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Oh gosh, yum!

This looks and sounds delicious. Perfect!

There must be a recipe out there for Texas Toast, right? Because I’m making it, and then I’m making this. It seriously looks so. incredibly. delicious. MMMmmm

I can see the convenience of making it the night before, but is the chilling step necessary? Would it be good if I just made it and stuck it straight in the oven?

I think the chilling step lets it soak completely and gives it time to set. You could try doing it sooner, maybe soaking less time?

There is no Texas Toast here in NYC (not by me anyway) unless you’re talking about the frozen cheesy Italian bread ;D

Can I use Challah? Maybe reduce some of the liquid so it doesn’t get soggy? What do you think?

You could sure give it a whirl! If I didn’t have Texas Toast around, I would probably try another thick bread, too. Challah is thick, so it might be able to soak up the liquid nicely. I’d try it and try to keep the ratios the same (about 28 oz of bread with original liquid amounts) -sometimes, if there is too little liquid, it could taste dry. Good luck

Thanks! I’m going to try it for a Girl’s Brunch in April. I’ll let you know how it works out

If you use a less dense bread than Texas Toast, I’d recommend not soaking overnight perhaps. This recipe is really meant for Texas Toast slices, since they are so thick and dense, and soak up the custard beautifully

Hello, What do you mean exactly by “custard”I noticed that in the directions that you described something that way but you don’t have directions to make a “custard\u201d…Please clarify.

Hi, Michelle! Great question. The custard just refers to the wet egg/milk mixture, which is often referred to as a custard. Hope you enjoy this, and thanks for coming over today

could not get \u2018print’ version -did not work

waste too many sheets printing the whole recipe

Do a copy & paste of the recipe. I got it on one (1) sheet of paper.

for some reason, I couldn’t even copy and paste it.

I made this recipe for mother’s day and it was such a big hit! My stepdad begged me to make it again for father’s day. I couldn’t find texas toast so I used challah and it was absolutely delicious. I didn’t exactly weigh out how much bread I used but I just cut the pieces to cover the whole pan.

Awesome, Juliana! Thanks for checking in and letting me know. So fun to hear you guys liked it

This was so easy to make and absolutely delicious!!! I made it Christmas morning breakfast and everyone was asking for the recipe. A total keeper.

It’s one of my all-time favorite holiday breakfasts! So glad you liked it, Sue

Mine was mushy even after baking for 45 min. Not impressed.

Sorry to hear it, Lisa. Did you use the super-thick Texas Toast loaf? It makes a huge difference whether you use that specific bread vs. any other bread. It’s always turned out perfect when I make it with the Texas Toast. Hope you’ll try again sometime

Not so hot. Very slimy and uncooked on the bottom. Trying to save it by increasing temp to 375 and putting back in oven for 15 min. Gross and very dissatisfied. Have hungry people sitting here waiting on this marvelous sounding dish. Almost embarrassed.

Sorry, Linda! I wonder what went wrong. Everyone I know who has tried it has truly loved it, so I’m really thinking something went awry here. Did you use the thick-dense Texas Toast bread, as pictured? That makes a huge difference, as regular sandwich bread isn’t the same. You need pretty much the entire loaf of thick Texas Toast to soak up the egg/milk custard. If you want to use common sandwich bread, my favorite recipe works every time, failproof \u2014 http://www.chewoutloud.com/2014/01/10/baked-french-toast-casserole-with-streusel/

Has anyone tried using heavy cream instead of whole milk for the custard. Were the measurements the same?

Can I make this as early as the morning before the morning I need it? So it is in the fridge for basically 24 hours??

Janel, I would think 24 hours is probably okay, but not longer than that. Just make sure you’re using the extra thick, dense Texas toast (not regular sliced breads). I’ve chilled it for over 12 hours overnight wonderfully. You could always prepare the custard, slice the bread, etc. and get everything ready up to the point of soaking. And then pour it on to soak the night before, if you’re worried about it soaking too long. Would love to know how you like it!

You put your foot in this recipe ny dear! I just made it and my inner BOFA is dancing like a dog doing tricks for a scooby snack. Thank yah!

Yay, so glad you liked it so much and love the imagery

I just made this for dinner tonight (along with hash browns and sausage patties) and it was delicious! I used the Texas Toast called for and it turned out perfectly. Yum!

Awesome job, Mary! So glad you enjoyed it

has anyone made this using less sugar? Sounds awfully sweet to me\u2026

I make it as is, but eat it without syrup. I think if you add syrup, it would definitely be too sweet. My son says this is his favorite breakfast, & he’s a picky eater.

my butter/brown sugar mixture was hard after baking. Did I bake it too long or the oven to hot? Otherwise, was very good. Will make again if I can figure out why the butter/brown sugar was hard.

just wondering how many people roughly this would feed. Or i should say, I need to feed about 30 adults with some kids\u2026..how many times should i double this???

Staci, somehow I missed your Q earlier, sorry! I would just make a double batch (2 pans worth) if you have other food in your breakfast menu. But if it’s the only item on the table, maybe 3 pans would be good.

Heavy whipping cream ok?????

That should work, but it will be a thicker liquid than milk. If possible, I’d try to mix some milk with the heavy cream. Lowfat or skim milk should be fine if you are combining it with heavy cream.

A 9×13 pan of pure deliciousness! I followed directions to a “T”with the exception of two things. 1, I used skim milk instead of whole milk because that’s all I buy and 2, I used almond extract because that’s what I had in the pantry.

Went over well this morning and I will be making this again. Thanks!!!

Awesome, Carla! So happy to hear it

I used skim milk as well. I’m curious to see if there was enough custard for the dish as I am preparing it for my nieces for their morning visit tomorrow.

Thanks for being here today, Donna! Have a wonderful visit with your nieces and Happy New Year!

Just made this, cheated and didn’t soak the bread over night. Instead I dipped each bread into the bowl of egg mixture until it became soggy. End result was the same just didn’t have to wait to make it the next day and made it for today’s breakfast.

Sounds great, Hortencia! Thanks for coming over

Aaww, soaking it makes it SO MUCH BETTER. It’s like marinating meat. You want the flavor to soak into every cell of the meal\u2026.sigh\u2026now I’m hungry and need to cook lol

Made this for house guest day after Christmas\u2026. It is delicious! A definite keeper to my recipe box.

Yay, Lori!! Super happy to hear it! Thanks for coming over to let us know you liked

I make this for family brunches all the time! It is a huge hit. I have made this about a dozen or so times and I make a few changes so that the bread does not get soggy.

I use Texas toast, but I leave it unwrapped for several (6+hours) so that it starts to get stale. This bread is so moist it will get very soggy if you don’t. Also I never let it sit in the fridge for more than 8 hours. For a large crowd of 30 I triple the bread, brown sugar and butter, but only double the egg, milk, and vanilla. I put 1 cup of egg mixture on every layer. It never gets soggy. It comes out perfectly. I have done it before just like the recipe and the bread was soggy almost like undercooked bread pudding.

Can you try to duplicate this to be less sweet and healthier in a sense? I think my MIL made this exact recipe but I think it would be just as delicious without so much sweetness added to it.

This can definitely be modified to include less sugar to suit your taste, Mari Thanks for coming over today, and so glad you guys liked

I made this this morning and it was so good. Prepped last night around 8:30 and put in oven at 7:00 for about 45 minutes. It was amazing. Put it back in to warm it back up a little later and just as good second time around. Thank you.

Yippee, Jamie! Love hearing it

Thank you so much for posting this recipe.

We don’t have Texas loaf, so I sliced my own 1 day old bread (1 inch thick).

Soaked with half & half overnight.

Absolutely delicious with extra caramel sauce (with burnt sugar) to serve.

Will be making it again for the next party!

Thanks again!

Yay, Juliet!! So glad to hear you guys liked it Thanks for coming over to let us know

Can hardly wait for morning but\u2026. I could not fit all the bread in a 13×9!? I wedged it in\u2026.. Maybe my pan\u2026.pampered chef\u2026.is a little small? But I am optimistic it will be okay! Plus now I can have some Texas toast for lunch!

That sounds like a lunch I could go for Glad you came over, Hannah!

I made this for Easter and everyone loved it!

I did add one extra step to the process. After the dish finished baking, I flipped over each stack of toast and placed it under the broiler for a few minutes. The result was a nice, crispy finish on the outside of the toast, while still retaining all of the sticky, syrupy goodness that makes this recipe such a hit. I will definately make this again! I’m thinking of trying it with a layer of bananas between the toast and maybe a little rum mixed into the egg mixture for a kind of “bananas foster”type flavor

Super awesome, Jennifer!! Thanks for letting us know you guys enjoyed it

Thank you for sharing this recipe. Made this with a small tweak for my daughters graduation party brunch. Used the traditional method of dipping the bread in the egg mixture, then placing in pan. Pouring any remaining egg mixture over the dish. This helped with any soggy issues. Huge hit!

Yay, Dawn!! So glad you all enjoyed

Hi. Wanting to make this for brunch the day after my wedding. Obviously I will be kind of busy after the reception to be mixing this stuff up. Any tips on preparing this a couple days before and freezing?

I’m not sure whether freezing would change the texture and outcome, so I’d try not to freeze it. But you can certainly prepare the custard and chill it a couple days ahead of time (and also pre-slice the bread and seal it back in the bag ahead of time.) Then, just layer it into your greased casserole dish the night before. If need be, you could try to completely assemble it up to 48 hours, covered and chilled…but you might want to try it on your own first, to ensure that would not result in it being too soggy Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Kat!

Made this and my grand kids love this and they are very very picky eaters. Plan on making this in morning cause my granddaughter asked for it again and want husband to try it.

Aw, that is so nice to hear, Kristy! So glad you all loved it Thanks for coming over and letting us know. So happy you came over today!

I tried this recipe out on Christmas morning and we loved it! I also blogged about it!


Yay! So happy to hear you guys loved it! Thanks for coming over to let us know\u2026makes my day!

Made this Christmas morning. Everybody loved it! I definitely will make this again.

Yippeee!!! Way to go, Margaret\u2026so glad you guys loved it Thanks for taking the time to come over and let us know. Hope you continue finding recipes you love here at COL

This is the best french toast I’ve ever had\u2026and I’ve had french toast all over the world It is SWEET and filling just the way french toast should be. Anyone who messed this up must not have used the ingredients you listed or be able to read. It’s fool proof.

Awesome to hear it, Abigail! Thanks for taking the time to come over today and let us know you loved it. Hope you continue finding recipes you enjoy here at COL

I made this last night to have for our Easter morning breakfast today. Everyone loved it!! My mother in law and father in law especially thought it was fantastic. I did everything exactly the way you said and it was perfect. I will definitely make this again. Happy Easter!

Yay, Shannon! So happy to hear it and glad everyone loved it. Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

This turned out relatively well, but I thought I’d share something that I think should’ve been shared in the original blog post.

So, there’s two layers of bread in this recipe. You pour custard on the first layer, and then place another layer of bread on top, and then pour the remaining the custard on the second layer. Well, I noticed that when I poured the remaining custard on the second (top) layer of bread, gravity played its part: the custard soaked through the top layer of bread and then seeped all the way through to the bottom layer of bread. This results in a top layer that is relatively drier, and a bottom layer that is relatively soggier. This wasn’t a huge problem, and, as evidenced by the praise I got from everyone who ate it, people still enjoyed it. However, if I were to make this again, I could make one big change: I could take all the bread pieces and individual soak each piece in the custard before placing onto the pan (instead of just pouring the custard on top of the bread after they’re placed). By soaking each piece in custard prior to placing, I think that would ensure that each piece is evenly soaked with custard.

I’m surprised no one else has mentioned this, but I think that’s the one, kind of glaring, issue with the recipe, and I thought it should be raised so others can benefit. That said, thanks for the recipe!

[\u2026] how prominent a role The Casserole enjoys around here. I now have many favorites, ranging from breakfast bakes and brunch bakes to [\u2026]

[\u2026] how prominent a role The Casserole enjoys around here. I now have many favorites, ranging from breakfast bakes and brunch bakes to [\u2026]


Texas French Toast Bake -Chew Out Loud

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Texas French Toast Bake -Chew Out Loud

[\u2026] I really hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments. I want to give credit where credit is due: I originally found this recipe on Chew Out Loud. [\u2026]

[\u2026] Texas French Toast Bake [\u2026]

[\u2026] Texas French Toast Bake [\u2026]

Everyone Can Enjoy Toast

[\u2026] it here and hope you enjoy it as much as our friends/family all do! Be sure to [\u2026]

[\u2026] morning breakfast: Texas French Toast Bake from Chew Out Loud. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Saturday with no soccer, no travel and no [\u2026]

I suppose “French”toast isn’t Texan. But this scrumptious French Toast Bake is big and hearty, just like Texas. Everyone asks for this recipe, so here it is. Easy, make-ahead, and a crowd pleaser every time.

What makes this French Toast Bake superb is the use of Texas Toast, in place of regular sliced bread.

If you aren’t familiar with Texas Toast, it is typically found in the sliced bread aisle of grocery stores, and the thing about it is…well, it’s Texas-sized.

It looks like white bread, sliced extra thick and made extra dense. If you use a less dense bread, your results will be skewed.

I usually buy whole-grain bread, so it’s something special for me to reach for the enriched stuff. Though whole-grain sandwich bread has come a long way in texture and flavor, the white slices brought me back to my childhood.

Back when wheat bread tasted like cardboard and my mom kindly bought us white loaves. It’s a special occasion to bite into these Texas soft slices.

It’s hard not to cheat and eat the bread straight out of the bag. Just remember that you’ll need to use almost the entire loaf for the French Toast Bake, so try.

Just try.

This is one of the most ideal, no-fuss offerings for brunch on Christmas, New Years, or any weekend morning. It’s simple to assemble the night before.

Wake up late the next morning, pop it in the oven, and give your family a carefree smile. My family loves anything French Toast-ish, and they flipped for this one.

Devoured the whole pan the same day. I’m talking no leftovers, not even a few crumbs.

This Texas French Toast Bake is something that will easily go on your family’s list of favorites.

The thick, dense slices of Texas Toast soak up the custard perfectly. The brown sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon meld together like magic.

It’s just the right amount of sweetness. You can serve with pure maple syrup, but you might not need it.

Oh, this is important -be sure to scrape out all the gooey yummy goodness you’ll find on the bottom of pan.

Enjoy, Y’all!

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Source: Chew Out Loud, adapted from Rach’s Blog

Here are a few other fail-proof French Toast-y Bakes we think you’ll swoon over

1. French Toast Casserole with Streusel. We’ve made this countless times, always to rave reviews. Easy and prepped the night before for an easy breezy morning.

2. Apple Texas French Toast Bake. This one takes after the star recipe here, but infuses apples and cinnamon into the layers. Nothing but awesome. Perfect for fall, but we adore it any weekend of the year.

3. Pumpkin French Toast Casserole. Simply amazing, especially during fall. But I keep a stash of pure pumpkin in my pantry for whenever the craving strikes!

4. Hawaiian Apple Bread Pudding. I suppose this is technically dessert, but I’m all about dessert for breakfast. There are apples here, it’s semi-healthy-ish maybe. But 100% delish!

5. Nutella Croissant Bread Pudding. Again, technically dessert. Clearly a pattern, but I figure\u2026if one can legit eat a fried doughnut at 9am, why not bread pudding? And Nutella?! Oh yeah.

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Original article and pictures take http://www.chewoutloud.com/2012/12/19/texas-french-toast-bake site

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