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Lifts your mood

Lifts your mood

Lifts your mood

As we go into 2014, I wanted to give you 50 reasons to exercise that you could read, print off, and stick on your wall to keep you motivated. Exercise is hard work, but keeping a great level of fitness in your life will help you with everything you do.

Lifts your mood

Improves learning abilities

Builds self-esteem

Keeps your brain fit

Keeps your body fit & able

Boosts mental health

Boosts your immune system

Reduces stress

Makes you feel happier

Has anti-aging effects

Improves skin tone and colour

Improves sleeping patterns

Helps prevent strokes

Improves join function

Improves muscle strength

Alleviates anxiety

Sharpens memory

Helps to control addictions

Boosts productivity

Boosts creative thinking

Improves body image

Gives you confidence

Helps you keep focused in life

Improves eating habits

Increases longevity

Strengthens your bones

Strengthens your heart

Improves posture

Prevents colds

Improves appetite

Improves cholesterol levels

Lowers risk of (certain) cancers

Lowers high blood pressure

Lowers risk of diabetes

Fights dementia

Eases back pain

Decreases osteoporosis risk

Reduces feelings of depression

Prevents muscle loss

Increases energy and endurance

Increases sports performance

Increases pain resistance

Improves balance and coordination

Improves oxygen supply to cells

Improves concentration

Helps with self-control

Lessens fatigue

Increases sex drive & satisfaction

Makes life more exciting

Improves Quality of Life

Original article and pictures take http://www.smartassfitness.com/50-reasons-to-exercise site

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