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Qupid THESIS-92 Classic Round Toe Patent Slip On Basic Comfortable Flat Shoe

Qupid THESIS-92 Classic Round Toe Patent Slip On Basic Comfortable Flat Shoe

Qupid THESIS-92 Classic Round Toe Patent Slip On Basic Comfortable Flat Shoe

These are a BEAUTIFUL red, very flexible, and have black RUBBER bottoms so you won't go flying.

I am between an 8 and 8.5 and got these in an 8.5; unfortunately, they're slightly too long. But, I think I will be able to make these work with some cotton or insoles.

These probably aren't good if you have narrow feet because my feet are medium and there is still a tiny bit of gapping around the sides of my feet when I walk. There is no \"breaking in\" these shoes since they're already so pliable.

The front end is short so unless you have short toes, you will have a bit of toe cleavage.

They look very nice. I got the blue which matches just about everything but they are not extremely comfortable. You feel like you're walking on the ground and due to the cheap interior there are parts that will give you some grief around your toes. The front is very narrow so don't get them if you have wider feet.

On the first day that I wore them, my heels were bleeding. I ordered the right size, but they were still too small and didn't provide any comfort/support for my feet. The pair of shoes were a waste of money! I learned the hard way (I have the scars on my heels to prove it)!

I don't know how many flats I have tried on and ended up abandoning after one day because they hurt my feet so much. I have wide feet and they fit perfectly. The toe is still pointed, which makes it a cute cut but they are still wide enough that my toes are not pinched. The color is beautiful. I have only worn them in the office for a few hours and have already gotten multiple compliments on them. I even had a coworker asking where I got them and how much so he can buy some for his wife.

Beware that the color is a lot lighter (for the green at least) than pictured, but it is still a beautiful color! I actually like it better. It looks more like a mint-aqua end of the spectrum instead of the more teal-aqua that is shown.

These are awesome

a great price too!

I have bought two pairs so far because they are so comfortable and cute

The packaging is great too and the seller shipped really fast

I highly recommend this product for people like me who walk a lot and/or have bad feet like me (I had foot surgery and almost every shoe is uncomfortable)

These feel soft and flexible, and cover the sides of my feet arch which I like

The toe is not too wide or too tight and the heel fits awesome-it is bendable and adjusts to my feet-no blisters!

Best of all they are cute :)

These shoes are very cute but run about a size too small. I went up half a size and they are still too small, but the color I wanted doesn't come in the size I need any longer so I'm hoping they will stretch out after wearing. They are very cute on and don't feel like they will fall apart quickly. I will update my review if they do once I've started wearing them more often. I also like that they don't cover a large portion of the top of my foot, though some would probably prefer they come up higher. Good buy for the price. the color is bright, shiny red.

I wear a size 10 and these shoes fit perfectly (i ordered a 10-obviously). They look just like the photo and are surprisingly comfortable. HOWEVER....they were not comfortable the first day. I wore them to work for about 8 hours and my feet had marks and were killing me by the end of the day, but the second time I wore them I had no problems. It takes about a day to break them in - after that they're great. My friends are calling them my \"ruby slippers\".

When I first got these in and tried them on I was worried they were going to be really uncomfortable and rub blisters in my heels very quickly. I even put off wearing them out for more than quick trips for a few weeks. But they are actually surprisingly comfortable to walk in. The tightness in the heel actually keeps them from sliding so they haven't worn blisters on my feet yet and I have worn them at work all day close to a dozen times now.

Stand out in vegan-friendly patent leather that has an irresistibly sleek finish for the good girl.

Work and play in these flexible flats that boast both comfort and style - from day to night and any season. There's a color perfect for every occasion!

Original article and pictures take http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0065SKGUU site

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