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Linden Honey Marzipan au naturel

Linden Honey Marzipan au naturel

Linden Honey Marzipan au naturel

Sometimes I get a itch to try out new things. That day it was a sweet experiment, more precisely a Marzipan make over. This sweet almond dough is one of my favorite candies, but I am often disappointed by bought marzipan, especially in Goa it is …[Read more...]

My house is a mess. Chaos is residing in my four walls, just for today's day. I ll explain you whats going on. We are isolating from inside our ceiling, so that our house will be cooler in those scorching hot summer days, and for that we had to wait …[Read more...]

The wonderful thing about Goa is, that you don't have to actually move to experience little \"adventurous\". You see, this is the most touristic region in India, people are coming from near and far to spend some quality time in paradise. I have met …[Read more...]

When guests come to visit us, I usually get excited. I start to go through my mind, thinking what treats I could try serving my unsuspecting companionship. My husband tends to get nervous at this times. He is normally my testing bunny these days, if …[Read more...]

I was full of joy when the first tomatoes started to grow in our garden some weeks ago. Its not that I hadn't seen it before, I mean my parents really have a bunch of different types of tomatoes growing in their garden, its just after soo much time …[Read more...]

India is a country where anyone can learn about unknown healthy foods. I had mentioned in my previous post ABC Juice how foreigner would come all the way down to India for Ayurveda health treatments and to change their food habits. Most of them would …[Read more...]

Sometimes I just don't know what to do with my Vegetables at home. I like vegetables but not in masses and I mostly enjoy them in combination with any meat and some carbs such as bread. As a kid I had a lots of Veggies and already back then I was …[Read more...]

There's is a dessert which I always enjoy making because its easy, without a big mess and its sooo tasty. It s cold and refreshing, so smooth and soothing, luscious alluring simply perfect for lives celebrations. One spoon will show your soul …[Read more...]

I have always been obsessed about coconut. It might be the taste of the white flesh, the unique coconut water or the fact that u have to crack it open so that you can get to the treasure inside. It was so special because coconut is a fruit which was …[Read more...]

Some months ago I had posted a dish called Pressknödel. Knödel are dumplings and there are a lot of different variations from savory to sweet, from round to flat. Sometimes you enjoy them with a soup or sometimes they fit better with a salad. Today I …[Read more...]

Many foreigners come to India for a health trip. That might be to learn Yoga or to receive an Ayurvedic treatment. Most of them are looking to get back in touche with nature so they look for healthy foods and drinks, healthy beverages such as the ABC …[Read more...]

What warms you up when cold winds and weather threaten your comfort? A good cup of hot beverage. In Europe it would be mostly coffee, hot milk chocolate and some tea. In India there is only tea and not just any tea, the Indian chai. Chai means …[Read more...]

I had mentioned in my previous posts, sweet lassie day and warm ginger lemon honey tea, how I had landed in India and how I managed to keep myself over the water level. If you want to see India by backpack traveling the country, you have to know as …[Read more...]

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