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Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Old bay? Is there a substitute we dont have it here

How hot should the oil be heated?

Hi Helen!

Heat oil to 375 degrees fahrenheit and try not to crowd the pan…do the onion rings in batches.

The directions say “milk-mixture\u201d. What else is in the milk?

Hi Shawn!

That’s a typo -it’s just milk.

I love onion rings more than french fries…that onion tower would be destroyed in minutes if I was standing over it.

Here in Australia, onion rings are one of my favourite foods but they are so hard to find on a menu.. so I always have to end up making them myself! You can definitely consider that I will be recreating your recipe just so I can see if they live up to your claim that they are the the best ever!

You’re from down-under?! Beautiful country! Err! Continent!

I was there over 10 years ago and had an amazing time. However? Celebrating New Year’s Day without snow was a bit odd…hehe Thank, Thalia!!

I think these onion rings are insanely amazing!

I’m going to stay up past bed time and make these tonight. And I’m going to eat them allllllll by myself, because I don’t share onion rings.

Gasp. Gorgeousness! I might have to break my no frying rule and make them for my husband. Pinned.

These are so fitting into my dinner plans, love!!

These are absolutely perfect Kate!

I never had those Denny’s adventures but I looooooove onion rings. These look wonderful -it’s been way too long since I had onion rings.

Onion rings on your blog, coriander and fresh corn fritters on another …so many delicious fried dishes today. I wonder how they’d taste with buttermilk instead of regular.

Oh \u2018eck, I’m there all the way! So gonna try this with soya or almond milk, they look incredible. Consider yourself pinned!

Janie x

Onion Rings -These delicious Onion Rings have been deemed THE BEST by everyone that has tried them! Dipped in a perfectly seasoned batter, they are incredibly tasty, super crunchy, and we can’t get enough of them!


Happy Hump Day, guys! What’s goin’ on? How’s your week so far?! I hope all is well with everyone! Nothing too crazy is happening over here…I might have somethin’ more exciting for you by Friday. But, on the flip side, we can discuss THE BEST Onion Rings, ever?!? Is that cool? Let’s start here. Remember that one time when we were 14, back in like 1993-ish\u20264-ish? Maybe it was 1992…whatever. And remember how we got into mucho trouble because we went out and stayed at Denny’s until about midnight?? Aaaaand we lied that our driver, also known as someone’s parent, forgot about us?? Such rebels. And liars!

\u2026but, those were the dayz…when you and I rolled in the hay\u2026z. Oh. That wasn’t you? My bad. Denny’s was the place to be, afterhours, when I was totally underage and not allowed to go out. But, I totally didn’t listen and kinda snuck out to discuss all current affairs (read: gossip) with much older people and eat a basket of Onion Rings -the real reason for my midnight-excursion. Them Rings are un.flippin.be.liev.able. Dip ’em in Denny’s own buttermilk ranch, and I’m pretty much in food-heaven. The secret to their Onion Rings is -get this -in the batter! Duh. It’s not like I thought there was these “special”Denny’s onions growing on the side of the road or anything\u2026

Anywho. One of the waiters at Denny’s told me that the secret ingredients are, a) milk and b) lots of black pepper. Um. Oooookaaaaay. “Can’t tell you no more. This is all I’m allowed to say.\u201d, he explained. Then I never saw him again…After playing around with his suggestions and adding in a bit of my own sizzle, I *think* I make THE BEST Onion Rings! Gurrrrl, there’s a good dose of Old Bay in there -that right there should tell you that these things are damn-good!

Not sure if this fits into your Wednesday night dinner-plans, but why not!? Cut up the onion, drench it in some batter, fry it for a few minutes and TaDa! Easy Peasy.



Original article and pictures take http://diethood.com/onion-rings site

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