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Simplifying Fitness With StudioHop

Simplifying Fitness With StudioHop

Simplifying Fitness With StudioHop

If you already follow me on snapchat, you may have noticed I’ve been regularly hitting up a variety of different fitness studios around town. After so many years of doing the same exact workouts day after day to train for volleyball, the only way I stay inspired to continue working out is by having a variety of different workouts throughout the week. In the past I’ve shared some of my favorite at home workouts (all of which are tiny living approved!) but I began needing a bit more structure and accountability to keep me motivated. So whether it’s kickboxing circuits, burpees on a stationary surfboard, or a bit of down dog on a yoga mat, I manage to schedule in at least 4-5 sessions a week, but how?

My secret fitness weapon of course. . . StudioHop.

Studiohop is an unlimited monthly membership to a curated list of the best fitness studios in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio with no blackout class times, no 3 class limits (*cough- ClassPass) and you have the ability to create your entire class schedule for the week straight from your phone all in one app.

They have curated a truly epic list of boutique studios all around town. Especially if one of the reasons you’ve been putting off working out consistently is trying to decide what gym or studio you want to sign your life away to. Commitment is hard, especially when it comes to paying $100’s a month to do just one style of workout week after week. I get bored pretty fast with my workouts, but with Studiohop I’m never forced to do the same workout day after day. I have the flexibility to try new places whenever I feel like it while still maintaining a consistent routine with my favorites.

One of my favorite things about Studiohop is how functional and user-friendly their site is on mobile. Scheduling a class straight from your phone is so incredibly easy and you can quickly add the class to your phone’s calendar so you have all the details right there.

Being able to try new workouts helped me get out of the rut I’d been stuck in while also getting in great shape and it’s also become a great outlet for reliving stress and tension. My favorite stress-buster workout is definitely the kickboxing circuit at Fight Club. There is no better feeling than punching the hell out of that heavy bag after a long, stressful day.

I get challenged at every gym that I go into and I’ve been able to transform my body in a very short amount of time because the variety of workouts keeps my body constantly guessing what it’s going to be put through.

So what does an average week with Studiohop look like for me? I put together a sample schedule with some of my favorites throughout the week and some that I look forward to taking soon. It’s never the same from week to week and I’m still continuing to discover new studios and classes. But my current favorites are Fight Club (featured in this post), City Surf (I’m currently sporting one of their new tank tops), Red Bird Pilates and Resolute Fitness.

Even though I’m going to a mix of different places throughout the week, the whole process has really simplified my fitness routine because I’m not having to manage multiple memberships or pay for a gym that I barely go to. I just login to my account, search either by studio or time slot when I’m wanting to workout and reserve whatever class I feel like going to!

But I’m getting kind of lonely going to all these classes solo, so I’m inviting all my Austin friends and readers to join me! I’ve teamed up with Studiohop to offer you all 20% off your first month of membership for you to come try out and experience all these great classes with me. Just visit the Studiohop site and use the referral code: FEAACB will be automatically applied during check for you to enjoy $20 off your first month! So Hop To IT!

Happy Workouts!

(Currently available in Austin, Dallas and now San Antonio! Discount Code is Good For Any City Membership. As a Studiohop member you can workout at any studio, in any city, any time. Great for those who travel a lot!)

Special Thanks to Studiohop!

Original article and pictures take http://laurenjadelately.com/simplifying-fitness-studiohop site

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