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KASP Quest Dry Bag Professional 15L Waterproof Dry Bag Dry Sack for Camping, Backpacking, Kayaking, Hiking, Rafting, Fishing, Boating, Skiing, Tubing, Sailing, Canoeing or Beach Days

KASP Quest Dry Bag Professional 15L Waterproof Dry Bag Dry Sack for Camping, Backpacking, Kayaking, Hiking, Rafting, Fishing, Boating, Skiing, Tubing, Sailing, Canoeing or Beach Days

KASP Quest Dry Bag Professional 15L Waterproof Dry Bag Dry Sack for Camping, Backpacking, Kayaking, Hiking, Rafting, Fishing, Boating, Skiing, Tubing, Sailing, Canoeing or Beach Days

If you are looking for just the right carry-on for your next whitewater rafting, kayaking, camping or fishing trip look no further than KASP is high-quality dry sack. It's roomy enough to hold many of your important items, and it is made of highly water-resistant material so your belongings stay dry while you are around water. It even floats, which makes it easy to keep an eye on it. It has a nice shoulder strap that adjust so any one can carry it. The material the KASP is made of does not rip. This bag has double stitched seams as well as a reinforced vinyl bottom to provide a high level of water resistance. If I were you I would not be around water this coming summer without one of these Dry Sacks. I love ours it makes a world of a difference when we went boating with my 3 year old. I no longer have to worry about all of our towels are getting wet because the baby threw them in the lake. I'm one step ahead of her and I able to dry off with a dry towel thanks to Kasp. Thank you Kasp! My bag also came with a really cool mount so I can attached a light to my bike. I received this item at a discounted price for my honest unbiased review.

I purchased the KASP Professional Waterproof Dry Sack to add to my prepping supplies. You never know when you are going to need to be prepared. Little did I know that I would be using it for hunting this year. Deer season is upon us and it has been raining when I go hunting, so instead of always trying to find a tree or bush to hide my bag under, I can leave it out in the open and my things don’t get wet. Its also a nice shade of red that can be seen by other hunters. The sack is made of durable PVC vinyl, so it is not heavy. It’s a nice size bag measuring 23x13 and has an adjustable carrying strap. The bag also came with a handy rubberized mount that can hold numerous things. I have personally used it to hold a flashlight, a knife, and a waterproof camera. It could be used for so much more. I think everyone should have one of these and I might just get some for Christmas presents for my family and friends.

I received this product at a reduced price/free in return for my unbiased and honest review.

OMG I can't wait to use this dry bag.And I am debating whether to give this to my son or keep it to myself. I am clumsy when it comes to caring for my purses- I throw them all around no matter if it's a Kate, or what not. But that's beside the point, What I'm saying is, I can appreciate a durable, made for rugged outdoor kind-of-use bag, purse, what have you that can contain my valuables. Not to mention, every year, me and my family go to Lake Tahoe at least 2x a year (summer and winter) and I can totally see how I could put this little dry bag to use (or should I say abuse). My son, an avid swimmer, goes off to the beach every year as well and he always somehow manage to ruin his cellphones, contact lenses, shades, etc by lack of protection. Orange is his favorite color, too so that's a bonus. The same thing goes for the winter. I can totally use this to throw all my things in when going out to play in the snow. If it resists and keeps water out, I can't imagine how it can't keep the wet of snow away either. Next to lake Tahoe, my family's next big thing is camping and as you can already tell, this could double as a pillow. I know, I am creative like that and the best products for me are those simple, easy to use and assemble, multi functional and durable and this one fits the bill. The size is perfect and the clips are easy to attach. There is one at the top and another at the bottom to attach the strap (provided with purchase) to hang on the shoulder (perfect for walking, hiking,etc) That it does need (or uses) a zipper is actually a good thing as all you need to do is to fold it 3x and you're ready to go. I can't wait to abuse it.

I received this product with a discount for an objective and fair assessment and my opinions are my own

I tell you what. Having this dry bag really helps my piece of mind. While I just do photography as a hobby, I take my camera around with me everywhere I go. I often like to take my camera with my on a boat; this dry bag allows me to not have to worry any time water gets near it. It is also just a great way to store items. Ever go to the beach but don't know where to put your phone, wallet, clothes, etc? This is a great bag for such an occasion.

Just for fun I decided to test how well it would do if I totally submerged it underwater. Keep in mind that this does not completely seal with a zipper; it simply folds over. I was expecting my clothes inside to get quite wet as I put a lot of pressure on the bag as it was under water. I was surprised to find that my clothes were dry with a few exceptions of droplets from the time I removed it from the bag. This is something to keep in mind. It would certainly keep things dry from splashing or even falling in the water (it would definitely float). If you are holding it and drag it completely underwater though, chances are that whatever is inside might get a bit wet. All of this really depends on how well you fold it over and secure the bag.

I was surprised by how big the bag is. From the pictures I thought it would be a bit smaller. Aside from being large enough to easily carry my DSLR camera, it is also very durable and fairly comfortable to wear with the strap.

I think this dry bag is a must for anyone who frequently does outdoor activities like hiking or camping or boating.

I received this dry bag in exchange for an honest review.

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The KASP dry bag is one of our most popular products. We originally designed the bag to enable athletes to keep valuables safe around any water activities. We quickly realized that the dry bags have a number of uses including:










Beach Days


Rowing and many more.

The popularity of the KASP dry sacks took us by surprise and the version we are now selling on Amazon is the 3rd version. We have made modifications after listening to our customers' feedback and we now believe our dry bag is the best on the market.

Questions answered:

Why red?

If you lose the bag on a river or lake for example, then the color red is the easiest to spot. During the first launch we also had four other color options, however the red version was easily the most popular by 3 to 1.

Does this bag float?

Yes, the bag naturally floats because it's made from a PVC material. When you close the bag, the empty sections will hold air but it shouldn’t be used as a safety flotation device.

Is the bag really watertight?

Yes, simply place your items inside the bag and fold the top down two or three times, clip the buckle together and you're all set.

How big is this bag?

Its capacity is 15 liters -the dimensions are: length 23 inches -width 13 inches -also check out the photo with the purple man.

What if I am unhappy with the bag?

You can return the bag no questions asked. If you experience any issues with the bag please contact us your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Original article and pictures take http://www.amazon.com/Professional-Waterproof-Backpacking-Kayaking-Snowboarding/dp/B014IOH0K6 site

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