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How to Find Time to Work Out

How to Find Time to Work Out

How to Find Time to Work Out

Love this! I used to have the hardest time convincing myself to drive to the gym but since we got a treadmill at the house I've been doing much better.

It's just part of my daily schedule. I'm an early riser, so that helps. But I will get up even earlier if I have to just to make sure I get my workout in.

Ah I am so with you!! It's so easy to just do other things (or be genuinely too busy to hit the gym!) I find scheduling really works for me. I'm quite self-motivated when it comes to fitness DVDs (I know they're not everyone's bag!) so I try to do them - usually a HIIT video is about 20 mins, so I tell myself I'd have spent that time having a cuppa!

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Let me preface this post by saying that attempting to fit anything into my schedule has been a challenge lately. With packing, moving, and weddings galore, fitness has definitely taken a back seat. I haven’t been able to find time to work out too often. And I’m definitely willing to admit that! However, when my schedule is slightly more normal, which it will be again once the boxes are all unpacked, I’ve managed to find some pretty realistic strategies for myself to find time to workout out. If this is something you struggle with in your daily schedule, I think these tips will be really beneficial for you!

Schedule It

I’m all about schedules and to-do lists. If I write something down in my planner, I’m almost definitely going to get to it that day. If I don’t write it down, there’s probably a 50/50 chance that I’ll end up doing it. Not everything sticks to a schedule but if you do, this is definitely a way to keep yourself accountable. Just writing it down in the planner makes a huge difference! I also plan my workouts ahead of time around our dinner plans. If I know Dave is cooking, I’ll just schedule myself a workout for right after work while he’s cooking. If we have weekend plans, I schedule my workouts earlier in the week so I don’t have to feel bad about skipping workouts.

Plan Ahead

The easier you make it to work out, the most likely you are to do it! If you want to hit the gym after work, pack your gym bag in the morning and put it in your car so you have no excuse not to go. If you’re planning to work out in the morning, lay out your workout clothes so there’s no prep work involved when workout time comes the next morning. Make it as easy as possible for yourself!

Do What You Love

I am 100% more likely to workout if I know I’m going to enjoy the workout. If I tell myself I’m going to go running every day, I can promise you I’ll never make that workout. Why? Because I hate running. I dread it. But I love biking. I love kickboxing and Pilates. I love workout videos in general! So if I’m planning one of those workouts for myself, I’m way more likely to follow through! If you’re a fitness novice and aren’t sure what you’re going to like, I recommend you try a myriad of different workouts and see what seems fun for you!

Add Exercise to Other Activities

Maybe you genuinely don’t have a spare hour in your schedule where you can fit in a workout. I’m betting there are other areas of your day where you can fit in some physical activity! Think: taking the stairs always, parking as far away as you can and walking, etc. These may not get you the same results as a full workout every day, but I promise they’re better than not taking the stairs or walking at all!

Be Honest With Yourself

A big part of scheduling and planning your workouts ahead of time is being honest with yourself. Be honest about what is realistic for you. I could tell myself that I’m going to work out each morning. But I wouldn’t be being honest with myself. I can count on one hand the number of times in my life I have gotten up early enough to work out in the morning, and I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never be a morning exerciser. And that’s okay! Because my exercise sweet spot is immediately when I get home from work, before I eat dinner. And now that I know that, that’s when I plan to schedule all of my workouts.

How do you find time to work out?

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