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Weight Loss with The Venus Factor

Weight Loss with The Venus Factor

Weight Loss with The Venus Factor

Welcome to Venus Factor Weight Loss. So\u2026It’s that time again. You’ve been searching the internet for some kind of help to the never-ending question of \u2018how could I lose weight?’


You feel exasperated because you want to know WHY you can’t succeed, especially when there is a never-ending list of various diet programs, workout regimes and other systems, all specialising in getting you to that perfect figure.

And\u2026you’ve tried them all.

Weight Loss with The Venus Factor

I know because I’ve been there, way too many times before and for way too many years I care to remember. But weird as though it may seem just typing into the search engine \u2018how do I lose weight’ has a certain excitement about it and you experience that lovely feeling of hope. Again.

The VF program has promised to not only give you that feeling of hope but to also deliver on their promise of success in finally shedding those excess pounds.

But what exactly is this system and could this be the one for you?

We all know that losing weight is different for women compared to men and this system highlights the differences and uses them to target the female metabolism.

Venus Factor weight loss system is an online dietary program that consists of eating the correct nutritional foods based on your individual height, weight and measurements and above all works with your female make-up. It is a 12-week workout regime and healthy eating plan that is designed to increase your metabolism, shape your body and most importantly enable you to sustain your new figure.

VF was started by John Barban who has done extensive research on the female metabolism, resulting in a strategy that changes the way a woman should diet. See his interview with Kyle Leon.

And what happens when your motivation starts to flounder? One aspect all weight loss programs have in common is the complete onus on the individual to stick to their plan, and the best system ever designed can not provide complete endurance for its users.

Unfortunately, VF is no different here and you still have to do the work yourself and sustain a level of motivation to reach your goal.

One of the most important features of the VF package is the Venus Immersion Community which is a highly active support network with thousands of members all either going through VF themselves or who have successfully completed it; and success stories are of an abundance.

Support groups are vital when you are taking such a life-changing journey and this is why programs that involve user integration do so well; not only do they offer a wealth of tips and information, there is always another member with similar issues to relate to. Now that we live in a digital age we can access that support any time of the day, from anywhere in the world and this is a tremendous help with motivation levels. And we all know any help is a great help where motivation is concerned!

Venus Factor Weight Loss

So, if you’re looking to try something new and forget about all of your previous efforts, putting in so much work with traditional diets that do not attempt to work with the one aspect of the female make-up that controls metabolism then check out more in-depth information.

And remember whatever you decide have fun with it and more importantly…live your life how you would like to view it!

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For many of us, trying to lose weight is a lifelong battle that we sometimes win but often lose and it unfortunately dictates what we do, how we feel and how we communicate with others throughout our entire life.

We do not see food as fuel, we do not view it as a means for curing our hunger and we certainly never stop when we are full. It is our addiction, an addiction that we cannot go cold turkey on and we can’t take medication for.

So we turn to diet programs for help and we immerse ourselves in their various do’s and don’ts of what we can and can’t eat, and we feel hopeful that this is the one that will see us at a size zero. But a few weeks later we are back where we started, and jumping on a different weight loss program.

New Year, New You

And now it is time for those New Year resolutions.

It is the last day of December as I write this and in a few hours’ time I, along with many other people, will be saying goodbye to 2015 and welcoming 2016. A time for hope, a time to wonder what the year ahead will bring and a chance to feel motivated and excited again on tackling our \u2018weight loss’ New Year resolution with vigour and determination.

But most of us will fail.

We will fail because our resolutions do not provide immediate results. We enter the New Year with a strong purpose to be the person we have always wanted to be; to finally wear the clothes we have only admired, and be confident to live the life we want. But that aspiration is too distant, the results being months and, for some, years in the future. So we get disheartened and our motivation waivers, and even if we do manage to see the scales go down, we will inevitably be at the same stage next New Year, with the same resolutions.

Teeny, Tiny Bite Sizes

For us to have any chance of success, New Year resolutions need to be achievable and they need to have immediate results. We need to break down whatever goals we have into bite size chunks so that it is not such a feat to complete, and instead of feeling disillusioned because the end goal is so far away, we will feel like we have accomplished something\u2026which in turn gives you the motivation to carry on.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you and thank you for reading my posts

You’ve most probably seen the adverts, and maybe even heard the hype, but what is this new weight loss program that is taking the diet world by storm?

First, check out the interview with John Barban; the founder of the Venus Factor:

The Facts

This new system is for women only and is a highly effective, all round exercise and dietary program devised by John Barban; a world class expert in nutrition, physiology and biology.

It comprises of a 12-week course with an accompanying PDF, workout and professional coaching videos, a virtual nutritionist and lots of tips and information dedicated to the way the female body loses weight in a targeted and healthy way. For a limited period there is an added bonus of joining its incredibly popular online community of like-minded women all experiencing this system.

John Barban

So, who is John Barban and why should we trust his new program?

John Barban holds a masters degree from the University of Guelph in Human Biology and Nutrition; he then continued his studies with the University of Florida and taught in the department of Health and Human Performance. Along with being a best selling author of more than one diet and fitness program, he has a range of experience in the health ad sports supplement industry. The last ten years he has been researching and developing programs that focus on nutrition and exercise to achieve weight loss and the maintenance of weight.

Check out the presentation here and begin your own journey with The Venus Factor.

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