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Thin Mint Cheesecake Bars

Thin Mint Cheesecake Bars

Thin Mint Cheesecake Bars

Thin mint crust topped with a thick cheesecake layer and finished off with crushed thin mint cookies and chocolate sauce. Oh heaven. These bars you guys. These mega-yummy cheesecake bars. You need them. …[Read more...]

Crunchy, fresh kale salad tossed with juicy strawberries, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles and homemade creamy poppyseed dressing. Salads are my go-to. \"Lettuce\" of various kinds holds a permanent place on my weekly shopping list because I can't go a week without it. I love to eat salads, but just as much as I love to eat them... I love to make them. Because they are so darn easy. …[Read more...]

Juicy seasoned chicken strips with a pretzel crust - perfect for serving with your favorite dipping sauces for dinner or a tasty appetizer. Welcome to this week's episode of Confessions of a Chicken Tender-aholic! For real though. I have an addiction to chicken tenders. And it goes way, way back. …[Read more...]

Cilantro lime chicken and rice cooked in one pot just 30 minutes, topped with creamy avocado sauce. It's been too long. Way too long since a one pot meal has appeared on this here blog. So here it is. One pot cilantro lime chicken and rice. In 30 minutes. You're welcome. …[Read more...]

Moist and fluffy raspberry muffins with a lemon streusel crumb topping! I always really enjoy baked goods but for some reason I'm craving them constantly lately. I want muffins and bread and cookies galore which is okay with me because lately my house is smelling nothing short of heavenly and I'm pretty much constantly basking in the aroma of freshly baking yumminess. Good for my mood, …[Read more...]

Savory slow-cooked kalua pork with teriyaki sauce and veggies served over rice. First matter of business: WHERE have spiralizers been all of my life?! I've been eyeing beautifully spiralized foods all over the place (instagram. I'm talking about you.) and have thought \"man I should really get a spiralizer....\" about nine hundred and forty seven times yet only purchased one last week when I …[Read more...]

Juicy, slow cooked beef in savory spices - perfect for tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and all of your favorite Mexican dishes! When I find something I love, I'm 100 percent okay with having it on repeat for an extended period of time. While my father in law says \"but we had Mexican yesterday\", I'm over here like \"we're having Mexican for breakfast! and lunch! and dinner! Yayyyyyy!\". I never …[Read more...]

A healthy and hearty fresh spring salad with chicken, cucumbers, edamame, juicy mandarin oranges, crispy wonton strips, cashews, and a quick sesame ginger dressing! Oh this salad.... this salad is yumtown people and I'm taking up permanent residence here in this Asian citrus chicken salad place. Because anywhere that a pile of greens meets cucumbers + red peppers + edamame + oranges + crispy …[Read more...]

Soft and chewy oatmeal cookies with vanilla icing. I have been craving oatmeal cookies up the wazzoo lately. I'll admit, I'm definitely a cravings-prone person. I'd say every day I probably crave between one and seventeen different things, not all edible things. For example from time to time I crave a good Disney movie marathon in my comfiest sweats. Other times I crave oatmeal cookies in …[Read more...]

Saucy, cheesy white chicken lasagna made in your slow cooker! Technology. I lovehate it. So, sooooo much. Currently: hating. I just spent a substantial amount of time putting together this recipe post and then bam. The whole thing disappeared and just like that I had to start over. Reminds me of a few times I lost a couple fistfuls of hair over some lost school papers. Actually now that I …[Read more...]

Fluffy marshmallow frosting sandwiched between soft and chewy red velvet cookies - perfect for Valentines Day! Big Valentines Day plans?? Anyone?? Our plans include staying in and spending a little two on two time - the twins are invited on our VDay date. We sort of used up our babysitter cards on celebrating our anniversary. But to be honest, we never go out for Valentines Day. We did the …[Read more...]

Tender oven-baked mushrooms stuffed with cheesy spinach and artichoke dip and topped with a parmesan crumb mixture! An easy and elegant appetizer with amazing flavor! There are two things I am freaking out about today. One: these mushrooms. Helloooooooo. Bite size morsels of my favorite spinach artichoke dip. What's not to love about that??! And two: I am sharing my first-ever recipe video …[Read more...]

Tender, spicy Asian Beijing beef and peppers you can whip up in just 20 minutes! Spicy spicy spicyyyyyyyy. Okay not that spicy. Well it can be, if you want it to be. It's sort of up to you. Personally if my mouth doesn't feel scorched by the time I eat the last bite then it isn't hot enough but I know that not everyone appreciates heat the way I do. So don't you worry, I went conservative on …[Read more...]

Incredibly tender slow cooked pork chops in sweet and tangy Hawaiian sauce and juicy pineapple! Helloooooooo Slow Cooker Sunday! Oh. It's actually called Super Bowl Sunday? Whoops. Do you mind if for the sake of my dignity we just pretend that it's really Slow Cooker Sunday instead? Kthanks. You da best. …[Read more...]

Creamy, cheesy chicken alfredo and penne, baked to perfection... for the white sauce pasta lovers! If there are two things I love it is 1) creamy, saucy dishes involving lots of cheese and pasta noodles, and 2) extremely easy dinners that will please almost anyone I serve them to. And I'm sure you've figured out that this recipe is very much both of those things. …[Read more...]

Thick and chewy red velvet deep dish cookie with white chocolate chips, baked in a skillet! Serve it warm and top it off with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for the ultimate treat! I'm going to admit, I've been in a weird mood lately. The kind where all I want it red velvet e.ver.y.thing. It's bordering on obsession here so please HELP. Cookies? check. Pound cake? check. Pancakes? …[Read more...]

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