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Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer {Week 5} Review

Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer {Week 5} Review

Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer {Week 5} Review

Hi! I had a question! Do you buy a carton of eggs and use the egg whites or is there a different product I could be using that is just egg whites? I just feel like I’m being wasteful\u2026I just started week 1!

Hi Trista!

I actually buy the box of 6 small cartons of Liquid Egg Whites from Costco. I felt the same of being wasteful the first week, so I switched to the cartons. As long as the ingredients are just 100% egg whites you should be fine And yay!! Your going to LOVE the program! Good Luck!!

I love those turkey muffins! Your progress is amazing! I am on week 4, 80% of our max is tough and I am wondering what 85% will be like next week. I only have an hour for lunch (which is when I do my workouts) so I am thinking I will have to do my cardio in the evenings. I don’t think I’ve lost any weight but I have noticed good changes in my body

Aw thanks so much! Yes 85% is def alot more challenging, and the supersets get intense too! I can’t believe you do the workouts during your lunch break!! Go girl!! I sweat too much to go back to work after going to the gym LOL.. Phase 2 takes me just about an hour.. I feel like I am moving more quickly through the weights because I am more comfortable with the different exercises (I dont have to watch the video on the perfect form every time). And I have heard soooo many people say DONT worry about the scale. Your body will change even if the scale doesn’t move. I feel like I have lost 12 pounds so quickly because this is all such a drastic change for me

I get sweaty too, but am using and thankful for those face wipes they make! they save the day for sure!

Thats awesome! Great job!!

Aw thank you so much!! You should def give it a try! It’s a great workout program and everything is really spelled out for you which is great if you have a busy schedule, I LOVE going to the gym and just following my checklist, I don’t have to plan my workout, it’s done for me Let me know how the program goes for you!! Youre guna LOVE it!

Wow, that’s some impressive planning! Way to go girl-you’re going to rock the week!

Thanks so much!! It’s alot of work but I am enjoying it so far! And PS LOVE YOUR blog My husband and I just went to France this summer for the first time and LOVED it! Can’t wait to go back!

GREAT JOB GIRL! I love hearing about your gym triumphs! keep it up almost 1/2 way there =)

Thanks so much!!

Wow love all your results, amazing job! Very inspiring I’m starting Phase 2 on Monday, and was wondering what you were having as your mid afternoon meal? I know this is the point where your dinner and mid afternoon meal essentially switch, but just wanted to know if you followed that exactly (as in still had 6 oz of chicken, and a starch) 2 hours after lunch.

Enjoyed your blog keep it up!

I was planning to start Jamie Eason’s 12 week program Oct 5th. But now I’m starting to have some doubts. I have a lot of fat to lose. I’m 4’9 and 165 lbs over weight. I’m not sure if I should do cardio first to lose at least 30 lbs and then try the program, once I’m at a reasonable weight. What are your thoughts on that? Do you have any tips starting this program for someone with a lot of weight to lose like myself? Any help is appreciated it!


hi, i was wondering if you had done other additional workouts while on the plan?

So here we are at the end of Week 5.

This was my first week of Jamie Eason’s Phase 2. (Five weeks TOTAL of doing the whole Program)

And guess what?! Im down TWO more pounds!! WOO HOO! That makes 12 Pounds so far! I have to say Phase 2 is no joke! The workouts are 6 days a week (4 weight training + 30 min cardio, and 2 LEG days) With all the gym time I have put in this past week PLUS I have been SUPER disciplined with my eating I was SOOOO hoping I would have lost something. After not losing any weight for week 4 I was starting to get bummed, but I keep hearing “Just trust the process”from other ladies who have done this program. So I stuck to it and I am starting to see some great results! I know I still have a long way to go but for now I am really proud of myself.

My thoughts on Phase 2 {so far}:

So the biggest change with this phase is ADDING cardio back in! I honestly missed it. I feel like I have left the gym every day this week drenched in sweat (GROSS I know) BUT it feels really good! To know I am laying it all out and doing it full force! And funny thing is I am starting to appreciate the two LEG days that don’t have cardio, It’s a nice break. As far as the meal plan goes, it’s pretty much the same EXCEPT we are eating our carbs in the morning and lessening their intake throughout the day. So I actually eat my last carb (sweet potato) at lunch time. So no more brown rice at dinner I know that in the future this is something I won’t be quite so strict about (eating certain foods at certain meals) BUT I am really trusting this process and going to go for it! It wasn’t really a big change and it has honestly made me branch out in the veggie department! I feel like I am not afraid to try new foods or think of different ways to cook vegetables, mixing things up a little.

For this weeks meal prep, its basically the same old same ya’ll. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

Egg white muffins, broccoli, baked chicken, sweet potato’s, and turkey meatballs.

These little guys just never to seem to get old, Even after eating them every morning for the past 5 weeks, (except on Saturdays, that’s reserved for Protein Pancakes!) I still find them tasty!

Lunch has been the usual: Chicken, sweet potato and broccoli. I have to say every time I eat a sweet potato I just think about what amazing flavor it has! I used to drown mine in butter and cinnamon BUT now I eat them just plain and it’s delicious! It’s crazy but I feel like I am able to “taste”the ingredients better. I don’t need a gallon of creamer in my coffee and I don’t need a scoop of butter on my veggies. It’s funny how quickly your taste buds can change! I never thought I would enjoy just steamed veggies, but I am starting to really like them (EEEK I know!)

For dinner one night this week I made Spaghetti Squash with Chicken, Yellow Tomato’s and a side of asparagus and mushrooms. OMG mouthwatering good! It was my first time ever making Spaghetti Squash and I am in LOVE! Not only was my mind blown that it actually LOOKS like spaghetti?! So crazy! BUT it was the easiest thing ever.

Just cut a Spaghetti Squash in Half, rub with a little bit of olive oil and season with Salt and Pepper. Then just pop in your oven (face down) on a pan and roast on 400 degrees for about 40 minutes. Then literally it just scoops out so easy like noodles!

Another night I made Lettuce Wraps with sautéed shrimp, corn, onions and topped with carrots and green onions. So easy and fresh!

Okay let’s talk Workouts\u2026.

Here’s a little progress pic for ya! Okay so how sad is it that I was actually flexing in the first photo My poor muscles never had a chance to come out. Well fast forward to Week Five (I’m 12 pounds lighter Woop Woop!!) and I think I see a little muscle!! EEEK! So exciting. It definitely makes such a difference when you take progress pics. Honestly I didn’t feel like I had changed that much, BUT looking at the photos it makes me really proud! I feel like you can really see the difference! I still have a long way to go, BUT I know I am going in the right direction. And yes I am sporting my Body Building Tank that I received for FREE last week (read more about that fun story here)!! I want to wear it every day!

Okay ignore my crazy hair in the picture below (not that it ever really looks different than just a giant ball on the top of my head!) HA .. This was an early workout BUT I am so excited to starting to see muscles! I still don’t feel completely comfortable working out in tanktops but ya know I’m getting there and who cares it’s hot in Florida

The workouts this week have literally been twice as hard & twice as long as the first month, I am usually shaking by the time I leave. But it feels really good! I feel like I am starting to feel more comfortable with weights and really learning the basics of weight training.

Let me just give you a little breakdown of Leg day on Wednesday .. I thought I was going to die! But guess what I didn’t


These are broken up into sets and reps but this is the TOTAL number.

I’m also upping the weights this week (using about 85% of my max effort) so for most of these exercises I am using 20 lb dumbbells. Which I might add is exciting since I started off at week 1 using only 8lbs in each hand. It’s so awesome to know that I am getting stronger in the gym!

-60 Leg Extensions

-30 LIGHT weights Squats

-40 HEAVY weights Squats

-32 Leg Press

-60 FRONT dumbbell Lunges

-60 REAR dumbbell Lunges

-45 Pile Dumbbell Squats

-60 Standing Calf Raises

-60 Sitting Calf Raises

* I had to make some adjustments (our gym doesn’t have the leg press machine so I just did some more leg extensions. OMG it was literally the hardest Leg Workout I have ever done!

Some of the other days were just as hard in a different way. Below was Day 30: Chest, Abs and Cardio.

I know I have said this before, but I really LOVE having my notebook with me. Im a HUGE fan of checklists. It’s great to feel like I am accomplishing my tasks!

Woo Hoo! Week 5 done! Bring on Week 6!

Anyone else trying Jamie Eason’s 12 Week Live Fit Trainer? Would LOVE to hear from you!!

Original article and pictures take http://www.aleshahaley.com/2013/09/16/jamie-eason-live-fit-trainer-week-5-review site

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