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I want her muscles!

I want her muscles!

I want her muscles!

CommentsI love this pic! Whoa! I need to print that out and put it in my gym bag and on my mirror for motivation! The definition this chick has is sick!

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Lisa, check out the max effort black box program. 3 lifts that rotate each week-upper, lower and total body. Week 1 are sets of 5, week 2 sets of 3, week 3 are sets of 1. Love love love working on cleans.

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I love pinterest! And yes…I want her muscles also! Perhaps then I would cat around town (with my three boys) wearing those short shorts? Kidding!

I honestly don’t have a strength routine that I do. I NEED to do strength as that is what is going to transform my body into what I WANT.

My current strength routine is doing the following movements multiple times a day: bending over, squats, lifting toys off the ground, placing in appropriate basket/location, REPEAT!!!

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love this pic..I pinned it awhile back too

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But it’s sooo hard to pick a favorite! I love so many strength workouts:) Have you tried Rachel Cosgrove’s yet?! AMAZING. As is this pic:)

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Amazingly motivational. Thanks for sharing. Now, I pinned it and hope to get more inspiration.


She does have an impressive set of guns! While I’m not angling to look exactly like the woman in the photo, here’s a mini-plan to help anyone who’s interested. I’m fond of Super Sets, and also am a fan of kettlebells, but any of these elements or exercises can be made to fit one’s preferences. Nothing’s set in stone here.

1st Super Set (3×8):

Pushups on Stability Ball/Elevated Pushup on Stability Ball

2nd Super Set (3×10):

KB One-Arm Squat/KB Squats

3rd Super Set (3×8):

Pull ups (chest to bar)/Bent-Over Rows

4th Super Set (3×15-20):

Hamstring curl/Hip Bridge -Both on Stability Ball

Rest should fall to at least 1-min in between each Super Set. Generally 20-min of HIIT would follow, either sprinting or KB Swings, but this can be saved for the next day if the conditioning isn’t quite there. Anyway, I thought this would helpful and useful.


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I found this picture on Pinterest and \u2018pinned’ it right away.

Aside from the awesome excuses comment, check out her muscles!

THIS is my new goal.

Strong. Muscular. Amazing.

Do you lift weights/strength train? Please share your favorite strength routine with me!

Original article and pictures take http://workoutmommy.com/2012/01/23/i-want-her-muscles site

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