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Peanut butter is always a winner. This looks amazing.

Thank you so much Florian!

You’d never had a pb pie before?? You need to try lotssss more of ’em! lol This Amish PB Pie looks perfect, I totally agree with you on graham cracker crusts!

I know, I never knew that peanut butter was made into a pie??? Now I know better, divine!!

This looks so creamy and delicious! Pass me a fork.

Look at those perfect layers! YUM! This is a pie I am going to surely love!

Thank you Angela, I hope you enjoy it!!

The pie crust does not look like graham cracker. Only the bottom of the pie appears to be GC. The edges look like pie dough. Did I miss a step in the recipe?? Looks yummmmmmy and I did “PIN”Just wondering about the crust\u2026

That is the cream filling you are seeing, the crust is only graham with our little addition of almond flour for extra flavor!!

This is not a Amish recipe! My mother made this pie for years. Best peanut butter pie ever!

Recipes come from all sources, this one my inspirations was from Yoder’s which is an Amish restaurant.

Happy that you found Yoders; this was my mom’s favorite pie from them. Growing up as a Mennonite, I learned that a good pie is a right of passage. I’ve eaten many meals at Yoders, the Wagon Wheel, Kissin’ Kuzins and so many other great places in and around beautiful Sarasota. Your version of this classic looks perfect and delicious!

Thank you so much, we sure enjoyed the pie at Yoders and this one, delish!!

Thanks for the exposure given to Yoder’s Amish Restaurant! We are so fortunate to live here in Sarasota, Florida! YODERS is our favorite Restaurant, bar none! They are known for their world famous pies and sweets! But did you know they are equally famous for their finger lickin Broasted, fried chicken!! Visit YODERS while here on vacation! You will never regret it!

Totally agree, we loved Yoder’s. The chicken sounds amazing too!! We adored the Sarasota area very much!!

Amish Peanut Butter Pie

We were down in Sarasota, Florida for spring break and came across Yoder’s for pie in a small Amish village that is right in the center of Sarasota. A surprising site to see with all the affluence of Sarasota but also very refreshing. We stopped in for pie and really enjoyed it, I had their pecan, Amber the apple and Ken indulged in a Shoofly Pie.

We have now done a rendition of our own Amish Peanut Butter Pie. I have never had a peanut butter pie so I was very intrigued to try. Ken is the pie guy in this house so he went right into making this for us. One of the big things we changed up was the crust as they do a traditional pie crust for the bottom but I love a graham cracker crust with a custard pie much better. We also recently had developed a really delicious graham cracker crust with a little nutty addition.

We are huge fans of peanut butter here, all three of us love it, so this pie we knew would be an instant hit. Delicious and creamy with a nutty topping and a surprise peanut butter layer in the middle.

This is a lovely pie and one fit for any occassion. It will be gobbled down by young and old with it’s scrumptious pudding inside. It is delicate on the peanut butter, not overwhelming at all.

Can I cut you a slice? It really is heavenly!! Our daughter who is not a big fan of cake would take a slice of pie anyday and who wouldn’t, look at that gorgeous pie!!

I think the graham cracker crust works perfectly with this pie, give it a try. It is very easy to make and if you are a peanut butter lover you will so enjoy this pie!!


Original article and pictures take http://noshingwiththenolands.com/amish-peanut-butter-pie site

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