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Paula lost 155 pounds

Paula lost 155 pounds

Paula lost 155 pounds

wow\u2026you look amazing and filled with Joy. Congratulations on your success.

You are such an inspiration! I am only 5’2\u2033 and was 194 at my largest. I have high blood pressure, diabetes and had 2 angioplasties with stent placements because of the diabetes. Food is an issue for me and it is hard trying to change your lifestyle and eating habits when you are older like me. You said you never gave up on yourself, that made me think that I have given up on myself. Keep up the good work, you are looking fit and healthy.

Being older, only makes it harder to change your mind. I have lost 60lbs so far and i am 53. Started this when i was 51. I’ve got a ways to go but i will get there. You can too.

Never give up on yourself…Is the ticket. #NoExcuses

I sooooooo identify with you! My journey is the same as yours. You have given me faith that I can still overcome.

Josephine, we are in the same boat. I want to start running, too!

Good job you look nice congratulations!!!

You look AMAZING. I really enjoy ur story & feel motivated to continue my journey. Those darn potato chips is also my weakness. Lol

Oh how I know. I had gastric bypass surgery in March of 2003 and thought that was going to be my fix. I started at 389 pounds the day of surgery and got to my lowest of 263. Today I am 318 and I want 2015 to be my year of getting some of this weight off for long term. You are living proof it can be done. Congrats to you and keep up the good work. You are definitely an inspiration for me!

Margaret, let’s do it!!

WOW .. I see ME in your story.. thanks for the motivation this brought tears to my eyes !!!

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Paula is determined not to see 400 pounds again. She’s lost 155 pounds. After she didn’t find lasting success with weight loss surgery, she changed her eating habits and started running to release the pounds. Here is what she shared with us about her weight loss transformation\u2026

My name is Paula Banks and I have been on my weight loss journey seems like my entire life\u2026LOL. My highest weight was a whopping 400lbs! Yes, that was my life. I couldn’t do much of anything, or wear a regular pair of pants (sweat pants were my life) So, in 2003 I had weight loss surgery with the gastric bypass procedure. Oh, I thought my life would be forever changed. I lost over 100 pounds, and I was feeling great, but once again I got comfortable. The scale started moving back up and before I knew it, I was up to 300 lbs. The survey was a tool that I didn’t truly utilize, and I missed out on that opportunity to really lose the weight.

Thus after surgery I began dieting, going up and down, eating, not eating, working out and not working out. It just became a bad cycle. I did manage to lose 50 pounds but I still wasn’t really committed to the journey until recently. In the past 2 years, I have become a runner. I have ran several 5K’s, & 8K’s and I recently just finished my first Half Marathon on August 31st of this year. I workout at least 5-6 times a week, Running, HIIT and the Arc Trainer. I also weight train at least 3-4 times a week. Aside from working out, I started eating healthier, watching my carb, protein and fat intake, and I drink at least a Gallon of water daily. I have given up bread for the most part as well as sugar laden foods, lots of processed foods and my ultimate favorite food\u2026Potato Chips lol. Healthy Meals for me are low in carbs and high in protein, such as Taco Salad, Baked Fish, Eggs, Homemade Protein bowls (no rice) and lots of veggies!

Trust me, I have failed a thousand times between 400 pounds and where I am today, and TRUST I still fall (and it’s usually potato chips that gets me tripping). However, the one thing I never have done is give up on myself, because if I had I would not be the person you see in these pictures today. Keep PUSHING LADIES.

Check out more photos from her journey on Instagram: @paulabanks

Original article and pictures take http://www.blackweightlosssuccess.com/paula-lost-155-pounds site

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