need something like this since one of my goals is to exercise more.

Thanks for the reminder? Hee! Hee!

But seriously, I am bookmarking this! I need this. And it is going to be a big help to me.

Great idea -thanks for sharing!

Neat! I’ve managed to work out 3 times so far this week, but I forget to track it.

Wow, I really appreciate all the effort you put into the printouts! I admit I haven’t been nearly as dedicated to staying fit as I used to and I know it’ll be harder with school but it’s nice to have these sort of reminders to try to keep me on track.

Printing a few! What a great idea!

I hear you, I had a major Diet Pepsi addiction (6 a day) in college and one new years my roomie and I decided to cut out all soda and caffeine. After 2 weeks my headache finally went away (hang in there) and I swore I would never drink it again because it was SO terrible getting off of it. Now more than 10 years later I only have 2 cups of coffee a week (I save them for the hard mornings) and a Pepsi is my big treat when we go places like Vegas\u2026sounds kind of sad typing that lol! Anyway, I don’t normally put links to my site in comments because this is all about you, but I have been struggling with motivation this year too and did a post about it. LOVE your blog!

It’s so important to track your fitness efforts!

I do bathe in glitter. How did you know?????? I’m a sucker for a printables, thank you for sharing these, tracking (and planning) makes all the difference in the world!

Love these! I was just looking at printables for editorial calendars…I like to pen and ink mine!

Very cool thanks!

thanks for sharing. Caffeine is haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard to give up. You’ll get through it, though!

I track my activity in Weight Watchers but I love that I can have this front and center where I’ll see it daily! Thanks for this!!

I love these!! Thank you so much for sharing!

So glad you like them! You’re SO welcome!

Thanks for this tracker! Because I do T-tapp I don’t need all those really complicated trackers w/ reps & sets, etc…This is perfect.

I absolutely love these! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sharing these with a lot of the ladies that I work with, I just know they are going to make a big difference for them.

Hi friends! It’s fitness tracker day! It’s only 24 days into this whole \u2018New Years Resolution’ thing and I am just about ready to curl up in a ball in the corner and hide! What about you? Am I the only one who made \u2018get fit’, \u2018eat healthy’, and \u2018workout more’ goals on their to-do list this year? I can’t be ! So friends if you have any tips, please share them! I’m already loving that Taylor has been hanging out around these parts with so many easy & fun workouts that we can do at home with little to no equipment! My favorite (albeit the most butt kicking) one so far is definitely the Full Body Workout #3! I’m also trying out Full Body Wourkout #1 & the Hotel Room Workout! I’ve been hanging out in her health and fitness section for more great workouts as well!

It’s so frustrating and to be honest that’s only because I am also trying to cut my crazy addiction to Pepsi out of my life at the same time and it’s making me crazy! Caffeine withdrawal is no joke, I’m on day six of the worst migraine ever and that’s all while still drinking *some* soda. It’s driving me a bit nutty to say the least and I’m hoping to get over it soon! I’ve been doing Weight Watchers and that is really helping to keep me on track food wise, mainly because I can eat whatever and I don’t really feel like I am dieting. It just helps me with moderation and getting all of my daily checks in like this dreaded 64 ounces of water! Ugh! I’ve been pairing it with some of the awesome meals on my Healthy Recipes round-up & I’m excited that my fellow #losethefluff lovely Kendall has some Healthy Snacks for me to devour!

I really like tracking all of my food for the day because it keeps me accountable and if there is a week that I don’t lose I can go back and reevaluate my food choices and better understand why I didn’t lose especially if I was expecting to. So tracking all of that food got me to thinking that I’d really like to be able to track my daily activity and my goals so that at the end of each month I can take a look at things to see what’s definitely working and maybe where I need to improve! So that’s where these easy fitness tracker printables come in! I just print them out and slap them on the fridge for easy access so that my crazy type A personality can track everything!

This one is a daily tracker that you can go ahead and check off each day that you exercise and fill in what you did and how long you did it for as well as track your weight for the week! And the next one is pretty nifty because you can track your goals!

There you have it, two awesome printables to help keep you on track with your get fit goals!! Ohhhh and for another fun printable? Go visit the so awesome she probably bathes in glitter Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars & check out her \u2018Get Skinny Tracker\u2018 which also lives it life on my fridge with a few modifications to fit my goals, it blew up my Pinterest and is totally worth looking at!


Original article and pictures take http://www.hairsprayandhighheels.net/2014/01/fitness-tracker-printable site

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