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Gooey Butter Cake Cookies

Gooey Butter Cake Cookies

Gooey Butter Cake Cookies

I would like no less than threeve of these cookies in my mouth right now. MEGAYUM.

Happy Thanksgiving, lady! xo

When we visited St. Louis in the summer I remember that awesome candy store near the Delmar Loop, have you been there?! We also stayed at the Moonrise Hotel and that was cool! I’d love to live in St. Louis!

One of my favorite cookies cut down to size!! I love it!!

Never heard of gooey butter cake, but I’m pretty excited to try it out! Those are basically three of my most favorite words, so it has to be good! XO

Hell yea to Butter Cake cookies\u2026

I could eat a dozen of these no problem! LOVE your tip on extra egg yolk! Pinning!

As a fellow Mid-Westerner who grew up close to St. Louis, I know these are the best EVER! We have a bar a few blocks from our house that allows in outside food and it’s basically my favorite ever, love love love.

I’m sorry, coconut gooey butter cake?? Why have I not been to this place immediately?? I must go. And I agree with you wholeheartedly\u2013since moving back here everyone has been nothing but warm and welcoming. It’s one of the reasons I love this city so much. Also there is a bar in Soulard that not only lets you bring food, but you can have food from the Mexican and pizza places next door DELIVERED. It’s kind of like heaven.

This recipe pulls at my heart, because my grandma used to make these cookies for us all the time when I was little. They were my grandpa’s favorite, so they bring back lots of memories. In my family, we’ve always called them “spoon cookies.”One year my grandma brought them on vacation in a Ziplock bag and they got so smushed we had to eat the crumbs with a spoon. They were obviously still delicious :)

And we are booking plane tickets to join this BBQ. Gooey Butter Cake cookies for dessert please!

Once again, you are my hero! I used to work in a bakery that made gooey butter cake type bars, but I never could get over the cake mix thing. Cake miix. In a bakery!!! Anywho -thank you for understanding. I’ll be making these ASAP and loving every bite of the cake mix free gooey goodness.

I’ve never visited St. Louis, but BBQ and gooey butter cookies? See you soon. :)

Oooh yes, this is something that everyone needs to grow up with-simply because of the phase “gooey butter.”Yess please.

Did someone say coconut gooey butter cake? Or was that just my subconscious willing that to be a real thing? I am SO glad you found a way to make these without cake mix. I would be lucky to stop at three!

Wow -these look amazing! And I love the fact that they aren’t made with a boxed cake mix too. Pinning! :)

St. Louis sounds like a great city- I’ve been hearing about their food scene a lot lately. Also…these cookies look so perfect!

I LOVE gooey butter cake! These cookies look amazing!

Trying not to drool over here! These cookies look delicious!

How have I never had butter cake -it has two things that I LOVE, you know, butter and cake. ;) I’m with you on being giddy (to the point of being ridiculous) about our CSA share -it’s like a surprise gift every week.

These cookies are MAJOR! And yes, the Midwest has the nicest folks in the country (imo)!

Okay, that’s just awesome that you can bring your BBQ to the bar, they’ve got the right idea allowing that! These cookies\u2026I’d totally eat the whole batch, which is why I’m thankful you are Desserts for Two\u2026or in this case one!

I’m new to your blog and really loving it! I will be making these for sure…They look like they will totally melt in your mouth!

I’m loving the cream cheese in these!!

They look incredible! I am not blessed with a delicate dessert palate, I would dive face first into a plate of these babys!

#AlmostADoctor and I approve!

Aww so happy to hear how nice the people are in the midwest! The more friends, the better\u2026.cookies like these help!! xx

I’ve always wanted to try butter cake. Now these more accessible cookies are on my mind! Though it doesn’t seem like home, it does seem like you’re making the best of St. Louis. And it sounds pretty cool to me. I want to visit!

ummm we better hang out before you leave STL. just sayin’! let’s make it happen!

Yes, Natalie! Let’s discuss this quitting blogging thing that you’re doing! :/

can we discuss over cookies?! :)

Wow, great positive write up for ST Louis. I am impressed with your comments. BUT I am more impressed with these remarkable cookies. I love butter cookies. I love chocolate chip types too. But the butter cookies/the shortbread cookies really ring my chimes!!!! The picture is wonderful. I could almost feel the texture.

I felt the same way about where I’m living\u2013not my forever place, yet somehow here I am with a house and a baby\u2026how did that happen?! These cookies\u2026wow, they look amazing! I have yet to try gooey butter cake, but I may have to start with your delicious looking cookie version :)

I’m from St. Louis, as a matter of fact my Dad grew up on the South side near the bakers that originated gooey butter cake and his family tradition growing up became ours too; we stopped at a bakery on the way home from church every Sunday morning to pick up this breakfast staple. Called a cake but never eaten for dessert; always a breakfast treat. I’ve seen the version that is supposedly the recipe that includes cake mix and wonder what part of St. Louis they’re talking about because real Gooey Butter Cake is a sweetened yeast bread base that is baked with a butter and sugar mixture on top that becomes gooey during the baking process. And it is fantastic. But has no cream cheese!

Your cookies look fantastic and I’m sure they are but they are more a rendition of the cake version than the true St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake. I’m not saying that’s bad, just sharing a bit of historical perspective!

Somehow I have never had or made gooey butter cookies. Must!

Well I’m from Philly and we love butter cake here too! Can’t wait to try the cookies though never had them!!!!

Philly girl here too and yess grew up on butter cake! Yummm making these babies asap

They look so yummy!

How do you make the coconut ones? Please list recipe. Thank you. Gonna try these. Not real good with cookies. I can never seem to get the right amount on the spoon. Then some are overdone and some are raw..it really sucks but I’m gonna give these a shot. They sound Devine.

So, if you re-read, I was talking about a coconut gooey butter cake, which is not the same as gooey butter cake cookies. I was referring to a cake made at the bakery in my town.

can this recipe be doubled, or do you need to make one batch at a time? 1 doz is not nearly enough. Some recipes do not work if doubled. Thanks cannot wait to make these.

Yes, I just doubled it yesterday.

I’m from the Philadelphia area and grew up eating butter cake every Sunday after church. Obviously I had to try these cookies. I do have one question though. After half an hour in the fridge, the dough was still pretty sticky and didn’t roll into balls very easily. Did you find that to be the case when you make them, or should I just leave the dough in the fridge longer next time? Thanks!

Hi Ginny,

I made this recipe 3 times before posting it, each time with a 30-minute chill time. Last week, I made 4 batches in a row for an event, each with a 30-minute chill time. The dough is sticky, yes, but I am able to roll it into balls easily. The powdered sugar helps. It’s not going to be a super dry dough and be non-stick in your hands. The cookies are supposed to be GOOEY. You want the slight stickiness. Dry cookies are bad. Try refrigerating them for longer; maybe my fridge is cooler than yours. The top shelf on the fridge is generally the warmest place, also. Best of luck!


These look amazing! I definitely need to put them on the Christmas cookie list. Pinned.

This recipe is bogus, cookies are not at all as pictured. I followed the recipe to a t. They’re enormous pancakes with nothing gooey about them. Waste of time and good butter.

There may be something wrong with your oven temperature. I have made them 6 times in the past 2 weeks. Also, check your baking powder/baking soda. It could be expired. If they are like pancakes, did you chill them for the recommended time? They should not spread much. I have friends with all different types of ovens that have made this recipe successfully, too. Please don’t give up!

Thanks for the response, I will try them again. I noticed this morning my fridge is set to 37 degrees which may be too warm, lowered it, will chill them for an hour this time to be extra safe. I must say, though they are pancakes, they’re quite tasty. They go well with hot chocolate. Thanks again!

My Mom was asking me for this recipe today because my Dad literally FLIPPED out over these cookies!!! I love, LOVE your blog and can’t wait to catch up with you again soon. Miss you! (and it’s only been a few days!) Xo

My husband and I are St Louisans, currently living in Raleigh, NC. I tried this recipe last night and LOVED it. I now plan to increase the size of the recipe so I can give it to our friends here as Christmas gifts. (You know, “From our Midwestern kitchen to your Southern one”idea\u2026) Anyway, because I want to make as much of the dough at once as possible, I needed to know if I can refrigerate the dough LONGER than half an hour. Thank you for your help!

Thanks for the rave reviews:)

I’ve only doubled the recipe before, and yes, I refrigerated it for 45-60 minutes because of the extra dough. Cool dough is good. Also, when doubling/tripling/quadrupling, don’t be tempted to mess with the egg ratio. Scale it up exactly as written. Best of luck! :)

Happy baking!


HI. Do you think that I can substitute with gluten free baking flour? Thanks!

I didn’t test it that way, Elise. I have no idea, but I don’t have a good feeling about it. I’d hate for you to have a failure and blame me :( if you try it and it works, let us all know! I’d love to be able to make this for my GF friends.

Happy baking,


I followed this recipe exactly, found the cookies to be dull in taste, no way near the taste of a butter cake,, they baked beautiful but very disappointed with the taste.

I’m sorry that they’re not to your liking, but I happen to love them, as do many other commenters. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I was so excited to make these, but mine did not come out gooey. Very much like cake. They taste good, but no goo.

The cookies do not ooze goo. Neither does St Louis gooey butter cake. The cookies are designed to mimc the flavor of gooey butter cake, which is dense, rich and intensely cake-tasting. Sorry you’re missing the goo.

Oh my bajeezus!! Was wanting something sweet and not a massive quantity. Whipped these puppies up and let my taste buds fly. Like licking a bowl of yellow cake batter in a delectable cookie. I did have to cook my second sheet of them a little longer until the higher peaks just hinted brown. It yielded a bit better finished texture but I still won’t have problems polishing off the first sheet either. I also dropped the spoonful in the powdered sugar and rolling into the ball was a little less messy even after 30+ minutes of fridge time. Thank you so so much for sharing!!!

Looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing this recipe to me. I hope I can try to make it now.

I finally got around to making these today. They were AMAZING! I followed the recipe as written and they came out perfectly.

Hey there! I’m a St. Louisan and I just discovered your blog. I live a block from Russell’s and their gooey butter cake is the best I’ve ever had. I also like the gooey butter cookies from Schnucks, so I’m really happy to find a homemade version that’s probably even better! Thanks for giving ups to our awesome city, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

I’ve made these for so many office parties and EVERYONE raves about them. Would this recipe work in cake form? Not changing any of the ingredients, just putting the batter in a cake pan instead? Thank you for this amazing recipe!

Thanks for the great review, Ivy! I wouldn’t put this batter in a cake pan. I do have a mini pumpkin gooey butter cake recipe, though: http://www.dessertfortwo.com/2013/10/pumpkin-gooey-butter-cake-an-annoucement/

Enjoy! :)


Thanks! Enjoy the BBQ Pork Steaks too!

I found this recipe online and thought it sounded good. I made it and followed the recipe exactly as written. They came out perfect. My daughter said they are her favorite cookies. I have made them 3 times and when I get more eggs I will make them again. YUMMMM

Thank you so much for this recipe. I added applewood smoked bacon and dark chocolate chips to these cookies and they are amazing!!!!!! They are supposed to be for Father’s Day for my husband but he better hurry up and get up because I may eat them all!!!!!

Bless you! I moved away from St. Louis about 9 months ago to the UK and I have been missing my home comforts like gooey butter cake and while I’ve found a way to make the cake the way it should be. I’ve been wanting to make the cookies but wasn’t sure how. Now I have bring the wonders of St. Louis to my work colleagues!

Mine turned out very sticky and I wasnt able to roll them in balls. Any suggestions? ?

Chill them longer. The dough is never going to be super firm and non-sticky\u2026else they wouldn’t be gooey, delicious cookies! It’s all part of the plan ;)

I was very excited to see this recipe. Gooey butter cake is a favorite in my family. I made the cookies today, they look and smell amazing however the texture is very light and fluffy almost cake like. I was expecting more gooeyness. I followed the recipe although I got sidetracked and the dough ended up chilling for about 45 mins instead of 30.. Would that make the difference? Any ideas where I could of gone wrong?

How many cookies does this make?

1 dozen

Can these cookies be make ahead of time (like two weeks)? Can you freeze them?

Ooh, not sure, Donna. Sorry! They don’t last that long in my house. Try freezing the dough and baking them fresh (add a few extra minutes of baking to compensate). Let me know how it goes!

I am from Canada and was in St. Louis for a convention. Yes I concur the people of St. Louis are the friendliest people on the planet . And yes I had Gooey Butter Cake\u2026.OMG! It was delicious I came right home and made one and it was loved by all. These cookies look over the top fabulous, can’t wait to make them\u2026.soon!!!!!! Thanks for the recipe. Cheers!

I haven’t talked much about living in St Louis, have I? After living in 3 different states in the last 3 years, we struggle to put roots down and get \u2018too comfortable’ in any one place. As I write this, we never know where the future will take us. Most likely, St Louis isn’t home. We tell ourselves we’re close to family here, but, really, \u2018close’ means a 9-10 hour car drive. \u2018Close’ is now open to interpretation.

It’s not that we’re not happy in St Louis at all! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you Midwesterners are NICE. I spent my twenties in California and walked away with a number of friends that I can count on one hand. They are life-long friends, but few, they are. I’ve been in St Louis 11 months, and I am having to reschedule coffee dates with multiple people because I’m terrible at time management during the week. We’ve done some amazing things in our short time: hockey games, football games, Broadway plays, concerts. These tickets just keep falling in our laps, and we have no shortage of people to call to join us. It’s pretty grand.

There’s a huge food scene here, but to be honest, I cook at home. A LOT. We have a great CCSA (Combined CSA, meaning several farms contribute) that gives us fresh produce, meat, dairy and eggs each week. I’m so giddy to cook everything in my bag each week, that it never occurs to me to go out to eat much. But the restaurants we have eaten at meet or exceed my expectations. We’re currently doing a barbecue tour of the city with a group of friends where we choose a different smoke joint every Friday. Besides the one time I ordered pickles as a side dish and got an entire pint of ’em (even a pregnant chick would agree that’s too many pickles!), it’s been pretty good. I have to admit one of my favorite things about eating barbecue on Fridays with our friends (besides the endless laughter) is that we can take it to-go and eat it at a bar. I mean, a bar that allows you to bring in outside food? I know we are the envy of the bar. You know how good barbecue smells. Yeah, you do.

There are TWO food magazines in this city. Not one, but two. I’m impressed. What else impresses me? Gooey butter cake. I love that every bakery has it. And I love it that I’m not judged one bit when I order it for breakfast. This place called Russell’s on Macklind has seasonal flavors, and their coconut gooey butter cake and cranberry-orange gooey butter cake is exceptional.

I feel cheated that I didn’t grow up with this cake. Everyone knows Boston Cream Pie, but why not Gooey Butter Cake? I’m here to fix that. Another thing I’m here to fix: gooey butter cake recipes using cake mix. This cookie recipe tastes exactly like gooey butter cake minus the cake mix. {insert wild applause here} It’s the cream cheese, guys. It makes it taste like a cake mix. I also have a pumpkin gooey butter cake recipe on this site that makes me beam. Now, I give you gooey butter cake cookies.

These cookies are the softest, gooiest, chewiest cookies I’ve ever made. And they are ridiculously delicious. I made a batch and took them to a sick friend. What? Sugar aids recovery (#notadoctor). She’s a St Louis native, and she flipped over the cookies. I mean, part of me thinks it’s the pain meds talking, but the other part of me knows that I ate 3 in one sitting the first time I made them. I never do that. I have this weird, delicate little French palate when it comes to desserts\u2013two bites and I’m good. But I had 12 bites. In a row. I even leaned on a table while eating to fully take in how delicious they are.

You gotta make these.

I adapted the recipe from Lottie and Doof, but Lottie (or Doof) complains that the cookies are too fragile to be stored at room temperature. This is not the case with my scaled down recipe, because I added an extra egg yolk for stability.

Go ahead, eat 12 bites in a row. These cookies want you as much as you want them.

Original article and pictures take http://www.dessertfortwo.com/2014/11/gooey-butter-cake-cookies site

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