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These Items really help me stay on track. It's easy to grab a quick healthy breakfast, snack or lunch when I have things pre-made.

These Items really help me stay on track. It's easy to grab a quick healthy breakfast, snack or lunch when I have things pre-made.

These Items really help me stay on track. It's easy to grab a quick healthy breakfast, snack or lunch when I have things pre-made.

Ok WOAH....it's been a long time since I've blogged. Phew, I'm a major slacker...ok not really. Quite a bit has been going on.

First, I went to MEXICO for a missions trip and that was AWESOME. I need to write a good post about my experience. Immediately after returning home from that, my hubs went on a work trip and left me with two kiddos for a week(which is actually fine, but I like to act like it's torture. :) Shhh don't tell) THEN my bestie from Kansas came to celebrate my 30th birthday!!!! WOOT.

So, Needless to say. Things have been a tad busy. I successfully completed two week of the program before leaving for mexico, and since I've been back. I've finished the last two week of Phase 1. So I'm feeling pretty stellar.

1. Weight is really just a number.

Ok, so we always hear this and we see the cute little pics on Pinterest of the scale that tells you you're beautiful instead of your weight and we all unite with a resounding AMEN at the \"thought\" of the number on the scale not really mattering.

BUUUUUT, at the end of the day, when we hop on our trusty little friend the number DOES MATTER to us. I don't know why. It just does, and when you feel like you're working really hard to make good choices and be diligent at the gym it's incredibly discouraging when the scale doesn't move....at all..... Or even worse, when it moves in the wrong direction.

I had an experience last week (on weigh in day) where I literally wanted to throw the scale across the room and cuss at someone or something because after weeks of what feels like hard work I was seeing no numeric progress on that blasted little torture machine that I am so painfully attached to.

So, in an effort to restore order and sanity to our home my husband made a rash decision and HID THE SCALE!!!!! Yes, that's right, He hid it. When he told me I felt panic and relief all at the same time. Honestly, I thought, \"oh that's sweet, but in a few days I'll find it and things will return to normal.\"

Surprisingly enough, I've not missed it AT ALL. In fact, I feel so much relief that it doesn't stare at me every morning and I am able to actually notice some visible results that are not scale related that I truly feel like I was unable to see because I'd get so discouraged about that dreadful number!!

This week, without the scale. I've really been able to see that the number on the scale is really just a number and I'm not ok with my mood, motivation and contentment with myself being defined by something that really makes no difference at all, to anyone...but me.

2. Weight loss doesn't always equal fat loss, and no weight change doesn't always equal no change.

I've spent the last 5 years of my life trying to \"lose weight\". The number on the scale was all that mattered. And though I was successful many times in actually lowering that number. It didn't mean my body fat was at a healthy percentage, it didn't make me strong and it didn't mean I was fit or toned. It just meant the number on the scale went down and I was probably wearing a smaller size.

Lately, especially with this program. The scale has not been moving much. But it doesn't mean my body isn't changing. With the absence of the scale this week I decided to look back on my measurements over the last year. I may not be \"lighter\" on the scale, but I've lost inches. I can actually feel muscle in my arms for the first time like....ever!

I'm determined to change my body this year. Turning 30 has really lit a fire under me to get into shape. I want to be healthy, I want to be strong. In doing so, I will naturally thin out, even if that means the number on the scale doesn't move.

It's only been 4 weeks of training and I even took a two week break in the middle for all the craziness, but I can already see my strength improving. I'm moving up in my weights all the time and let me tell ya, IT FEELS AWESOME!

It feels so good to go from a 5lb dumbbell to a 15lb dumbbell. I remember thinking that I would die with several sets of 5lber's and now I'm doing multiple reps with 15lbs.

There really is no limit to what we can do, when we push our bodies past what is comfortable. I am so thankful this program has gotten me out of my cardio rut...don't get me wrong, I LOVE cardio. I think it's fun. But I'm capable of more, and now I actually enjoy doing weights! :)

You may have heard this before but it's true. When I don't take time to meal plan or look over my workouts ahead of time. It's much easier to not do the right thing.

Things that have helped me so much is premaking some easy go to food items.

These Items really help me stay on track. It's easy to grab a quick healthy breakfast, snack or lunch when I have things pre-made.

Well, that's all I have for ya this week. Week 4 is going really well. I'm excited to be finishing Phase 1 and moving on to Phase 2 of the program.

And a Big shout out to my hubs for having the wisdom to get rid of the scale!!!!

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