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is now part of

is now part of

is now part of

Six years ago we started our adventure to make online images come alive for publishers and advertisers. We built a platform that over 10,000 publishers use to generate incremental revenue from contextually relevant targeted advertisements. Our novel crowdsourcing and image detection technology has fundamentally changed how advertisers and publishers think about their image content.

We are thrilled to be part of Yahoo where we can continue to bring innovative experiences to an even larger audience.

A million thanks to all that have joined us on our incredible adventure: our customers, our experts, our investors and our friends and families.

If you are a Luminate publisher, our JavaScript snippet will no longer run anything on your site and you should have already received your final payment for each of your sites. All Luminate Direct advertisers should have been refunded the remainder of their balance. As of October 1st, 2014 all Luminate publishers, advertisers and expert login access has been disabled.

Should you need to contact Luminate, please email LuminateSupport@yahoo-inc.com.


James Everingham, CEO, and the Luminate Team

Original article and pictures take http://lmn8.us site

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