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Thursday Motivation

Thursday Motivation

Thursday Motivation

I absolutely love this. It is filed into both Moe-tivation and fav photos for easy reference. Thank you!!! Time to catch up on your blogReply


on my way to getting these absReply

I haven’t had time to update, but I wanted to at least write a quick “fitspiration”post. On the journey to get healthy, everyone experiences moments of doubt. You aren’t sure if you can make it that extra mile, you don’t know if your diet is working, etc. When you’re doubting yourself and are ready to throw in the towel, visualization is a good technique to help get you through those moments.

With that in mind, here’s today’s fitspiration image:

Original article and pictures take http://fitisthenewthin.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/thursday-motivation site

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