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Jameelah lost 158 pounds

Jameelah lost 158 pounds

Jameelah lost 158 pounds

You very good baby girl

You look great

Congrats to you! You look amazing and I’m glad to hear that you feel good. Thanks for the Monday morning inspiration.

Stay happy, healthy and whole!

I am so glad to see you here. When I was shown you on your FB page last year I was astonished. You’ve inspired me. My niece, Nena, reminds me of your journey that keeps me encouraged. You look absolutely wonderful.

You look great! I am someone who has struggled with my weight my whole life. You are an inspiration and today I begin my journey ♡♡♡

You look fab young lady. Congrats to you.

To GOD be the glory! You look Marvalous!

YOU LOOK WONDERFUL !!! Without surgery JUST GOD AND Determination LOVE YOU THANKS ..thanks for sharing your story I needed that.

You look AMAZING!!!!!

Want to look and feel better.

I am really inspired by your story; I too, believe the best way is to take the weight off naturally, just the same way I put it on. I also believe that prayer and seeking guidance from GOD is the best way to go. I have a large amount of weight ( 160 lbs) to lose. At times, the amount seems so over-whelming that I get discouraged and it’s difficult to stay encouraged. I definitely am determined to do this, I’ll never give up; stories like yours lets me know it is possible.

Your journey is an inspiration to me. Than you for your honesty and making it plain. God bless! Don’t have to wait until the new year. Everyday is a resolution to be better.

I am so encourage by your success story. Started like two days now…Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Weight Loss Transformation of the Day: Jameelah lost 158 pounds. At 21 years old, this Alpha Kappa Alpha soror faced hypertension and weighed 333 pounds. Seeing an inspirational weight loss story gave her the wakeup call she needed and now she is sharing her story to inspire others. Here is what she shared with us about her journey\u2026

My name is Jameelah Meredith. The picture on the left I was 333 pounds. Now I weigh 175 pounds. I am 5’7\u2033 tall. I was motivated by a video of a man who was handicapped and overweight. He changed his life, lost weight and was able to walk on his own again. Seeing that video motivated me because if he could change his life and he was able to walk, I could do the same thing.

I stopped eating fast food, red meat, and pork. I added more fruits and veggies into my diet and completely cut out fried food. When I first started my journey I was working out 5 times a week! I was in the gym doing 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of lifting. Some days I run outside, 1-3 miles daily. I started doing outside activities like running, climbing mountains, and swimming. Currently, I work out 4-5 days a week.

I started my journey in 2013 and have lost over 150lbs just by being more active and not being a couch potato. I was just 21 years old when I started and I knew that it would be best if I started to change at a young age. I feel much better and I’m so much healthier. Before I had prehypertension and now I’m normal and completely healthy. I feel so much better, I look better and I’m so happy I decided to make a change.

My advice for someone looking to lose weight is just change your diet and become more active. Add veggies, fruits, and lean meat to your diet. I cut out red meat and only ate chicken and turkey (I’m allergic to fish and seafood but those are good options as well.) I drank water only!!!! If I wanted something other than water, I made a real fruit smoothie. I challenged myself some months with different diets also. Some months I went without any meat at all or I cut out bread. I got to know my body and discovered what worked for me and what didn’t work for me. I did it all by myself without a trainer or anything! You just have to believe in yourself and just do it!

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