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Redcurrant Syrup {Homemade Cordial Recipe}

Redcurrant Syrup {Homemade Cordial Recipe}

Redcurrant Syrup {Homemade Cordial Recipe}

We have been making Redcurrant (or Red currant) syrup/cordial since ever in Austria. My grandmother used to make it, our neighbors do and so on. Red Currant berry bushes are commonly growing in people's garden's in the Austrian alps so it's not …[Read more...]

This is the end! The end of what you wonder? Well, you don't need to fret, I am talking about the blueberry season. Yes I agree, it's a pity but fortunately we can look forward to next year's blueberry season and until then you can save this How to …[Read more...]

So, finally I can say that I have seen Paris. It was getting ridiculous, considering that I had seen the whole rest of France except the french capital itself. My parents hadn't taken us to see Paris as kids because of the city's notorious criminal …[Read more...]

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