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Spotlight on Potatoes with Bulgarian Moussaka

Spotlight on Potatoes with Bulgarian Moussaka

Spotlight on Potatoes with Bulgarian Moussaka

Ooh I’ve never heard of a Bulgarian moussaka! This version looks just as delicious as the version I’m used to though

This sounds so delicious. I must try it.

This sounds fantastic and looks so delicious! The list of ingredients makes me think of fall comfort food\u2026thanks for posting just when I’m starting to think of fall dishes!

I’ve never had a Bulgarian dish before. How can that be possible?? This one has all of the flavors I love and sounds absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to make it Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Judy. We really like to combine the cooking with the fun we have experienced when traveling in these countries. You never here anything about Bulgarian travel or food, so we are more than happy to spread the word.

The moussaka I grew up with featured eggplant as the main ingredient and came topped with a béchamel source. But that would be moussaka of the Greek variety. Love potatoes? Want a moussaka that is lighter? How about Bulgarian moussaka featuring potato and yogurt?

Lighter than its Greek cousin and fabulous if eggplants are not to your taste or out of season, Bulgarian moussaka can be comfortably consumed in summer if you are looking for some comfort food. The topping is yogurt-based, easy and quick to prepare and maybe healthier than a béchamel topping.

And here is yet another classic, well-known meal with a Bulgarian twist featuring fabulous, Bulgarian yogurt. Yogurt features in many traditional Bulgarian meals and turns up in the most unexpected places like this recipe. Not much is known about Bulgarian food which is a shame as its cuisine has a lot to offer.

Bulgarian Food Flies Under the Radar

Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey share many, common foods and drinks, including those of the alcoholic variety. But strangely you rarely see the Bulgarian option featured. Greece and to a lesser extent Turkey, take most of the glory, but the truth is that food is very similar and just as good in Bulgaria. Why is this?

Surely, some of this marketing? People know all about Greece and Turkey but most people don’t even know where Bulgaria is. There is a lot of romance and mysticism associated with the Greek Islands and the Aegean Sea and deservedly so it is a spectacular region.

But the English name given to the sea off the coast off Bulgaria is called the Black Sea. It doesn’t quite have the same ring does it? But I can tell you it is just as spectacular in its own way but without the glitz, glamor and higher prices of its nearby neighbors.

We found the cost of food and drink in Bulgaria to be quite cheap in an otherwise expensive continent. If you are lucky enough to be going to Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, you can pick up a free food tour with Balkan Bites. And don’t forget to seek out Bulgarian moussaka, you won’t be disappointed.

Bulgarian Moussaka Features Potatoes and Yogurt

Who would have thought? Moussaka made with potatoes instead of eggplant and topped with yogurt and milk instead of béchamel sauce.

It’s easier to make than the Greek version and it is lighter. Using potato it might even be more “acceptable”to children and those that are not fans of eggplant

Read on for the recipe

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