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Trust me I know it is hard to make time for YOURSELF - I was there before too!

Trust me I know it is hard to make time for YOURSELF - I was there before too!

Trust me I know it is hard to make time for YOURSELF - I was there before too!

There comes a time in everyone's life {at least once} where you just wish you could the RESET button.

For some it happens way more than once in a lifetime...

Some people need it weekly, daily, monthly, yearly, milestone birthdays...

You could want to hit the RESET button for a variety of reasons - a career, a relationship, home life, your Faith, your Health, your fitness, it's the new year...whatever you choose!!

If you are not feeling confident or happy about some realm of your life you have it within your control to change it!!

Often I hear people saying come Monday - things are gonna change around here!!

Why Monday? Why not any other day of the week?

Hey I am not here to tell you when to hit the RESET button instead I am here to HELP you hit the RESET button one your Life and it all starts with taking care of YOU!!

Whether you are a parent, married no kids, single, pet owner, in shape, out of shape, health conscious, not health conscious - whoever you are -

Now before you start saying to yourself - \"well that sounds great\" but I don't have time or \"I have too many other responsibilities and I am last on the to do list\" hear me out!!

Why not make yourself a PRIORITY on that TO DO list and you will be amazed how the time now presents itself to you!!

Trust me I know it is hard to make time for YOURSELF - I was there before too!

When I was there I was also tired all the time, grouchy, over weight, felt like crap most of the time, and really not happy with myself or life in general.

I began exercising regularly and I began paying attention to what foods I was putting into my mouth.

I was supported by fabulous people who were on similar life journeys as me.

As time went on I gained energy, my mood improved, I lost weight and inches, I fit into clothes I never thought I'd fit in again {yet for some reason I kept them around which felt like torture...I'd say \"one day I'll fit into these again\" and not really believing that one day would ever come}, I felt better about ME and because I was feeling better Life all around me was better too!!

It was a WIN WIN all around for not only me but those around me as well!!

What I want to do this Spring is help YOU to hit the RESET button too!!

Spring is a reminder of NEW BEGINNINGS in life - the weather gets warmer, the flowers start to bloom, and often you will see many REFRESHING our homes with fresh air through open windows and \"spring cleaning\"...

Spring is also a great time to REFRESH our lives and hit that much needed RESET button.

Take a look at ourselves and our world around us and REFOCUS!!

Is what we are doing NOW the best we can be doing for ourselves? For our families?

Everyday is a great day to start living healthier so why not this Spring?

I invite you to join me and others on a journey of NEW BEGINNINGS!!

My New Beginnings Health and Fitness Group will help you kick off spring on the right foot.

I will help you learn how to make working out and eating healthy a part of your every day life!!

It's True!! I have now helped hundreds of others get on the healthy wagon and stay on!!

I'll be by your side supporting you, motivating you, inspiring you, holding you accountable so you too can be successful at living a healthier life!!

Don't worry - I wasn't so sure before I started either! I was a skeptic for sure!! Here I am though living proof that 4 years later that these health and fitness groups like the one I am inviting you to, WORK and they work well!! I lost 20 pounds and over 20 inches and I have maintained that. My secret sauce...these health and fitness groups!! No jokes, no gimmicks, no yo-yo dieting, no starving.

Here is what you can expect:

Group Support

1:1 Support with me your Coach



Clean Eating 101

Meal Planning

Customized Fitness

Healthy Recipes


As your Beachbody coach (a.k.a Health and Fitness coach) I will help you set realistic and measurable goals and we will work together to achieve them one day at a time. As a member of the group I will mentor you through a Beachbody fitness program and help you transform your life into one that is healthier, more energetic and confident. You will be surrounded by other people who want to do the same and never feel like you are alone in your struggles. You will have the ability to workout on your own in your home. No gym, no drive time, no working your schedule around the gym's schedule - it is all about YOU!! You get to decide when and where and I will hold you accountable to getting it done so YOU can achieve amazing results. You will also learn how important it is to wake up each day and be surrounded by positivity and I do that by sharing with you daily motivation each and every day in the group.


I will help you determine which Fitness program will work best for you, your life, and your goals!! There are a variety of workouts to choose from and all it takes is for us to discuss what is best for you!! We will not only exercise but we will learn how to eat to fuel our bodies properly. Did you know 80% of weight loss and maintaining your weight comes from your nutrition? You can workout like its your job but if you are not eating and drinking properly then all of that hard work may well be not worth it. I am NOT talking about dieting, I am talking about changes that will last a lifetime. So my job is going to be to teach you how to not diet, but how to create a healthy lifestyle with whole nutritious foods - we call this clean eating. Meal Planning will be a very important piece of your nutrition.


Not a protein shake or a weight loss shake or a temporary fix. I will be honest, I was skeptic! I had never drank a protein shake or meal replacement before Shakeology. I didn't see the value or the investment in my health as necessary. But I gave it 30 days and much to my surprise I had more energy, I didn't have my mid afternoon slump, I had less cravings for sweets and I was staying on track because it was 1 meal each day I didn't have to think about. Plus I am now saving money by not having to buy food for one particular meal!! Sometimes I even have 2 Shakeology's a day!! Shakeology was quick, convenient, easy to grab and go and I was having more success with my nutrition because if I was out and about instead of grabbing fast food I had my shake. If I was running late in the morning instead of a coffee and muffin at the gas station it was Shakeology! I was saving myself from all the little things that previously threw me off!

Plus it was nutrition that I wasn't getting before. I was healthier, I performed better with my workouts and now it's my daily multivitamin. Truly my mindset has changed to a health shake and never a weight loss or protein shake!

A part of learning to eat healthy was that I not idea where to begin when it came to making these healthy meals. To help you get started we will share at a minimum weekly one new healthy recipe but to be honest you will get a whole lot more than one a week. As we are finding and making new recipes we always share in the groups so by the time the group is over we will have your Healthy recipe box well underway.

So What's it gonna be? Will you be hitting that RESET button with me this Spring and start that

To join or to receive more information please complete the group questionnaire below!!

When you decide you want to live a healthier life, I have the tools to help you crush it!!

If you would like to be considered for my health and fitness group please complete the information below to reserve a spot in this exclusive group!

I will contact you following your application submission

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