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Two-A-Day Workouts for Runners

Two-A-Day Workouts for Runners

Two-A-Day Workouts for Runners

Great post and great workouts. Most of my 2-a-day workouts centered around triathlon when I was heavily training for half Ironmans (bike/run, swim/bike, swim/run same day) or running and strength training/yoga on the same day now, and believe it or not, I’ve never done two-a-day running. When I eventually start training for another goal race, I definitely plan to do one day of double runs. Great tips from a great group of runners! xo

Love splitting the intensity like this! This topic was a great one -so many great ideas.

I really like how the first run is a warm up! I’ve never done twice a day runs but they do sound like a great way to build mileage without taking away cross training or rest days.

I’ve never done an easy run in the morning, hard workout in the evening. It’s always the opposite because I am so not an evening runner. I’ll have to try that sometime!

Whenever I have done 2 a days, it is usually the higher intensity first\u2013more of a “getting it out of the way and off my mind”kind of thing. I haven’t done many lately. I feel this winter it was hard enough getting myself to do the one a day!!

[\u2026] can run twice in one day! Follow Sarah’s plan of an easy run in the morning followed with a speed workout in the [\u2026]

One of the ways to increase weekly mileage is to run twice a day. It sounds a little daunting, but surprisingly running twice a day isn’t as hard as you think and is a great way to break up longer mileage or develop a deeper level of fitness.

Most of the two-a-day workouts I incorporate into my training involve an easy run in the morning and then intervals in the evening. When I first started doing these, I was a little worried at first that I wouldn’t have enough “left”for a hard track workout after a morning run, but quite the opposite is true. The easy morning run acts as a “warm up”and I’ve found that I actually run faster in the evening after a morning run, than if I weren’t to run at all. My body feels loose, things feel “primed”and ready to go by the time I get to the track. And I’ve got the added bonus of a higher mileage day, without the higher mileage \u2018fatigue.’

If you’re looking to build endurance and fitness, then incorporating at least one two-a-day workout into your training plan is a great idea. Focus on making one workout easy and the other slightly more challenging.

Here’s a great two-a-day workout to get you started:

Want to start doing two-a-days? Here are six great workouts from some amazing bloggers to get you going. Click the picture to take you to the original post.

Do you incorporate two-a-day workouts into your training?


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