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Work Out Wins With New Balance

Work Out Wins With New Balance

Work Out Wins With New Balance

I've heard variety is key to staying motivated to work out. Totally believe it to.Getting out of my normal routine and heading to the local high school field was fun and different. Plus it was such perfect weather this weekend, who wouldn't have wanted to be outside?It was fun to kind of make up a routine while I was there (will post below). Since I've been doing crossfit, I've realized how easy it is to put together your own workout. Lots of rounds and basic moves will get you better than almost anything else.For this workout, I was wearing my New Balance Neutral 890v3 shoes recently sent to me for a review. I'm always excited to try out a new pair and this was no different. New BalanceI was a little intimidated by their heft …[Read more...]

Source.So Victoria's Secret for teens...I'm on it. I meant to write this a few days ago but time got away from me and I still wanted to weigh in.I kind of think people are freaking out way too much on this. First of all, Victoria's Secret has said that the line, \"Bright, Young Things\", is targeted to college-age girls.Some parents are upset because they think high school/tween girls just want to emulate college girls so the supposed demographic target doesn't matter.But Victoria's Secret is nothing new. I remember girls buying VS bras in middle school -- many moons before this line came out. I, of course, was in awe of those girls because I had no idea whose mother would go out and buy that for them. But, my puberty years were also really …[Read more...]

Last night I remembered why I love people so much. People have more strength than you think they do. People are good if you give them the benefit of the doubt.Even when they've messed up. A lot.Even when they've been mean. Even when they've done nearly unforgivable things.Last night at the Back on My Feet Birthday Fundraising Dinner, I sat next to a father of three, a former stock broker, a veteran of the United States military.Somehow they all ended up homeless - or nearly - addicted to drugs and alcohol.Last night with Larry, Carol, Marvin, George, Matt, Sam, MeBut then they decided to do something better.And every day it's a battle. Everyday, you have to say no again.Every day, you have to get out of bed and face the world …[Read more...]

If I'm in a pinch and need a quick fix for a snack or meal, Naked \"Green Machine\" smoothies are a regular go-to. They have more fruit than veggies and while I'd prefer the opposite, I still know I'm filling up on something good for my body.Until this week, I hadn't really tried any other Naked flavors. Boy, was I missing out! The first thing I do when choosing a drink is check the ingredient list. If water, sugar or an artificial flavor is first on the list, that drink is out.Not a problem with Naked. Their first ingedient is always the fruit itself. I was asked to try Mighty Mango and Strawberry Banana. Happily, I obliged.Mighty Mango Mango is one of my all-time favorite flavors of anything and the Naked smoothie did not disappoint.The …[Read more...]

*Thanks Wil for the screen shot!I was so excited yesterday when I got an email from Huffington Post Live asking me to appear on their daily show. I've been wanting to do a segment for awhile and this was the first time I was actually available when they got in touch!While I had intended to do a segment for political stuff (work props!), they asked me to join them for a piece called \"Hate the Tradition: The Anti-Bride\" after they saw my blog post on why I don't want a wedding. I'm definitely NOT an anti-bride but I am doing things very untraditionally. Ladies are definitely up for this fun topic. I was on with two other ladies, Annie -- who was engaged and married within weeks and Summer, a wedding planner from Georgia.The show …[Read more...]

Wearing Reebok wide strap top, sublite trainers and track jacket If you are like me, you've got a park somewhere near your house with all kinds of weird looking exercise equipment.What do you do with it? It looks out of place. I never used to use it. But since my workouts have become less conventional, I decided to take advantage of park.I performed Saturday's workout in my new Reebok Sub-lite 1.0 trainer shoes -- which I absolutely love. I've been fortunate enough to receive multiple pairs of shoes from Reebok but these are by far my favorites. It started withe pretty coral color but I soon found out they were comfortable and a great level for both Crossfit and typical strength and cross-training.One of my favorite moves is the simple …[Read more...]

Doing Open WOD 13.2 last weekSo...as you know, I'm signed up for the Reebok Crossfit Open this year. It's just for fun and team camaraderie and my box, Trident Crossfit.But even still, the pressure is on. I mean, like I am checking the Reebok Games website on Wednesday nights at 8pm on the dot (that's when they announce the WOD for the week) because I know I'll be doing it the next morning at 6am.I'm always a little nervous. Plus, someone is watching and judging you, unlike in normal workouts where you are really just doing your own thing.Julie Fouche demonstrating 13.3 When I checked the workout for WOD 13.3, I was not excited. Here's what I saw:12 minute AMRAP of: 150 Wall balls 90 Double-unders 30 Muscle-upsOn the Crossfit …[Read more...]

My friend Katie and I at a wedding in the Dominican Republic. I'll be the same size at my wedding as I was at that one!One of the most popular posts my blog has ever seen is \"Wedding Crash Diet Tips,\" written as a guest post by my friend Michelle, who, like many brides, lost weight for her wedding day.I've considered it. I mean, I'd love to look amazing for those photos. I'd love to fit into a smaller size and rock my bikini without being slightly self-conscious (I mean, is that even possible?)But, I'm not going to lose weight for the big day. The truth is, I'm okay with the way I am right now. This is the way I've been since I met my fiance and it's likely the way I'll stay (hopefully) for most of my life.Real girl = me last month. So it …[Read more...]

Arturo looking awesome doing a bad ass muscle up!I've been doing Crossfit for about a year now. I first heard about the sport back in 2008 but didn't pay much attention -- thinking it was just another version of P90X. Wrong. After I started crossfitting, I fell in love with the sport and it's been cool meeting others who totally understand that love.One of those people is my fiance's friend, Arturo. We've actually never met in person but I have seen his crossfit awesomeness on Facebook and was intrigued by the fact that he became a Crossfit coach and competitor. I knew I had to interview this guy and so...I did! Check out the powerful and inspiring things Arturo has to say about crossfit and life!Interview with a Crossfit JunkieName: …[Read more...]

So, Rock n' Roll half marathon -- we met again. I did not conquer all this year but I have never regretted a race. Despite feeling achy and slow during this 13.1, I still enjoyed being in the midst of it all.After completing Crossfit Open WOD 13.2 on Thursday morning, I didn't think I'd still be hurting from it on Saturday morning. WRONG. After six+ rounds of push presses and deadlifts, my shoulders and arms were killer. Just achy and irritating the entire race. I kept trying to shake them out but to no avail.Amy and I met Maggie at 6am to head to the metro and on to the race. It was already mass craziness when we arrived about 6:45. I wasn't able to meet up with Back on My Feet like planned but luckily ran into a few folks along the …[Read more...]

Rocking yesterday's Shamrock Marathon!!Today's post is dedicated to my sister, Lindsey, who yesterday ran a 3:13 marathon -- crushing her PR by 11 minutes after having worked extremely hard over the last three months to master training to get her to this moment.Who knew a new mom could go this fast? She ran her first race -- a half marathon with me -- after having my nephew, Marshall (now 9 months), and said it felt extremely slow. (Well, let's be honest, it was actually a 1:46 half-marathon but...)Even though Lindsey is probably naturally faster in some ways, it doesn't mean she didn't have to work very hard to get her to this moment.We're talking:Scary speed work 20-mile stroller runs 6am runs in literally 0 …[Read more...]

I didn't get the chance yet to fill you in a bit more about my time at South by Southwest (SXSW) last week. It was...in a word, awesome.I'd been hearing about this conference for YEARS and never knew if I'd have the chance to go. Thankfully, I got the chance this year and spent five days digging into the tech/social media community in a way I never had before.I was also super excited to meet up with some \"strangers from the Internet\" -- or actually, \"friends from the Internet.\" During the health and fitness meet up, sponsored by SELF Magazine, I was excited to meet Liz (I Heart Vegetables), Rachel (The House Always Wins) and Shalama (Views From Here and Black Girls Run)!We chatted and then decided to go eat lunch together as well. All great …[Read more...]

It's been forever since I did a book post but I wanted to share with you what I've been reading in the past few months. I love sharing my favorites with you because reading is such a passion of mine. Passing on the gems to new people makes me happy :)I'm pretty good at finding books I know I will like and rarely come across a read I can't stand. I enjoyed all of these in their own, though some more than others. I don't usually read funny books, like the first one by Ellen, but it was a beach read and I enjoyed it. 1. Seriously, I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneresWho doesn't love Ellen? I'm pretty sure everyone thinks she's awesome and the same goes in this book. If you aren't into humor writing, this may not be your thing. I definitely …[Read more...]

Photo from last year's DC Rock n' Roll Half-Marathon\"You can't convince a marathon you've trained; if you haven't, it will reveal your lie, and harshly.\" -- Recovering addict who found runningThis weekend, I'm slated to run my second DC Rock n' Roll Half-Marathon.I suck at training for half-marathons. Meaning...I don't train for half-marathons. My mind goes, you're going to work hard and spend time training for a measly 13.1 miles? That is not to make half-marathons sound short (they aren't!) but after conquering the 26.2 many times, it's such a drastic difference.So...every time I run a half-marathon, I act like it's no big deal. I'm just running for fun, I say. Then, we cross the starting line and all of the sudden I'm like, \"Oh I totally …[Read more...]

I'm feeling pretty down this week. Blogging is not coming to me like it normally does. I've been out of town, my schedule is off, life seems to be speeding by, I think too much. I will have a recap of South by Southwest hopefully tomorrow but just didn't have it in me to get it together yet. Sometimes everything seems like so much effort -- effort I just haven't had yet. I almost skipped the gym this morning -- I didn't even care that it would make me feel better. Thankfully, I got myself there and yes, I felt my spirits lifted. Like many others have written lately, my life is not always as great as it may sometimes seem on this blog. Of course I talk about all the positive stuff, I use this blog to stay positive, to …[Read more...]

It's so hard to even begin to sum up my time at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas this week. It was by far the best conference I've ever been too -- and I feel like I barely got as much out of it as I wanted to.It's an overwhelming situation -- so many amazing panels, discussions, subjects and people. I was immediately energized just reading through the book of panels. I felt like I was learning and inspired just being in the atmosphere.I know how fortunate I am to have a job that allows me the opportunity to attend this amazing conference. Of course, @Heritage was already represented on the Facebook Austin wall, where I attended a special brunch on Saturday morning:I arrived Friday and dashed to catch at least one panel …[Read more...]

Hi all, I’m Gabby and I’m excited to take over Ericka’s blog today while she is out of town! Ericka and I met at FitBloggin where we were roomies and had a ton of fun talking blogging, crossfit, and making videos. Anyways, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a 24 year old relatively newlywed who lives in Richmond, VA -I’m a professional recipe developer and food photographer for a gluten-free magazine, an avid Crossfitter, and lover of all things gluten-free/paleo and I blog about all of it over at Gabby’s Gluten-Free. At the beginning of the year, I decided to embark on a Whole30 (strict paleo) challenge with a few people from my gym as an effort to clean up my diet (I’m mostly paleo anyways) after holiday splurging …[Read more...]

*Not me (duh), someone much stronger but...good pic, right?I wasn't going to do a run down of yesterday's 13.1 Crossfit Games Open WOD but since I've been thinking about it all day, I really want to.And, by the way, if you had told me two years ago that I'd have no problem watching several hours worth of Crossfit competition at a time, I would have told you were crazy.Today, I watched two of the top Crossfit male athletes complete 13.1, as well as Julie Fouche and my partner at yesterday morning's WOD at Trident. Here's what it is:Workout 13.1 17 minute AMRAP of: 40 Burpees 30 Snatch, 75 / 45 lbs 30 Burpees 30 Snatch, 135 / 75 lbs 20 Burpees 30 Snatch, 165 / 100 lbs 10 burpees Max rep Snatch, 210 / 120 lbs By the way, …[Read more...]

The art of balance -- it ain't easy!Remember when I told you about those delicious bars that tasted like fudge and chocolate chip cookie dough? Yeah, they were called Balance Bars and I really love them! Speaking of, I'm out of stock and need to get some more! Anyway, the folks at Balance Bar had a great idea. They wanted to do a Twitter Chat centered around Daylight Savings -- when it seems like we get an extra hour each day. I LOVE spring daylight savings because it does make the day feel longer -- and hopefully you can get a little more done. But, how do you balance it? How do you balance a busy life in general? It's about timing, health, nutrition, your career, your social life -- balancing can be a tough act! We're …[Read more...]

The closer I come to being a mother, the more I worry about how careful I'll have to be if I have daughters. I've no doubt there are some negative sentences ideas just programmed into me -- things I say without even realizing (given my history and recovery with EDs). I'd caution any mother...even the LITTLE things can be a BIG deal.I think many women don't realize when they are making deep, lasting impressions on their daughters. This isn't about my Mom, though I did experience some of the things on the list. After years of reading, studying and dealing with EDs (an the grand experience of being a little girl!), I've learned about some of the things women do that can really harm their daughters thinking regarding body image and food. (This …[Read more...]

Lady winners from last year! That's Julie Fouche -- who I met and interviewed in November -- on the right! I did something I never thought I would yesterday.I signed up for the Crossfit Open.Totally not my style. I'm not into competition on a personal level.But Team Trident was so enthusiastic, it was only $20 and I couldn't say no. Why NOT?It's been forever since I tried something like this and well, what do I have to lose?It's everywhere. It's every age, every body type, every country, every skill level. Crossfit doesn't discriminate. It judges no one. It welcomes everyone.It's not like other sports. It's about being your personal best but also supporting other people in ways you've never done before. It's about being on the …[Read more...]

I didn't have anything but a selfie -- sorry! :)Run: 9 miles in 1:28Temp: 35 degreesClothes: Old Navy pants, Mizuno shoes, Brooks shirt, Lululemon sports bra Yesterday I went out for a good, old-fashioned run. No watches, no goal, just some music and my legs!It was pretty cold -- about 35 degrees (cold to me!) but luckily, I've really learned how to dress for the temps this year. I think I've run outside more this winter than any other.Thirty-five degrees means a long-sleeved shirt, topped by a short sleeved shirt, long pants, gloves and something to cover your ears. Perfect!My stomach wasn't feeling so great (thanks PMS), but I knew I could get through this and feel better. The truth is, I didn't really have a great run. I didn't really …[Read more...]

What do you believe you are? Make it so. You can't change the past. Be present. Do life the best you can from right where you are. Have a lovely weekend :) …[Read more...]

Happy Friday everyone!I've got a couple of random things to share today so stay with me! First of all, I am re-sharing the post I wrote last year -- a tribute to Andrew Breitbart. Today is the anniversary of his death. He was only 43 when he died -- and an inspiration and friend to many. Please take a moment to read it if you knew of him.Started my day off at Back on My Feet. I've been SUCH a baby with the cold lately but I had to get out there. Can't wait for warm weather! Speaking of which...their annual Blue & Green Birthday Bash is coming up! If you are in the area, I hope you will consider attending this fabulous dinner!Five Posts I Loved This WeekCrossfit Myths by Just a Colorado Gal Interview with Kris Carr by Bex Life Escape and …[Read more...]

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