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The Best Green Peppercorn Beef Celebrating Kampot Pepper

The Best Green Peppercorn Beef Celebrating Kampot Pepper

The Best Green Peppercorn Beef Celebrating Kampot Pepper

Green peppercorn beef is a classic, Cambodian, stir fry. It is simple to make, using easy to source ingredients. The dish features green peppercorns and was inspired as a result of our visit to to Kep and nearby Kampot, in southern Cambodia. Green peppercorn beef provides a sublime window into the fabulous world of Cambodian cuisine.

There is surprisingly little known about Cambodian cuisine. Its nearby neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam steal all of its thunder. But if you enjoy Thai or Vietnamese food, then you will certainly enjoy Cambodian food. Like Thai food, in Cambodia there is an emphasis on curries but we found them more mildly spiced than in Thailand.

Pepper, the world’s most popular spice, is a specialty of Kampot, Cambodia. Long considered to be the world’s best source of pepper, we give you the lowdown on traveling to nearby Kep with its laid back, beach-side culture and how to visit the famous, Kampot pepper plantations.

Kep, Southern Cambodia

Kep, Cambodia is located in the extreme south of the country, close to the Vietnamese border. Featuring great beaches, fabulous seaside bars and restaurants Kep is an easy place to relax. And a full range of accommodation from the very basic to the gorgeously luxurious means you can find something for every budget and taste..

If you love seafood, you are in luck. Kep and nearby Kampot are home to a large fishing fleet, so there is always a great supply of freshly cooked seafood, including the much-loved crab. And of course, Kep is nearby to Kampot, world famous for its quality of pepper.

A very popular dish here is Kampot Pepper crab, combining the very best the area has to offer. It is another great eating experience in the world of Cambodian cooking. The pepper in the dish is mild, using fresh green peppercorns.

Apart from lounging around on the beach and eating too much, there are many activities you can undertake in Kep and Kampot.

How about a sunset river cruise on the river in Kampot, featuring seafood, cheese and biscuits and drinks?

Or how about a tour of the abandoned, Bokor Hill Station? Located in the nearby Bokor National Park, it’s a chance to gain some elevation and escape some of the heat of the plains. You can read more about what to do around Kep and Kampot here.

Kampot Pepper

But the star of the show in this region, is to visit a pepper plantation to see what all of the fuss is about.

Kampot pepper is considered the world’s best and prior to the Pol Pot regime, was highly prized by French chefs, as it was renowned for its fruity flavor. Production only resumed in 1996 and now the region is experiencing good growth in this most famous of spices.

There are 4 types of peppercorns grown in the region:

Black -mature, strong and delicate taste

White pepper -harvested when the peppercorns turn to yellow or bright red. They are soaked in water for a few days to remove the husk. Develops an “intense bouquet and delicate aroma\u201d. It has a strong spicy taste perfect for soups and creamy dishes.

Red Pepper -allowed to ripen on the tree. There are only a few peppercorns per bunch. They are very aromatic and fruity.

Green peppercorns are fresh pepper corns not dried or aged.

With a number of plantations close to Kep and Kampot, you can organize transport at your hotel.

And what is pepper’s best friend? Why salt of course. And by the Vietnamese border, there are salt fields to provide the perfect combination.

You can purchase pepper from the plantations but be aware fresh, green peppercorns are considered “live”plants by many countries. Itcannot be brought in through airport quarantine restrictions.

Green Peppercorn Beef Showcases Kampot Pepper and Cambodian Cuisine

It’s not just pepper and crab famous in this region, green peppercorn beef featuring Kampot pepper is another classic from the region. For this recipe I used dried, green peppercorns. Try and find them from a specialty spice shop, if you can, they are better in this dish than black peppercorns.

This is a stir fry dish, so is quick to cook. If you can allow the beef and pepper to marinate for at least 4 hours, it makes such a big difference to the taste.

I hope you enjoy green peppercorn beef.

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