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Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee Pain


“Knee pain, hip and lower back pain can occur due to local structures in these areas being directly traumatised or damaged. However, if there is no history of trauma in these area and they are painful when weightbearing, it will be due to poor foot posture and mechanics. Alternative poor foot posture will aggravate the knees, hips and back thus causing pain.

What causes Knee pain?

If your feet roll in (low arches) or roll out (high arches) due to poor foot posture (mis-aligned joints / subluxation) this will causes twisting around the knees, hips and lower back. The majority of knee pain cases are directly related to poor foot posture and it is vital that this is corrected naturally before opting for medication or surgery. Commonly, knee pain is experienced in the front inner region and poor foot posture is one of the principle causes of the knee pain. In fact long term poor foot posture may even affect the upper back and neck.

A mis-alignment of the bones of the feet (subluxation) will cause the knee joint to mis-align resulting in twisting around the knee. This will cause an imbalance in the muscle pull around the knee which will cause the knee cap to mal-track (patello-femoral syndrome) resulting in knee pain. The hips and lower back will also rotate out of alignment causing unnecessary stress and strain on the surrounding structures eventually resulting in pain. As one continues to function like this, progressive degeneration of the joints starts to set in.

How to fix painful knees, hips and lower back issues

Taking a thorough history, assessing which structures around the area of pain are affected and assessing the mechanic of one’s feet and legs is vital to stop and prevent foot related knee, hip and lower back pain. Corrective podiatrists are trained to gently mobilise the knees in specific ways that help to release tension and strain. Particular balancing exercises are also used to stabilise the ankle and knee joint.

Many people see a General Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath or Masseur for their pain, only to find that it is still present or has comes back again. This is because they have not addressed and corrected their body’s foundation -their poor foot posture.

Foot Posture Centre podiatrists are trained at identifying if your knee, hip and lower back pain is related to your foot mechanics. If you are suffering from persistent knee, hip and lower back pain make an appointment with our podiatrist to see if it is originating from your feet.

Original article and pictures take http://footposturecentre.com.au/foot-facts/knee-pain site

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